Lungin on the "Brotherhood" on the channel "Caution Sobchak"

The director of the military drama Brotherhood (2019) Pavel Lungin commented on the causes of the scandal surrounding his film in an interview on the Caution Sobchak channel. Lungin managed to make the picture as truthful as possible, showing the viewer the real events that took place during the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan during the Afghan war. However, many found the film anti-war, because on the screen they show not only the heroism of the soldiers, but also the fights and looting, which, indeed, took place at that time.

And the Ministry of Culture called the film a catalog of grave and especially grave war crimes.

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Lungin answered the question of Ksenia Sobchak, why is there so much noise around the “Brotherhood”:

“There is a feeling of chaos, of lostness. There is a feeling of some unfulfilled duty. There is disappointment in the war, in the army, in the heroes who are in shock. But it also seems to me that there is a lot of love. I fell in love with these guys and I do not consider the villains of those who fought there. They are all good in their own way and in their own way, of course, disgusting. But this is the man. It can be a hero, or it can steal at the same time - risk your life and steal. And maybe someone wanted to make a political career on this. ”

When asked about the truth that cannot be shown in the film, the director answered:

“In our censorship, the truth about something is a military secret in itself. And, basically, what these people said: “- This should not be shown to young people.” In my opinion, it is true that she is in a relationship, and I shot it to show. There is a terrible internal schism in our society. And the further we go, the further it splits in half. Interestingly, the Afghan community also split in half with this film. Some people say that it’s good. Others say it is bad. There are people in the world who have remained intellectually and mentally back in the USSR. ”

But with the opinion that this scandal is not connected with political intrigue, because even Nikita Mikhalkov spoke negatively about the film "Brotherhood", Pavel Lungin does not agree, commenting on the reasons for the scandal surrounding his work in an interview with "Caution Sobchak".

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