What will happen to John Snow in the finale

The finale of the Game of Thrones is approaching (April 14, 2019), and fans are more and more concerned about what events will show us in the last season. There are many different theories, one crazier than the other.

But we have found for you the most unusual denouement, the most unexpected and frightening: in the finale of the Game of Thrones, John Snow will become a white walker!

Yes, it would seem unthinkable. But let's speculate.

To begin with, a certain Spaniard under the name Freaky Doctor, known to all fans of the series by plums into the network of plots of the Game of Thrones series, which almost always come true, posted on his YouTube channel the plot of the first series of the eighth season of the series, for which he immediately got a ban he is the site itself. The man also said that he has a script for the rest of the series that he is ready to share (don’t worry, this will not happen, otherwise HBO can write a claim to the poor man, which will result in fatal consequences for him). However, recently a post of a certain anonymous author appeared on the Reddit website (the post disappeared after a few hours), in which this same anonymous author wrote that he possesses the same information as Freaky Doctor, but he will not merge it all. But he reported one shocking news spoiler: the King of the Night will be killed, but the walkers will not lose their leader: they will be John Snow. Everyone may decide to believe it or not, but you can recall, for example, the words of Keith Harrington, the performer of the role of John Snow, how he cried when he learned about the fate of his character, as well as the statement of many participants in the series that the finale would divide the audience into those who will like him and those who don’t. Let us cite as an example the words of Vladimir Furdik, who played the King of the Night. He stated that there would be an amazing scene involving his character and John Snow, and also noted that the best moment of the King of the Night for the entire series was just ahead.

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An anonymous person who posted such a huge spoiler to the network said that John Snow would be transformed into King of the Night in the last episode of season 8. Most likely, there are two possible scenarios: John kills the King of the Night, but he, for some unknown reason, turns into him, or the second option, which forces us to speculate: The King of the Night became himself after the children of the forest placed him inside a fragment of obsidian, so you can get it, thereby the King of the Night will die. But this is the catch: will the other walkers die if their creator dies? If the walkers do not die, they will lose control. It is in order to begin to control the walkers that John drives obsidian into his chest and takes them north.

There are certain confirmations of this theory from books: John Snow had one and the same terrible dream: he appears in front of the door to the crypt and involuntarily goes down, Snow is afraid, but not of the dead kings of the North, but of something unknown and frightening. Is this the analogy with the fact that he will die and rise again as the new King of the Night? Another dream of John: all the defenders of the wall became straw dummies, the dead were revived around him, he himself was dressed in black ice armor, and his sword shone with scarlet flame. Many saw this as confirmation that Snow was the new Azor Akhai, but why then was he dressed in black ice armor? Namely, the black ice looks like the armor worn by white walkers. In this dream, John also kills his family and friends, shouting that he is the King of the North.

We don’t know if the above has any chance to come true, but it would be an interesting option, if we compare the option with the usual death of the King of the Night and the subsequent happy end. We don’t know whether John Snow will become the King of the Night in the final of the Game of Thrones, but we hope that the creators will be able to give us the thrill and unforgettable sensations of watching and without turning the main character into the main villain.