New teaser of Game of Thrones - who will survive

So the official teaser of the 8th season of the game “Game of Thrones” came out, and it's time to parse a new video with the intriguing title “Aftermath” - “Consequences” (the official video from HBO is presented below). The creators threw new food for thought, but we still hope for one big trailer of the last season. We were shown the morning in Winterfell (as evidenced by the flag developing and torn to shreds with the emblem at the beginning) after the battle with the white walkers: there is silence around, in the courtyard of the castle there is no soul, neither alive nor dead. Winter has come, buildings are destroyed, and cold snow covers everything. But why are there no bodies of the dead, and will these frames be included in the series itself?

But the main thing is the objects that symbolize the main characters. They are scattered around the castle and covered with snow, as if they no longer belong to their owners, and maybe they will never need them at all ...

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What is visible on the frames:

  1. An arrow made of dragon glass with a sharp tip (near the forge, where the weapons made of dragon glass were forged);
  2. Aria's Spear - Needle (in the center of the arsenal room among other weapons, John gave the needle to his sister in another season);
  3. John Snow-Ghost Wolf Totem Statue - Ghost (likely to appear in the final season);
  4. The mace of Tirion, which was given to him by Daenerys back in season 6 (at the kennel, where Tirion woke up after drinking at the Starks);
  5. The feather of an exotic bird (very similar to the feather that Robert put in the palm of his statue of Liana Stark in the crypt of Wintrfell, and which Santa, in the 5th season, took it from there);
  6. Bran's inverted wheelchair with a wheel flying off;
  7. Golden prosthetic arm Jamie (on the ground in the snow);
  8. Chain Daenerys herself (hanging on a log);
  9. A bloodied long claw, the sword of John Snow, and the silhouette of the King of the Night emerging from snow dust, who became the only "living" character in the teaser.

Really everyone who defended the castle failed to stay alive? It is only clear that Winterfell fell and the King of the night moves south, but what do all these objects mean in bliss? Where are the people themselves, and whether someone managed to survive ... Alternatively, people could turn the castle into a trap, where it was planned to lure the undead.

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Video: The official teaser for Season 8 of Game of Thrones is Aftermath.