Battalion - a series about the Kosovo tragedy on June 9 will be released on NTV

The trailer for the series "Battalion" (2019) with a known release date and actors has already been released. The tape itself tells about the Kosovo tragedy of 1999, when NATO forces committed another illegal act of aggression, all actions will unfold against the background of the difficult decision of the protagonist: he will either save his girlfriend or fulfill his duty to his homeland.


Genre: military, drama, historical

Producer: Alexey Bystritsky

Release date: June 9, 2019

Cast: Maxim Schegolev, Dmitry Ulyanov, Alexander Bukharov, Mikhail Babichev, Polina Yastrebova, Pierre Burel, Alexander Zamuraev, Andrey Stoyanov, Peter Korolev, Ilya Volkov and others.

Films shot on real events often attract the attention of society. And the creators of such films, especially those related to military subjects, have always tried to convey to the audience the difficult fate of the military. And now the multi-part drama “The Battalion” will try to convey the true story of ten Russian scouts who must confront an enemy that is superior in numbers.


The action takes place in 1999. The situation of Yugoslavia is precarious - the country is about to fall apart, which is why cases of robbery and looting have become more frequent in the state, and the population is suffering from hunger. The Albanian troops want to arrange genocide of the Serbs, for which they first need to seize the Pristina airport - the most important strategic object. The Russian command gives the order to a specially trained GRU group, which should not allow the Albanian army to be seized, and also prevent the transfer of weapons to Kosovo militants. But this task is not so simple, because using air technology to get to the airport will not work, there are almost no weapons left, and only Andrei, previously recruited into the Kosovo army, can help them with ammunition. However, Andrei himself must decide: to save his beloved girl or to fulfill his duty to the motherland ...

Director and shooting

When will the series “Battalion” be on TV, because the filming began in 2018? The premiere starts on June 9, 2019 on the NTV channel. The production process took place in the village of Kamennomostsky, the Republic of Adygea (location - Maykop airport, which has long been closed).

The director of the series was Alexey Bystritsky, known for such projects as: Science on Wheels, Fourth Shift, Order, Bullet. The authors of the script were Dmitry Terekhov ("The History of the Pilot", "Voices", "Hindu", "Mom 2", "Spider") and Valentin Emelyanov ("Taiga. Survival Course", "Do Not Forget," "Maryina Roscha 2", "On the edge").

Alexey Bystritsky

Producers: Janik Fayziev (Admiral, Undercover Love, High Security Holidays, Badaber Fortress), Rafael Minasbekyan (Generetion P, Consultant, Legend of Kolovrat, Rostov), Sergey Bagirov (“Black River”, “Life is just beginning”, “Fourth shift”). Anton Gryzlov (“Horse Encyclopedia”, “Breathe with Me 2”, “Bullet”) was responsible for the musical component.

Alexey Bystritsky describes the location of the shooting:

"The choice of Adygea is not accidental. We decided to show all the horrors of the war against the backdrop of the beautiful nature of Adygea, which also resembles the scene of a real operation to seize the airport."

Speaking about how many episodes there will be in the series “Battalion” (2019), the director promises 4 films.


In this historical military drama starred:

  • Maxim Shchegolev in the role of scout Andrei ("Karpov", "Sword. Season Two", "Laws of the Streets", "Youth", "Insomnia", "Bullet");
  • Dmitry Ulyanov ("Jester", "Island of Unnecessary People", "Death of the Empire", "72 meters", "Goddess: How I Loved", "Sleeping 2", "Chernobyl");
  • Alexander Bukharov ("Truckers", "Boomer", "Lion's share", "Everyone has their own war", "Precinct", "Plant", "Gurzuf");
  • Mikhail Babichev as Brahim, head of the Kosovo Liberation Army (“Personal Number”, “Adjutants of Love”, “Wild Field”, “Game. Revenge”, “Ordinary Woman”);
  • Polina Yastrebova ("Bird", "Call DiCaprio!", "Own 2");
  • Pierre Burel (“Plaque”, “Kitchen”, “On behalf of my daughter”, “Where the Motherland begins”, “Duelist”, “Viking”, “Eternal vacation”, “Elusive”);
  • Alexander Zamuraev (“An angel has come to you”, “Save our souls”, “Meek”, “Donbass”, “Bad weather”);
  • Andrey Stoyanov ("Capercaillie. Continuation", "Invisibility", "Mother’s Heart", "Toptuns", "Moon", "All or Nothing", "Bullet");
  • Pyotr Korolev (Short Circuit, Pyatnitsky, 22 minutes, Method, Beyond Death);
  • Ilya Volkov ("Rzhevsky against Napoleon", "Ice") and others.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The release date of the film “Battalion” (2019) was timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the march to Pristina - the operation of the Russian battalion, which was part of the international peacekeeping contingent in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This operation took place on the night of June 11-12, 1999, its purpose was to capture the Slatina airport;
  • Actor Maxim Shchegolev expressed his opinion about his participation in the project: “For me there were no obscure moments in the script. I read it and realized that it was mine. We tried to show the characters as simple and understandable to the audience as possible. Our characters are living people, not cardboard boxes. "

The trailer for the series "Battalion" with the release date in 2019, whose actors are known, will show the main characters and main locations. Viewers already liked the announcement of the plot, and they are looking forward to the premiere of the tape on the NTV channel.

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