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John Wick 4

The third part didn’t have time to die at the box office, as the creators had already announced the release date of the movie “John Wick: Part 4” (2021), and the announcement of the cast and release of the trailer would have to wait, since the filming process had not yet begun. The success of the franchise is obvious: fans are looking forward to continuing. The rating of expectations of the premiere is estimated at 97%.

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What the cast of Titanic looks like 21 years later

In 1997, when the premiere of "Titanic" by James Cameron, the world was completely different. People went with cordless telephones, in many houses there were ordinary push-button telephones, they made an appointment in advance - you won’t have any instant SMS, iPhones or 3G. People were also completely different. A few decades is a huge figure when it comes to human life.

Linkin Park song "In the End" from 183 movie cuts

In the video, the Linkin Park song "In the End" is spoken in separate words and in short phrases by the heroes of such feature films and animated films as The Godfather, Avatar, The Lion King, The Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, etc. You can find the full list of films below. 1 - “Big”, 1988 2 - “The Lion King”, 1994 3 - “The Dark Knight”, 2008 4 - “Inglourious Basterds”, 2009 5 - “Student Team”, 1998 6 - “Once Upon a Time in Vegas”, 2008 7 - Save Life, 2009 8 - The Black Hole, 1999 9 - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 1998 10 - Lilo & Stitch, 2002 11 - Alice in Wonderland, 2010 12 - Aliens on the district ”, 2011 13 -“ The Chronicles of Riddick ”, 2004 14 -“ Clerks 2 ”, 2006 15 -“ On the crest of a wave ”, 2015 16 -“ Double KOPets ”, 2010 17 -“ Pulp Fiction ”, 1994 18 -“ Mask Zorro ", 1998 19 -" Avatar ", 2009 20 -" The best shooter ", 1986 21 -" Four rooms ", 1995 22 -" Saw 5 ", 2008 23 -" City of heroes ", 2014 24 -" Indiana Jones: В poi kah of the lost ark ”, 1981 25 -“ Space cowboys ”, 2000 26 -“ Catch me if you can ”, 2002 27 -“ The Beginning ”, 2010 28 -“ The Departed ”, 2006 29 -“ The Mummy is back ”, 2001 30 -“ Eyes Wide Shut ”, 1999 31 -“ The Incredible Life of Walter Mitti ”, 2013 32 -“ Pinocchio ”, 1940 33 -“ Die Hard ”, 1988 34 -“ TV Host ”, 2004 35 -“ A Little Pregnant ”, 2007 36 -“ Blade ", 1998 37 -" Jurassic Park ", 1993 38 -" Lego.

Inside Season 6 Episode 8 - Final Scenario

The penultimate 5 episode left a lot of understatement, but from the script that appeared on the network with spoilers, one could long ago find out what will happen in the last 6 episode 8 of the Game of Thrones season. Despite the ringing of the bell, Daney nevertheless burned the city to the ground, sparing neither the surrendered Lannisters, nor civilians with children.

Terminator: Dark Fate

The movie "Terminator: Dark Fate" 2019 has already released the official trailer, the actors and release date are known. The film ignores the events of all parts of the cyborg saga released after "Terminator 2". It will be a direct continuation. Again, as on the set of Doomsday, James Cameron (this time as a producer), Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton came together.

Micronesian Blues

Virtually nothing is known about the 2019 series "Micronesian Blues": neither the release date, nor the actors, and even the trailer has not yet been released. But the viewer was provided with plot details, and also announced the name of the main actor - Patrick Dempsey. The series will tell about the harsh realities of Micronesia, where a former military man, and now a teacher, arrived to help the local police with training new recruits.

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The BBC launched the new series Taboo with Tom Hardy in the lead: watch or not watch

On the Russian TV channel "TV 1000" showed the first episodes of the acclaimed British series "Taboo", which tells about nineteenth-century London. On Facebook and Twitter, they are already comparing the series with Game of Thrones and House of Cards in full, convincing that Tabu is not inferior to them in anything. Experts agree: film critic Konstantin Milchin published a column on the TASS website in which he wrote that the series Tabu has every chance of becoming fashionable.

5 good comedy shows you can start watching on the weekend

The gray sky, dank weather, a heap of fallen yellow leaves underfoot, an unimportant mood are the constant companions of autumn. To succumb to universal despondency or to dilute a series of identical everyday life with something bright - the choice is yours. If your life really lacks positive emotions, then use our selection of good comedy series.

Is it difficult to work as a stewardess

Petersburger Anastasia Mandzhos abandoned a career in finance and business for the sake of working as a flight attendant at Emirates Airline. The girl said that she likes the most in her profession, what is worth paying attention to when traveling, and is it difficult to work as a flight attendant. So, you have two higher education in finance - is that true?

Why was there such a dark picture in the battle of Winterfell

On April 29, 2019, a new episode of the Game of Thrones series was released, which disappointed some fans due to the terrible light, dark screen and slurred picture. Many fans did not like this alignment, and they criticized the series due to the fact that they could not fully enjoy the viewing.

5 inspirational films about real travelers

What difficulties went through people who went on amazing adventures around the world? The top features films about travelers based on real events. These wanderers are real heroes, because they managed to return from the wild alive, although the circumstances were against this.

Wish Dragon

What could be better than watching great and good cartoons that make you forget about all the problems and plunge into the world of childhood, fairy tales and magic? One of such kind and positive animation projects is the cartoon “Dragon of Desires” with the release date in 2019, the trailer of which has not yet been presented for viewing.


The legendary musician Elton John won many people's hearts and won many awards related to his profession. Naturally, about the life of the legendary singer someday he simply had to leave a biographical film, but it’s not known when. Therefore, the creation of the film was undertaken by Elton John himself, and for 2019, the release date of the film "Rocketman" with famous actors, the teaser trailer of which is already available for viewing, is set.

The cat with the most beautiful eyes

The British Shorthair cat named Kobe has become a real Internet star. In a short time, the cat’s Instagram account has already gained more than 300 thousand subscribers. There is no doubt that all thanks to his bottomless blue eyes. It is simply impossible to watch enough! Kobe's cat on Instagram: [mks_button size = "medium" title = "@ cobythecat" style = "rounded" url = "https: // www.

13 Hollywood actors accused of harassment

For the past year and a half, Hollywood has been shaken by allegations of harassment. Actresses blame directors, former girlfriends - of their star ex-boyfriends. The story of Harvey Weinstein, whom dozens of women accused of annoying harassment, in a matter of months turned into a real epidemic of harassment.

Three X 4 (xXx 4)

Most recently, the creators released the third part of the Three X franchise, which, incidentally, critics did not accept too friendly. And now, for 2020, the release date of the film "Three X 4" ("xXx 4") with famous actors; movie trailer has not been released yet. The project expectation rating is estimated at 86%.

The Way Home (A Dog's Way Home)

2018 was the year of the yellow dog. Therefore, it is not surprising that throughout the year one wonderful film was shot about a man’s best friend, and already in 2019 he became available for viewing. A movie about the dog "The Way Home" was released in the world rental on January 10, 2019 (as in the Russian one). The picture was announced by the American film studio Columbia Pictures Corporation.

Review of the trailer "It 2" - what will be the film

It's time to parse the new creepy trailer for the film “It 2” (2019) (video in Russian is presented below). Already when watching the video, or rather even the scene from the thriller, chills run from the back of some frames, so what will happen during Premieres Recall that the date of the Russian release of the horror - September 5, 2019 - Pennywise will return again in the fall.