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What to watch this week in the cinema

What to watch in the 4th week of March in cinemas? Let's go through the list of films that will be released this week in the cinema to choose your favorite genre, director, convenient premiere date and plan the evening before the movie screening. You may be interested in: Cinema session with trailers 2019. Balkan line 16+ Russia Release date: March 21, 2019 (digital release - May 2) Genre: drama with action movie elements Director: Andrey Volgin The long-awaited military drama about the operation in Yugoslavia to capture the Slatina airfield in Kosovo.

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The series "Chernobyl" - a new version from NTV

Inspired by the resounding success of the American series "Chernobyl", our filmmakers decided to film their own project, which would convey their own vision of the terrible disaster that happened in 1986. The release date of the series "Chernobyl" (2019) from NTV is set, the actors and plot are announced, and the trailer has already been released.

Performance BAROCCO Serebrennikova

And again, the latest news for today about the outstanding Russian director, Kirill Serebrennikov. This time, he surprised us by releasing another performance called "Barocco" straight from under house arrest. The premiere date is December 25, 2018. The age limit was 18+.

25 Soviet posters dedicated to children

"Happy Soviet childhood," - this phrase is a kind of stamp. To understand what this stamp intended, it is worth looking at the propaganda posters of the time dedicated to children. They can tell a lot of things to an inquisitive reader. "Our children must not be ill!" Shubina G., 1940. "I myself!" Sophia Nizova with a 1956 poster reminds children and parents of an important rule on the path to excellent learning and the responsibility of the student for his work.

10 series for those who like complex detective stories

Investigators unraveling a series of strange crimes, and mysterious criminals who drive even the most experienced detectives by the nose. Strange murders and an unpredictable plot. Lastmag made a selection of the most fascinating detective series that will not let you fall asleep for a long time. Very strange things. In the yard - 1983.

Eight actors who asked directors to kill their heroes

Everyone knows the feeling when a favorite hero suddenly dies in a favorite movie. I wonder how you would react to find out that some actors specifically ask the screenwriter to remove his character from the plot? Here are 10 famous actors who voluntarily abandoned their role in the midst of filming. Breaking Bad, Dean Norris The screenwriters were writing a script for the latest Breaking Bad season.

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10 banned films that you can still watch in our country

After a hard day's work, you always want to see something light and funny, which is why so many comedy films are released. However, humor is a delicate matter, not every joke will be equally well received in different countries. We offer you a list of comedies forbidden in certain countries!

The film "The Perfect Christmas Present" (2017)

Year: 2017 Genre: Drama, Romance Country: USA Director: Blair Hayes Original: The Perfect Christmas Present Release Date in Russia: November 4, 2017 Cast: Emily Peterson, Samuel Page, Tara Holt, Stasia Crawford Rating: 6.4 (IMBD) The film tells about what the two best friends are ready to do for the sake of true and sincere love.

The Black List of Hollywood Scripts Published 2018

In this case, the “Black List” is not at all the name of a popular American television series, not a list of scenarios that no one will ever shoot or even the names of cheeses banned from import into the Russian Federation. This refers to a list of scenarios that directors and producers should definitely have started production, however, for various reasons, company representatives became interested in other projects in the outgoing 2018.

Last night zoe

Recently, filmmakers reported on the filming process of a feature film in Belarus about the legendary Soviet partisan Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya that began in Belarus. The exact release date and trailer for the film Zoya 2019 have not been published, but the actors are already known. The production process is managed by the M. Film Studio

Legs of casual passers-by

Stacey Baker, a junior photo editor for The New York Times, photographed at least a couple thousand female legs for her personal photo project called Citylegs, which began by chance in early 2013.

Four new series that will brighten up your fall

The question "what to see" is the most relevant recently. New episodes of your favorite TV shows are dosed - one per week, or even less. What to watch during the break between them - our mini-selection will tell. There is plenty to choose from - from historical drama to the series-disaster. Picnic at Hanging Rock Watch on CinemaSearch A mystical mini-series with Natalie Dormer, star of the game Game of Thrones starring.

The death of the Dyatlov group - latest news: a new film and an investigation LET SPEAK

It seems that this year, conspiracy theorists and ordinary people are destined to finally find out the true causes of the death of young students on the “same” Dyatlov Pass. The latest news in 2019 about the tragic death of the Dyatlov group was a new investigation of the Let They Talk program on Channel One (release of 02/11/19), as well as the shooting of the film by Sergey Darovsky, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the death of a group of researchers, which should be released on the screens during the year .

Kendimen (Candyman)

The release date for the movie Candyman is set for 2020, the actors are unknown, and the trailer is only expected by viewers. The film will be a remake of the original 1992 movie of the same name and tell about the sinister ghost killer. Its world premiere is scheduled for June 12, 2020. The expectation rating (KinoPoisk) is 94%.

Attack of the Titans - Season 3

Fans waited for the full schedule for the release date of the 3rd season of the anime "Attack of the Titans" (Shingeki no kyojin). Part 1 of the 3rd season was shown in 2018, but the fans had to wait patiently for the continuation, since it was released only in April 2019 (the difference between the 12th and 13th episodes is almost half a year).

War Chronicle of the Little Girl 2 - Continuation of the Saga of the Evil Tan

The 2nd season of the anime series "The Military Chronicle of the Little Girl" was embodied in the eponymous feature film in 2019, the release date of the series, a trailer whose plot has already been announced. The film was a direct continuation of the anime, which tells about the girl-sorceress Tana, who serves in the army. Project rating: KinoPoisk - 7.4, IMDb - 7.7.

Reserved special forces - a new series on NTV

In early June, the filming of the series “Reserved Special Forces” (2019) started in Moscow, the actors are named, and the release date and trailer are worth the wait, since it is not known how many days the production of 20 episodes will last. The project will tell about the struggle of a special team with poachers that harm the ecological environment of Lake Baikal.