Behind a Dream (Teen Spirit)

Overcoming yourself and your fears, the path to dream and fame - this is the story you will see when watching a musical drama film with a release date in 2018 (in Russia 2019) - “Behind a Dream”: the actors are known, the trailer for the movie is available for viewing. Can an ordinary provincial girl succeed and become a celebrity?


Teen spirit


Genre: musical, drama

Producer: Max Mingella

World Release Date: September 7, 2018

Premiere in the Russian Federation: June 20, 2019

Cast: El Fanning, Rebecca Hall, Millie Brady, Elizabeth Burrington, Victoria Faith, Ria Zmitrovich, Olivia Grant, Zlatko Buric, John Lock, Ruairi O'Connor and others.

This is the story of an ordinary girl who decided to transgress through her fears and bring her dream to life ...


Violet is a shy teenager who dreams of escaping from his small town and realizing his main passion - singing. With the help of an unsuccessful mentor, she participates in a local singing contest, which will test her honesty, talent and ambition. Based on the pop soundtrack, Teen Spirit is a new and stylish incarnation of the famous Cinderella story.

Director and crew

On January 30, 2017, it was announced that actor Max Mingella (The Ides of March, Elvis and Anabelle, Agora, Social Network, The Handmaid's Tale) will become both the director and screenwriter for the film For the Dream . It also became known that the film will be presented to customers at the European film market in Berlin next month (in February 2017).

Max minghella

The producers are Max Mingella, Jamie Bell ("Dear Wendy", "Chambscrabber", "Teleport", "Jane Eyre", "Billy Elliot", "Dirt"), Michael S. Constable ("Final Score", "Last Portrait" , Golem, Firefight, Stopped Life). And the operator was Otem Dyrald, known for the film "Palo Alto". Composer - Marius De Vries (La La Land, Forbidden, Strange Enchantment, Easy Behavior).

The main filming process took place in 2017 in London, England. In September 2018, the first teaser trailer was released.

Fred Berger and Matt Kumin at an event for Teen Spirit (2018)


The film involved such actors as:

  • El fanning in the role of Violet ("The Disappearance of Sidney Hall", "Maleficent", "Phoebe in Wonderland", "Lost Room");
  • Rebecca Hall ("Vicki, Cristina, Barcelona", "City of Wolves", "Iron Man 3", "Prestige");
  • Millie Brady in the role of Anastasia ("Sword of King Arthur", "Legend", "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies", "The Last Kingdom");
  • Elizabeth Burrington in the role of Lorraine (Poirot, Black Mirror, Doctor Who, Dead and Alive);
  • Ria Zmitrovich in the role of Haley ("Kill your friends", "Operation Ball Lightning");
  • Olivia Grant ("Sex education", "Uncle", "Edge");
  • Zlatko Burich ("Kursk", "Big jackpot", "Dealer");
  • John lock in the role of Jerry ("Climbing Jupiter");
  • Ruairi O'Connor;
  • Victoria Faith.


English users rated the movie at 6.7. On the site Rotten tomato they write about him like this:

  • The project of Max Mingella is so bold and delightful that he refuses to compromise on both sides - a sweet pop performance, at the same time proud and not afraid to be yourself.
  • Despite the not-so-original narrative, Mingella's sharp look at the details enriches the film with a warm acquaintance of the audience.
  • Teen Spirit is a celebration of frank energy and the charm of a very specific dream machine.

Zlatko Buric, Elle Fanning, Max Minghella, Dave Karger, and Clara Rugaard at an event for Teen Spirit (2018)

But these quotes are taken from a review Hollywood reporter:

  • Elle Fanning speaks Polish a few lines (quite convincingly) and shows a good singing voice, playing a shy village girl.
  • The music, as the stand-alone soundtrack that you expect from such a film, is well composed by composer Marius de Friesem and music director Stephen Jizicki.

Zlatko Buric, Elle Fanning, Max Minghella, Fred Berger, Olive Gray, and Ursula Holliday at an event for Teen Spirit (2018)

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • This project is a debut for director Max Mingella;
  • The plot has strong parallels with the film "Flash Dance" (1983) and even the title track "Flashdance ... What a Feeling" from this movie is also used in this project.
  • The film premiered at the TIFF Festival in Toronto.

In 2019, the Russian release date for the film with famous actors “Her Smell”, released in 2018, is set, the trailer of which is freely available. It will be a real discovery for the viewer, especially suitable for teenagers who are afraid to take a step on the path to their own dreams.

Watch the video: Teen SpiriT I - There is still a dream (December 2019).