Very strange things - what will be the 4th season

After the end of season 3, it became clear to everyone that the season 4 of “Very Strange Things” (the release date of the episodes was 2020) was not far off, the main caste of the actors would remain unchanged, the plot development would again surprise the fans of the series, the trailer for the new season would be released closer to the premiere. In the city of Hawkins, very strange things are happening all the time, and the astral being, the flayer (torturer) of the mind, always comes back in a new guise.

Rating of 3 seasons on IMDb: evaluation of series - from 8.2 to 9.7.


Stranger things


Genre: fiction, horror, fantasy, detective, thriller, drama

Producer: Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer, Sean Levy

World Release: 2020 year

Cast: D. Harbor, M. Bobby Brown, F. Wulfard, N. Dyer, W. Ryder, D. Montgomery, M. Hawke, K. Elvis, C. Buono, G. Matarazzo, D. Kiri, etc.

“Very strange things” became the main serial headliner, because they gave rise to a new wave of interest in the 80s among modern youth and adolescents born in the 90s and even 2000s. Therefore, there is no doubt that Netflix will extend the show for another season.


The friends will meet again, but they can only get together on a festive day, because Ody (Eleven or Eleven) and Will moved from Hawkins. Season 4 is likely to move to 1986, when, incidentally, there was a disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Therefore, Chernobyl may appear in the plot (or its fictitious analogue, a nuclear power plant with a different name), where secret experiments of the “same Russians” from the 3rd season will also fit perfectly.

“Leave the door 3 inches open,” Hopper said in Ody's letter. Perhaps this is what makes us understand that in season 4, time travel awaits us, and Hopper may return.

What questions can answer season 4:

  • Did Jim Hopper survive after the explosion (perhaps he moved to a parallel world, because at that moment Hopper was no longer on the court)?
  • Who are these 5 people in spacesuits who entered the laboratory before the explosion? Could it be Ody and her friends who have moved in time?
  • How and after what events did her superpowers, which she had lost, return to by Eleven?


The main directors of the project: Matt and Ross Duffer ("Pines", "Ship", "Hiding"), Sean Levy ("Living Steel", "Once Upon a Time in Vegas"). Script writers: Matt and Ross Duffer, Jesse Nixon-Lopez ("Narco: Mexico2").

It is worth noting that the Duffer brothers originally planned 5 seasons, so you can not be afraid of a lack of creative energy or a desire to continue the storylines and work on the story with show runners and screenwriters.

So filmed the 3rd season of "Very Strange Things":


The main cast of the series:

  • Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers (Black Swan, Star Trek, Dracula);
  • David Harbor - Jim Hopper (Black Widow, Hellboy, Narcosis);
  • Finn Wolfard - Mike Wheeler (Ghostbusters, Goldfinch, Addams Family, Ono 2);
  • Millie Bobby Brown - Eleven / Odi / Eleven / El (Godzilla vs. Kong, Godzilla 2: The King of Monsters, Anatomy of Passion, Enola Holmes 2020);
  • Geiten Matarazzo - Dustin Henderson (Black List);
  • Caleb McLaughlin - Lucas Sinclair (“Extreme Space”, “Eternity”);
  • Noah Schnapp - Will Byers ("Abe", "Spy Bridge");
  • Natalia Dyer - Nancy Wheeler ("Velvet Chainsaw");
  • Charlie Heaton - Jonathan Byers (Resident of Shadows, Locked Up);
  • Joe Kiri - Steve Harrington (“Chicago on Fire,” “Big Game”);
  • Kara Buono - Karen Wheeler (Romanovs, Gladiator);
  • Sadie Sink - Max Mayfield ("Eli", "Glass Castle");
  • Dacre Montgomery - Billy Hargrove (Power Rangers);
  • Maya Hawke - Robin (“Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood”, “Little Women”);
  • Pria Ferguson - Erica Sinclair (Atlanta, Oath), etc.

Video from Netflix:Noah Schnapp, Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wulfard play the game for the first time based on the third season of the series.

Interesting Facts

Do you know that:

  • Season 3 of the series "Very Strange Things" set a new record among all Netflix production projects: more than 40.7 million accounts with a Netflix subscription watched the season in just the first 4 days from the series premiere date.
  • In season 3, Maya Hawke, the daughter of Uma Thurman, starred.
  • In one scene in Room Eleven, on the wall, you can see posters of a butterfly and a dinosaur, similar to Godzilla and Motra. Actress Millie Bobby Brown in 2019 played a key role in Part 2 of Godzilla: The King of Monsters.
  • The release of season 3 was dedicated to the Independence Day of the United States on July 4, 2019.
  • Murray Bauman’s phone number (+1 618-625-8313), which sounded in one of the episodes of the 3rd season of “Very Strange Things,” actually exists. Trying to call this number, US residents received the following voice message: "Joyce, thank you for calling, I tried to find you. I need to tell you something. This concerns ... well, I better tell you about it personally ... "
  • In October 2019, the soundtrack for the 3rd season of “Very Strange Things” on vinyl will be on sale.

Season 4 of “Very Strange Things” should be expected no earlier than 2020, the release date of the series will be announced closer to the premiere, as well as a trailer with a plot and cast of actors (several new characters may appear in the new season). By the way, the American animation studio Humouring the Fates stylized the series "Very Strange Things" to the Japanese anime of the 80s. The video can be seen below.

Watch the video: Stranger Things Cast: Real-life Partners Revealed. OSSA (April 2020).