15 films about maniacs and serial killers

They are cunning, dexterous and ruthless. Every day we see hundreds of different people, but we don’t know anything about them ... Who are they? Businessmen, hotel managers, office clerks, driving instructors? But what if one of them is a thief or a criminal? Why do people commit crimes? Someone is driven by a desire to deal with an innocent victim, while someone is pleased with the process of killing. This is scary, but it is our reality. Want to catch adrenaline? Then check out the list of the best films about maniacs and serial killers. We promise that there will be a lot of blood. Hold your breath and get ready for the terrible!

Highway to nowhere (Lost Highway)


USA, France

Genre: Thriller, detective

Producer: David lynch

World Release Date - January 15 - 1997, May 20, 2017 - in Russia

Starring: B. Pullman, P. Arquette, R. Lodge, B. Getty, R. Blake, R. Prior, L. Butler

Rating: 7.4

The Rammstein group used shots from the film in one of their clips.

Fred and Renee are a happy couple living in a cozy house. A jealous husband is watching with suspicion the communication of his wife and friend Andy. The main character suspects his soul mate, with whom he lived for several years, in betrayal. One day, Renee finds on the threshold a strange cassette on which she sees footage of her own house. Who decided to joke so badly? Oddities continue when a mysterious acquaintance approaches Fred at a party in Andy’s apartment and declares that they have already met somewhere before. And the next morning, Fred finds a second cassette, where he kills Rene. How could this happen? Who made the "blood bath"?




Genre: Horror, thriller

Producer: David Gordon Green

Release in the world - September 8, 2018, in Russia - October 18, 2018

Cast: D. Curtis, E. Matichak, D. Greer, N. Castle, D. Courtney, W. Patton, R. Riis

Rating: 5.7

The film was shot under the working title "Halloween: 40 years later."

In 1978, Michael Myers brutally cracked down on four teenagers. For 40 years, the criminal has been in prison. Lori Strode dreamed that the ruthless killer escaped from places of misfortune, because then she could settle scores with the maniac. It seems that the Lord himself heard her. The bus that Michael was carrying turns over and Myers is free. Lori had a great chance, and she is obliged to use it to find and strangle the criminal with her own hands.

Saw: Survival Game (Saw)



Genre: Horror thriller

Producer: James van

World Release Date - January 19, 2004, in Russia - December 16, 2004

Actors: C. Elvis, L. Wannell, D. Glover, M. Potter, T. Bell, M. Emerson

Rating: 7.8

The entire filming process took place in one pavilion. In addition, the actors did not even have time to rehearse. They played from scratch.

In a gloomy basement are two strangers, chained to an old pipe. In the middle of the room lies a man with a shot head and a gun in his hand. Heroes do not remember how they ended up in this terrible place. A mysterious voice from the film reports that they have only 7 hours to get out, otherwise they will rot alive and will never see their families again. Hints are scattered around. How much blood are they willing to shed to stay alive? The game started!

The House That Jack Built


Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium

Genre: Horror Drama

Producer: Lars von Trier

World Release Date - May 14, 2018, in Russia - December 6, 2018

Starring: M. Dillon, B. Ganz, W. Thurman, S. Grobel, R. Kio, D. Davis, S. Fallon

Rating: 7.1

At the premiere, many viewers felt sick from the film. There are several episodes in the film, which are not recommended for the faint of heart to watch.

For 12 years now, a serial maniac named Jack has been honing his killing skills. He can easily deal with an annoying passenger or a stupid girlfriend. The offender is distinguished by ingenuity and a non-standard approach to his "craft". Killing is not an act of violence for Jack. This is a real work of art. But bloody feuds must end sooner or later. Once the police goes on the trail of a cunning and dexterous maniac. What will end this bloody and terrifying story?

It’s hard to impress you, and you want horror to fetter your legs and blood freeze in your veins? We recommend that you familiarize yourself with several films about maniacs and serial killers based on real events.




Genre: Thriller drama

Producer: David fincher

World premiere - February 28, 2007, August 2, 2007 - in Russia

The main roles were played by: D. Gyllenhaal, M. Ruffalo, R. Downey Jr., H. Sevigny, B. Cox

Rating: 7.3

Director David Fincher gave Jake Gyllenhaal an old-fashioned diaper to prepare the actor for the role of a young father.

