Will “I Am Fourth: The Power of Six” Come Out

Filming books is always a big risk that not many directors take. But the director of the franchise "I am the Fourth," DJ Caruso still dared to produce tape. The film appealed to fans, and therefore the sequel to the film "I am the fourth 2: The Power of Six", release date (possibly 2021), the actors, whose plot was not announced, and the trailer did not come out, received a green light, but with a slight reservation . His shooting will begin only when the second part of the original book of the same name will be written, on the basis of which the franchise was created.

I Am Number Four: Power of six

USA, India

Genre: fiction, action, adventure

Producer: DJ Caruso

Release date: 2021 (unofficially)

Cast: Alex Pettifer, Teresa Palmer, Dianna Argon, Kallen MacOllif and others.

In the sequel, John and Number Six will find the remaining relatives and give battle to new enemies.


John Smith seems like an ordinary teenager, but he is an alien hunted by dangerous enemies who dream of killing a guy. They have already managed to destroy some of John's relatives, and now follow him. The hero constantly changes names and does not stay long in one place, moving with his guardian. In one such move, John meets Sarah and falls in love with her. He decides not to run away from his pursuers, but to give them a fight.

At the end of the first part, the main characters, John, Sam, and number Six fight with the Mogadorians and win. They decide to track down missing UFO's father Sam, as well as the remaining fellow tribesmen of Six and John. This is exactly what the film "I am the fourth 2: The Power of Six" will tell us about, there is no official information about it yet.

Director and shooting (will there be a continuation of the film "I am the fourth")

The directorial place of the first part was taken by DJ Caruso (“On the Hook”, “Paranoia”, “Taking Lives”, “Through”, “Shield”, “Three X: World Domination”). It was he who declared that the continuation would be created only when the continuation of the novel, which became the literary basis of the project, was written.

The sequel was supposed to be released back in 2015, but never received the green light. Then one of the scriptwriters said that the second part will not work at all, but DJ Caruso said that there are still plans for a sequel. So will there be a sequel to the film "I am the Fourth"? It is not known when it will be released or whether it will be released at all, but the fans are still hoping for a sequel.

Actors and roles

At the moment, it is not known which actors will star in the film. But probably in the sequel will return:

  • Alex Pettifer in the role of John (“Tom Brown's School Years,” “Tear”, “Time”, “Butler,” City Legends, “Return Roads”);
  • Teresa Palmer in the role of Number 6 (“For conscience reasons”, “December boys”, “On the crest of a wave”, “Choice”, “And the light goes out ...”, “The warmth of our bodies”);
  • Dianna Argon as Sarah (Losers, Burlesque, Veronica Mars, Novice, Berlin, I Love You, Depression in the Earth);
  • Callan McAuliffe in the role of Sam ("Hello, Julie!", "The Great Gatsby", "Homeland", "Big Wave", "The Legend of Ben Hall").

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • In order to play the Mogadorians, aliens chasing the main character, the actors had to wear boots with a 15-centimeter sole.
  • The tape was shot in Pittsburgh, where the local district school was converted to college.
  • The first part received mostly neutral reviews, but managed to earn $ 150 million worldwide, which is about three times its production budget.

At the moment, it is not known whether the film "I am the fourth 2: The Power of Six" will be released, the release date, the actors and the plot of which have not been announced, and the trailer has not yet been released. But fans are eagerly awaiting a sequel that can still get a green light.

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