10 documentaries about the Second World War

The list of the best documentaries about World War 2 contains films that cannot be watched without tears. The paintings will tell in detail what feats the soldiers and ordinary citizens were ready to go to save their loved ones and the whole country.

To live!

Release in Russia - August 23, 2018

Viewers will see the whole difficult path of a wounded soldier, and also feel the atmosphere of military medicine, in which doctors had to work.

The film tells about the heroic exploits of military nurses and medical officers who throughout the war provided assistance to wounded Soviet soldiers. Surgeon Vasily Kolomiets every day did more than a hundred emergency operations! Valentina Filippova-Lebedeva worked as a nurse on the Leningrad Front. People’s artist Vladimir Etush and combat intelligence Nikolai Chernov recall how military doctors saved them. Over the years of the war, nurses saved the lives of more than a million soldiers! At the beginning of the picture will show the frames of the educational medical film. It was filmed in the fall of 1941, when it was the height of the battle for Moscow. There is a lot of shocking truth in this “study guide”; it was precisely according to it that in the first few months of 1942 Soviet doctors were prepared to be sent to the military front.

Battle of Kursk. And the armor melted

Premiere in Russia - February 23, 2018

A pilot with prostheses, Alexei Meresyev, saved the lives of two comrades and destroyed two enemy aircraft, the Fokke-Wulf 190.

The plot of the film will affect the events associated with the greatest battle of Kursk. For 50 days and nights, Soviet soldiers fought back against the fascist invaders. The history of the battle is shown through the eyes of its participants: tankers, infantry, artillerymen and even ordinary citizens who suddenly found themselves on the line of fire and miraculously survived. Particular emphasis is placed on the village of Prokhorovka, where the Germans inflicted their main blow. In 1943, 13-year-old Vera Chursina hid with her family in the basement of her house in the hope of escape. The Nazis bomb Prokhorovka for several days. Another line of the film tells about the details of a large-scale battle near Kursk and the course of the entire Second World War. In the spring of 1943, the Nazis struck a powerful blow and knocked out Soviet soldiers from Kharkov. As a result, the army entrenched in the Kursk region on a stretch of more than 200 kilometers wide. On July 12, 1943, a tank battle unfolded, which predetermined the outcome of World War II.

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Secret war. The second film. Pay

Release date in the USSR - 1991

The presented film is a continuation of the documentary "Eve."

"Secret War. Second film. Reckoning" - a documentary film about the war of 1941-1945, banned for viewing. In the film, new secrets of the beginning of World War II are revealed, which were carefully hushed up. The beginning of the war is the tragic unpreparedness of Soviet soldiers, huge human losses and casualties. The film tells about the nightmare events of 1941 that took place in Moscow. The Soviet people were forced to blindly believe in their leader Stalin, with whose name they went to death. It was a nightmare, when soldiers voluntarily went to their death to save the people ...

My front line

Release Date in Russia - May 8, 2018

More than a million women participated in military operations of the Great Patriotic War.

The documentary tells about the five fates of unusual women veterans who became the first and only women with a military past. Irina Vyacheslavovna Rakobolskaya - the head of the night guard bomber aviation regiment. The woman talks about the most dangerous tasks, and also remembers fighting friends and unusual stories. Nina Petrovna Chervinskaya - went through the whole battle of Stalingrad. Despite a serious leg injury, she continued to operate on the wounded. Irina Petrovna saved the life of a captured German soldier and shot another. Catherine Demina - the only woman who served in the intelligence of the Marine Corps. During the crossing of the Dniester estuary, she saved 17 sailors and killed more than 10 Nazis.

Hard road to the front

Premiere in Russia - 2018 year

The documentary presents the original documents of the Ministry of Defense from the archives.

At the end of May 1944, the preparation for Operation Bagration was completed in Moscow. During the mission, Soviet soldiers advanced 600 kilometers, liberated Belarus, and moved to the state border. In the film, historians describe in detail the details of Operation Bagration. What were the uniforms and weapons of the soldiers? What did they eat? How did the war machine of the USSR generally work? The documentary will provide answers to these questions.

On parole and on one wing

Premiere in Russia - 2018 year

The film shows a rare collection of Soviet aircraft, tanks and machine guns.

“On parole and on one wing” - an interesting and informative documentary about the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, telling about how our and American veterans recalled past military operations. It pains them to think about these moments, because they lost friends, relatives and went through a real nightmare. On the eve of the holiday, the old people gathered again, though every year they are becoming less and less. In addition to eyewitnesses, the film presents a reconstruction of the Battle of Stalingrad with a crowd of two hundred people. In addition, a collection of real equipment and weapons of those years is shown in detail.

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1941 people

Release Date in Russia - year 2001

Marlene Hutsiev is the director of the film "Afterword" (1983).

Summer 1941 Moscow, the last calm days of a warm summer. The city does not yet know that a bloody war will begin in a few hours. June 22, early dawn. Somewhere far away cheerful and carefree voices are heard - it passes the waltz of the last school evening. Young guys walk the streets of their native capital. At 4 a.m. The war has begun. Yesterday’s schoolchildren still don’t even suspect how their further fate will turn out ...

There is no land beyond the Volga for us!

Premiere in Russia - year 2013

There are no propaganda enthusiasm and cinematic embellishments in the documentary. Only the harsh truth.

The film tells about the most bloody and difficult battle during the Great Patriotic War - Stalingrad. Hitlerite Germany suffered a crushing defeat, and the Soviet war won a major victory, which forever changed the course of history. The heroes of the film are participants in the confrontation on the Volga and veterans of the Battle of Stalingrad. Every day there are fewer and fewer participants in the war. They will tell with pain in their eyes what is the price of survival and victory in the hell of a bloody massacre.

The Great Patriotic War

World premiere - January 1, 1978

The painting "The Great Patriotic War" was created in collaboration with American filmmakers. In the US, this film was released under the name "Unknown War."

"Unknown War" - a documentary in 1978, telling about the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. What preceded the attack of fascist Germany on the USSR? Why did Soviet soldiers suffer crushing losses in the first few days of the war? Why was Hitler sure that capturing the Soviet Union would not be difficult? The authors of the film tried to answer these serious questions in a detailed manner.

With the Germans against Hitler

Release Date in Russia - 2016 year

Alexander Galkin said that many of those whom he sent to the German rear became brothers in arms for him.

The film tells about unknown episodes of World War II, in the center of which there is an open and complex conversation about the meaning and values ​​of patriotism. Alexander Galkin, who took a place in the political department of the Red Army, talks about the details of secret operations. He states that in front-line conditions it was very difficult to verify a prisoner of war who claimed to be innocent and ready to fight against his fellow soldiers. But without their support and support it would be very difficult to achieve victory. I had to take risks and completely rely on my intuition.

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To better understand history, you should familiarize yourself with the list of the best documentaries about World War 2; you need to watch films very carefully so as not to lose sight of the most important details about battle battles.