The Witcher - new spoilers and shots

The latest news from the filming of The Witcher (2019) will definitely surprise fans who are following the development of the production process of the Geralt project from Rivia, which has already ended. At the moment, the footage is in the process of being finalized and “polished”. The creators did not disclose the details of the plot, but, despite this secrecy, it can not do without spoilers.

To the delight of the fan, who is so actively interested in the details of the shooting process of the series, a new video leaked to the network, revealing that much attention will be paid to the army of Nilfgaard in the series, from the mere mention of which many monarchs were horrified.

In addition, there are also photographs from the shootings, where it is also clearly visible that the nilfgaards will be paid enough attention in the first season, and that there, most likely, viewers will see the legendary assault on Cintra, which runs counter to the events of the book.

We were also shown a fresh look at Cyri, a pupil of the White Wolf and the child of Destiny. And finally, the audience may be surprised at the number of seasons of the series that the creators planned. But first things first:

  • Nilfgaard is a powerful empire located in the south of the continent, with a very developed economy, army and all the ensuing consequences (standard of living of the population, etc.). Of course, like any empire, it wages wars of conquest, including the so-called First Northern War, during which the army of Nilfgaard moved to the northern kingdom and its capital Cintra, the birthplace of Cyril. This event, which is sparingly described in the first volumes of The Witcher books, will obviously happen in the first season of the series.

In the footage we can see the camp of the Nalfgaard army: black tents on the hill, a siege trebuchet, built in full size, as well as a panel with the coat of arms of Nilfgaard, which is the sun on a black background.

Smoke swirls around, and Nilfgaard soldiers with helmets are heading along the road. The set is well organized: a considerable number of tents, atmospheric night shots.

Attentive fans noticed the enchantress Fringilla Vigo on the frames, played in the series by the African-American actress Mimi Diveni (Doctor Who, Mr. Selfridge, Cinderella).

A certain horseman with feathers on a helmet also got into the camera’s lens, so the audience now faced a difficult question: is it Kagyr or someone else.

As a result, as is known from the books, the army of Cintra was defeated, the city was taken, and the inhabitants of Cintra and the Queen committed suicide in order not to wait for the reprisals of the enemies. Therefore, one can hope for battle and bloody battle scenes, as well as dramatic moments with the townspeople. These events left a huge imprint on Cyril and on the whole future history, which is described in the books of Andrzej Sapkowski.

It is interesting that the creators, who decided to acquaint the audience with this event in the first series, once recruited crippled people with missing body parts for the crowd.

However, the formidable Nilfgaard army doesn’t seem so terrible on the network of filmed videos from filming, and their uniforms look ridiculous at all: jabot on knightly armor, pancakes on the shoulders and striped pants make skepticism about the costumes of the series, and the budget for the first season The series was not allocated the smallest - 70-80 million dollars.

And the main good news for the fans is that the photo of Cyril performed by actress Freyja Allan ("In the Desert of Death") has appeared on the network recently, very similar to the game version, however, no one has yet confirmed the official authenticity of this picture, so see Netflix's The Witcher characters we’ll be able to do in a trailer whose release date is still unknown. But, given the completion of the filming process, it should come out soon.

All fans are interested, but for how many seasons the Netflix channel has set its sights, of course, provided that they really do business, and the first season will not disappoint the audience. There was different information on this subject, but recent insider news reports that the series’s management is aiming for 6-8 Witcher seasons. Many people believe that the channel decided to repeat the success of the Game of Thrones and get their hands on a project that would bring huge profits, which can really happen if the fans like the first season. In addition to a successful start, in order to hold out for 7-8 seasons, this team needs to make a lot of effort, so critics can not be avoided.

Today is all the latest news about the filming of the series The Witcher (2019). Let's hope that the film crew will try to please fans of the books and games of the same name, and the series will really succeed.

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