Ruins - a film about World War II with Margot Robbie will be released in 2020

From time immemorial, people seek to atone for the mistakes that they made in the past. However, sometimes these may not be mistakes that a person made personally out of his egoism or his own stupidity. And the mistakes of the people he loves, the mistakes of the family or the mistakes of the whole people. Margot Robbie and Matthias Schonarts, being the main actors of the film “Ruins”, will reveal a similar story - the release date is set for 2020, the trailer has not yet been released, but the rating of expectations for the picture is quite high now.

At KinoPoisk - 94% of positive expectations.




Genre: military, thriller

Producer: Justin kursel

World Release Date: 2020 year

Release Date in Russia: 2020 year

Actors: Matthias Schonarts, Margot Robbie

Previously, films about the Second World War were very popular - but they showed it rather one-sidedly, with a clear distribution of “good and right” and “bad”. Now, the look at that terrible time in cinema has changed.


The protagonist of the film “Ruins” made terrible mistakes in his life that he repents of. He is a former captain in Nazi Germany. However, the war is over, and now he sees what disgusting things he did. Guilt strangles the protagonist, and he decides to atone. Hoping to atone for the sins of his war crimes, he preys on his former subordinates in the Death Squad and kills them. He is joined by a girl who suffered the Holocaust and wants to take revenge on her tormentors. But will these killings bring peace to their souls?

Director and filming process

The film was directed by Australian Justin Kurzel. In 2011, for the film “Snow City,” he was awarded a special mention in the Prize of the International Association of Film Critics (FIPRESSSI). His film “Macbeth,” filmed based on the William Shakespeare press of the same name, was also highly praised. The film received a nomination for the Golden Palm Branch and the British Independent Film Award in 2015. Another successful painting is “Assassin’s Creed”, which was based on a series of games “Assassin's Creed”. It is curious that the main role in both films was played by Michael Fassbender.

Justin kurzel

The screenwriters are:

  • Matthew Firpo (“The Vigilante” 2014);
  • Ryan Firpo (“The Delivery Man” 2007).

At the moment, the film “Ruins” is in preparation for the shooting. However, it is already known that they will be held in the capital of the Czech Republic - Prague.


At the moment, little is known about the cast.

  • The main role will be played by the Belgian Matthias Schonarts. He is best known for the films “Loft” (2014), “Quick-headed” (2011) and “Rust and Bone” (2012). He received several international awards for acting in the movie "Quick-headed";
  • The main female role in the film will be played by Margot Robbie. The filmography of the actress is quite diverse - she made her debut on American television in the series "Pan American", and after she was lucky to star in a series of quite successful films for hire. For example, “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013), “Tarzan. The Legend ”(2016). In the film “Suicide Squad” (2016), she got the role of an iconic character - Harley Quinn. Her acting in the film “Tonya against all” (2017) was highly appreciated. For the role of the American skater, the actress was nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe and many more awards. Of the recent works of Robbie, it is worth noting the paintings: "Birds of Prey", "Suicide Squad 2", "Gotham City Sirens", "Anonymous Barbie Project", "Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood", "Dreamland".

Interesting Facts

It is interesting to know that:

  • This is not the first time Margot Robbie and Matthias Schonarts will meet on the set. Together they starred in the romantic drama “French Suite” (2014);
  • According to preliminary expectations, the main female role in the film was to be performed by Gal Gadot (“Wonder Woman”), but she refused.

It is difficult to say whether the main characters made the right decision. Revenge, even if born in bitter regret, will never atone for their sins. In any case, the film promises to beautifully convey the post-war atmosphere of devastation, which has recently been infrequent on large screens. Judging by the official release date, the film “Ruins” should be expected in 2020, but the trailer, from which it is clear how the actors got used to the role, will be released this year.