New teaser of the Game of Thrones - parsing

Recently released 2 trailer, but rather a promo, season 8 of the Game of Thrones, so the time has come to parse with new frames and theories. The videos were released on the HBO channel, the audience managed to notice several new scenes that were not yet in the first teaser, and on which impatient fans can put together several puzzles for the plot of the final season.

Original HBO promotional videos with titles can be viewed below.

Staffing - “Fighting Together”

After the arrival of John and Daenerys at Winterfell, we are immediately shown Tyrion delivering a speech at a meeting convened in the castle, and in the background Sansa and Daenerys sits at the same table. Probably, the right hand of the dragon queen speaks to the Lords of the North. But why he, not John? Most likely, Snow's reputation was greatly shaken after everyone found out about the fact of his knee bowing before Daenerys, and most importantly, the renunciation of the throne in the North.

“Now we must fight together or die!” Says Tyrion.

Earlier, these words were spoken by Ser Davos when he persuaded the mother of dragons to join them in the war against the king of the night.

Ships Greyjoy

Then we see the already familiar footage of Dani and Snow arriving at Winterfell with the army of the impeccable, when a boy climbing the walls is watching, like Bran in the past. After we are shown 3 Greyjoys' ships, probably the “remnants” of the Iron-born, including Theon himself, who is sailing to free his sister Yara from their captivity by their uncle Euron.

John and Reigal

Dragons fly over the castle again, but what’s new is that we see the surprised looks of Varis, Davos and Tyrion directed upward. It is unlikely that they would be amazed at the sight of the giant “children” of Daenerys, because for these heroes it was already a habit to see these creatures at close range. most likely, they saw John Snow sitting on one of the dragons (most likely on Reigal), and no one expected this.

The Truth About John and Daenerys

Another important point is the scene with John and Daenerys in the crypt. Daney silently stands with his back, and Snow passes by, as if withdrawing from a heavy conversation. Perhaps the dragon mother finally found out that it was not her, but John who was the real heir to the Seven Kingdoms. Daenerys could be shocked not only that their romantic relationship was also a kinship, but the realization that all the previously done path was in vain.

But what if Daenerys found out that she was pregnant, and that’s why she remains silent by turning to the fireplace?

The Battle of Winterfell - Survival

What's new we see:

  • The dog was dumbfounded at the sight of something sinister during the battle;
  • Berik fights with a flaming sword;
  • John Snow fearlessly cuts enemies with his sword;
  • Impeccable with shields, in which a bright flame is reflected, as well as a whirlwind of white-blue color, which almost demolishes the line of impeccable warriors;
  • Aria fights with a club with a tip, possibly made of dragon glass or Valyrian steel.

The meeting of John and Aria

The scene in Bogoroshch with a brooding Snow and Aria standing behind can mean the long-awaited reunion of a brother and sister, who, by the way, does not approve of the arrival of Winterfell Daenerys, daughter of the crazy king. And, according to actress Macy Williams herself in a recent interview, Aria will be completely on Sansa's side, and the sisters will form a real coalition, supporting each other.

John says the words: "Now there is only us."

Is it true that after the revealed truth he had no allies except sisters?

News for Cersei

Well, judging by the scene with Cersei, which turns around sharply, we can assume that she heard not the most pleasant news. We hope nothing will happen to Jamie during the battle. against the King of the Night. What else can upset Cersei is the news that the undead army has headed for King's Landing. By the way, only in these frames is a crown on her head. Has anyone brought her the news, after which Cersei will stop wearing the crown of her own free will?

A full extended trailer for Season 8 of Game of Thrones is due out soon, and a new review is just around the corner. In the meantime, you can review the footage, forget all the crazy theories and wait for the premiere that will happen on April 14, 2019. But we still have time to think about what kind of candles John Snow lights in the crypt, and why Mormont entered the Daenerys chambers, what kind of news he brought .

Video 1: Promotional video “Fight Together”.

Video 2: Promo video "Survival".