For almost thirty years, he has been holding in indescribable horror all of California. A killer whose movements are so precise and accurate that it is impossible to predict who will become the next victim of a maniac. He is not trying to encrypt his crimes. The brilliant killer accuses the police of inaction, but they can not do anything, because the offender deftly leads them by the nose. He does not have a name, a person, he is a wandering shadow, which is in search of another victim. The zodiac is returning. And this time everything will be even more dangerous. Hold your breath and do not leave your home!

Murder Count (Murder by Numbers)



Genre: Tthriller, crime

Producer: Barbet Schroeder

World Release Date - April 19, 2002, in Russia - July 18, 2002

Actors: S. Bullock, B. Chaplin, R. Gosling, A. Bruckner, K. Penn, J. Brenn

Rating: 7.0

The film is based on the real story of two American criminals Loeb and Leopold.

On a normal sunny day, the police find the corpse of a young girl in a ditch. Who will be able to track down and catch the criminal? The case is entrusted to an experienced detective Cassie Mayweather, who has hundreds of solved crimes. Young and ambitious Sam Kennedy will help her in this. The guy has little experience in such matters, but there is enthusiasm and a great desire to become the best. Companions head into the investigation. But catching the killer is not so simple.

Berlin Syndrome


Australia, Germany

Genre: Thriller drama

Producer: Kate Shortland

World premiere - January 20, 2017, in Russia - July 20, 2017

The film was attended by: T. Palmer, E. Bading, E. Bahrami, K. Franken, L. Aron, N. Avat, R. Rimelt

Rating: 5.9

Actress Teresa Palmer stated that this was the most liberated role in her career.

Photojournalist Claire meets charming guy Andy, who she liked from the first minutes of communication. A young couple is cute walking along the street, having fun, and at sunset a romantic evening, the heroes move to Andy's apartment. Finally, Claire is truly happy! Waking up in the morning, the heroine dreams of continuing a stormy night. But it was not there. She discovers that Andy went to work and locked her apartment. Accident or not? Claire hopes that an unfortunate misunderstanding has occurred, but the reality is far worse. Andy deliberately shut the door. He's not going to release Claire. Never.



USA, France

Genre: Horror thriller

Producer: Frank Halfun

World Release Date - May 26, 2012, in Russia - March 21, 2013

Starring: E. Wood, N. Arnezeder, A. Olivo, L. Balaban, B. Ames, S. Rotibi, M. Duffy

Rating: 5.8

The slogan of the film is "The hunt has begun!"

Frank loves the dark nights. After all, it is at this time of day that he finds lonely beauties and ruthlessly removes the scalp from them. He has counted several victims, but the maniac is not going to stop. The serial killer every time feels more and more satisfaction from his work. One day, Frank falls in love with the artist Anna. What to do next? Kill the victim again or try to build a relationship and forget about a past life? On one side of the scale is sweet killing, on the other is romance and love. The choice is Frank.

The Cell


USA, Germany

Genre: Horror, science fiction, thriller

Producer: Tarsem singh

Release in the world - December 17, 2000, in Russia - December 1, 2000

Actors: D. Lopez, V. Vaughn, V. D'Onofrio, M. Jean-Baptiste, D. Weber, D. Baker, P. Boschaux

Rating: 7.0

In one of the scenes, Catherine watches the cartoon "Wild Planet" (1973).

In a small American city, a maniac psychopath wields. He slowly tracks down young and beautiful girls, and then kidnaps them and throws them into dark rooms, which are slowly filled with water to the very top. The victim dies from a lack of air. Who is this pervert? Behind the maniac already more than 10 murders, who will be his next victim? The police are trying to figure out the situation, and once luck smiles at them - the offender has a seizure, after which he is placed in a hospital. Now the psychiatrist Katherine enters the case. She needs to find out where the killer’s last victim is. Time is short, a girl can die at any moment. Will a tough nut crack?

Fields (Texas Killing Fields)



Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Producer: Amy Kanaan Mann

World Release Date - September 9, 2011, in Russia - November 24, 2011

Actors: S. Worthington, D. Dean Morgan, H. Grace Moretz, D. Chastain, D. Clark, T. Perez

Rating: 5.7

It was planned that the film will be directed by Danny Boyle.

Mike and Brian are two great detectives who have been assigned to conduct a major investigation. In Texas, a gang of criminals is operating. No one knows by what principle killers choose a victim. They kill everyone indiscriminately. The strange thing is that maniacs bring bodies and throw them into Texas fields. The deeper the characters delve into the case, the more confusing the investigation. Soon they themselves became victims of criminals. The killers terrorize them, rig the facts and constantly name them. What will these cat and mouse lead to?

