Micronesian Blues

Virtually nothing is known about the 2019 series "Micronesian Blues": neither the release date, nor the actors, and even the trailer has not yet been released. But the viewer was provided with plot details, and also announced the name of the main actor - Patrick Dempsey. The series will tell about the harsh realities of Micronesia, where a former military man, and now a teacher, arrived to help the local police with training new recruits.

Micronesian blues


Genre: crime, drama, thriller

Producer: Greg Yaytans

World Release: 2019

Cast: Patrick Dempsey

The idea for the project is based on real events: the story of a Los Angeles policeman, Brian Wil, a former marine who fought in Vietnam once.


The series tells the story of a Los Angeles policeman who takes a teaching job teaching young recruits in Micronesia. But he did not know that, setting off, it would seem, for peaceful work, he would be drawn into a bloody war between the local mafia, lawless mercenaries and dishonest agents of the CIA.

Director and shooting

Co-creator of Banshee and screenwriter of Vinyl (since 2016), executive producer Jonathan Troper and other executive producer, as well as project director Greg Yaitans, collaborate with Patrick Dempsey, a graduate of Anatomy of Passion, to produce his dramatic and criminal film project . As already mentioned, Troper and Yaitans will be the executive producer along with Dempsey and his partner and producer manager Joannie Burstein, Shifting Gears Productions. Justin Franklin's company will be a co-producer.

The 2013–2016 Banshee television series that Troper created with David Shikler and Yaitans as the director of the pilot episode was a breakthrough for Cinemax and gained a lot of fans.

Jonathan tropper

Yaytans is also the director and executive producer of the upcoming Cinemax Quarry series, and for Discovery, he is developing the real crime drama Manifesto. The director is also known for such projects as: "Lost" (2004-2010), "House" (2004-2012), "Escape" (2005-2017), "Heroes" (2006-2010); and Trapper also wrote the script for the 2014 Sean Levy movie, "That's Where I Leave You," taking ideas from his own novel.

The exact release date of the series is still unknown.

Greg yaitanes

Actors and roles

It is known that the main role will be played by the star of "Anatomy of Passion" Patrick Dempsey, a two-time nominee for the Golden Globe. At a young age, he received an invitation to audition for the stage production of Torch Song Trilogy, which led to the discovery of Patrick Dempsey as an actor. The audition went just fine, and Patrick toured with the rest of the Philadelphia project for the next four months. Dempsey also played a significant role in the production of "On the Golden Pond", and also played the role of Timmy (the role of Martin Sheen) in the 1990 remake of The Subject Was Roses with John Mahoney and Dana Ivey in the lead roles of Roundabout Theater Company in New York.

Dempsey received significant public attention for the role of Dr. Derek Shepard (McDrimie) in the drama Anatomy of Passion in collaboration with Ellen Pompeo. Before getting the role, Dempsey auditioned for the role of Dr. Chase in another medical show - "House". He also appeared in two spin-off episodes of the series "Private Practice".

In January 2014, he signed a two-year contract to participate in Anatomy of Passion, but in 2015 the actor left the show that made him famous.

It remains to wait for the official release date and release of the trailer for the 2019 series "Micronesian Blues", one of the actors of which is Patrick Dempsey. This crime drama will be filled with cruel events that once really happened.

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