The Brotherhood Will Not Come May 9

Despite the fact that director Pavel Lungin, it would seem, solved the problems with the release date of his project, which he wanted to coincide with May 9, the film "Brotherhood" (2019) still will not be released on Victory Day. This was stated by Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky, who asked the director "not to tie the premiere by May 9 and pick a date that will not cause public debate."

In the video: trailer of the film "Brotherhood".

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Recall that the plot of the film will transfer the viewer to 1988, when there was very little left before the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. However, the departure home of one of our motorized rifle groups complicates the dangerous passage through the pass captured by the terrorist group of the Mujahideen. The world is out of the question, since the Soviet pilot is captured by the enemies, and our scouts have the rule - "we don’t leave our own."

Director Pavel Lungin wanted to show the most truthful story about the Afghan war, however, the film expressed mixed reactions from the Afghan society and caused heated discussions.

Lungin himself has already commented on the fact that his film "Brotherhood" (2019) still will not be released on Victory Day - he completely agrees with this decision. The release date is scheduled to be postponed to May 10-12.

P. Lungin and the shooting of the film.