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How many stories do you know that it is reported that another "abnormal" with mental disabilities was caught by the police? It is unlikely that you would want to stay so alone and drink raspberry tea with jam. But, if you want to get a storm of emotions, then check out several films about killers, maniacs and psychopaths based on real events.

The Power of Fear (The Bone Collector)


USA, Canada

Genre: Thriller drama

Producer: Philip Neuss

World Release Date - August 29, 1999, in Russia - January 27, 2000

Starring: D. Washington, C. Latifa, A. Jolie, M. McGlone, M. Rooker, L. Guzman, L. Orser

Rating: 7.4

In one of the scenes, Angelina Jolie was supposed to appear naked, but in the final editing they decided to cut this episode.

Lincoln Rhine is the most famous forensic scientist in the city. Everything would be fine, but he is confined to a hospital bed. Amelia Donagi is a promising detective girl who is only gaining experience in major crimes. The heroine is forced to be the eyes and ears of Lincoln, giving him the most important information. The killer leaves clues and evidence. He leads a cunning and bold game with detectives. Will the team stop the sadist?

Perfumer: The Story of a Murderer (Perfume: The Story of a Murderer)


USA, Germany, France, Spain

Genre: Fantasy, drama, crime

Producer: Tom Tykver

World Release Date - September 7, 2006, in Russia - September 14, 2006

Starred in the film: B. Wishaw, D. Hoffman, A. Rickman, B. Minichmayr, S. Thomas, T. Davis

Rating: 7.6

The author of the book "Perfumer" was very skeptical about the adaptation of his novel.

A fetid stench penetrates all of Europe. People do not follow basic hygiene rules, breathing on the street is simply unbearable. Once a little lump of happiness is born, to whom fate has prepared an amazing surprise - he was born to become the greatest perfumer in the world. Europe is flourishing and begins to play with new colors. The Upper Light goes crazy with its spirits. Does the hero really have an amazing gift? Or is it a terrible curse that will lead to terrible consequences?

Bloody summer of Sam (Summer of Sam)



Genre: Thriller, Drama, Romance

Producer: Spike lee

World premiere - May 20, 1999

Starring: D. Leguizamo E. Brody, M. Sorvino, D. Esposito, M. Rispoli, S. Guerra, A. Palagonia

Rating: 6.7

Leonardo DiCaprio could play a major role in the film.

Summer, incredible heat and stuffiness. It seems that the city will soon go crazy with suffocating heat. In this tense atmosphere, a new misfortune appears - a maniac is in the city who does not spare anyone. He loves to calmly walk along the quiet streets of the city and commit crimes from his favorite 44-gauge colt. Police and mafia team up to catch a serial killer together. However, searches do not lead to any positive results. A local thug nicknamed Joe suspects that one of his own may be the culprit. Now everyone sees each other as a maniac.



USA, Germany

Genre: Thriller drama

Producer: Patty jenkins

Release in the world - November 16, 2003, in Russia - March 11, 2004

Starring: S. Theron, C. Ricci, E. Corley, P. Vins, M. Macaulay, S. Ulyson, R. Blackwell

Rating: 7.3

For the role of Charlize Theron gained 13 kg of weight.

Eileen makes her living through street prostitution all her life. She was not the first to stand for a long time on the highway and to please men for money. Once the heroine enters a bar and meets a lesbian Selby. There is sympathy between the girls, from this moment they can not tear themselves away from each other. Selby runs away from his parents and sets off with Eileen to travel around the city. One day, Eileen kills another client. Killing brings her a lot of pleasure, and she continues to brutally crack down on perverts. Can Eileen stop?

Snow City (Snowtown)



Genre: Drama, crime

Producer: Justin kursel

World premiere - May 16, 2011

Actors: L. Pittaway, D. Henschell, L. Harris, E. Grove, A. Wigever, D. Walker, M. Howard

Rating: 6.0

A story based on real events, which is known worldwide under the name "bodies in barrels."

Each son wishes only the best for his mother. Once in the life of a woman, a new boyfriend appears. Her 16-year-old son, Jim, discovers that the man is one of the most dangerous criminals in the country. Will a woman become a victim of a ruthless maniac? What actions will Jim take to avoid the tragedy?

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If the offender chose the victim, then he will surely bring the case to the end. Someone driven by religious ideas, and some commit bloody reprisals simply because of madness. We have compiled for you a list of the best films about maniacs and serial killers, so you can see what action a person is ready to go if he is obsessed with an ardent desire to kill. Ready to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of fear? Turn off the light, let the room plunge into darkness. Lie down on the sofa and gently press the Play button.

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