Black Flies

On February 1, 2019, the shooting of the film "Black Flies" began with a release date in 2020, some actors are already known; The trailer still needs to wait for the trailer, since at the moment the movie is in pre-production status. The drama tells about a physician who will have to face the horrors of New York streets.

Black flies


Genre: drama

Producer: Jean-Stefan Sauveur

World Premiere: 2020

Cast: Mel Gibson, Tai Sheridan

This is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Shannon Burke.


The story is based on the life of a young ambulance paramedic - Ollie Cross, who has been at work for only the first year. He collaborates with Rutkovsky (Gibson), an experienced physician who guides Ollie into the harsh realities of the streets of New York. Amid high crime rates, homelessness and widespread drug use, Ollie begins to rethink her view of life and death.

Director and shooting

Mad River Pictures finances and produces the film along with Christopher Kopp ("Wounds" 2019), Laken Toch ("Possessing You" 2013, "Until I Fade" 2014, "In the Shadow" 2016), Babak Anvari ("What Happened to Adam ? "2005," Two plus two "2011," In the Shadow "2016) and Anthony Katagas, winner of the Oscars (" Living Winter "2005," Mystification "2006," Moments of Life "2007," 12 Years of Slavery "2013, "Nerve" 2016). Tate Sheridan, the lead actor, will also be the producer of the film. The production of the film is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2019. The CAA and WME are considering consideration of film rights in the United States, and IMR International will begin selling in Berlin next week.

The director of the film project was Jean-Stefan Sauveur, owner of the "Palm Branch" award of the Cannes Film Festival for the film "Johnny - the Mad Dog" (2008). Also one of his latest works is “Fights without rules” (2017). The script was written by Ryan King, an actor who starred in the projects: "The Assassin" (2013), "Consistency" (2013).

Actors and roles

At the moment, little is known about the cast: the main roles will be performed by Mel Gibson and Tai Sheridan. Mel Gibson is a well-known Hollywood actor, winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor in the film "Braveheart" 1996, as well as a nominee for the same award for the project "For Conscience" in 2017. His work includes projects such as : "Deadly weapons" (1987), "Maverick" (1994), "Signs" (2002), "Real Savages" (2004-2005), "Apocalypse" (2006), "Machete kills" (2013). And Tai Sheridan is known for his roles in the films: The Tree of Life (2010), Mad (2012), Temptation Days (2015), X-Men: Apocalypse (2016), First Player Get Ready (2018) .

The viewer has to wait until the creators release the trailer, announce the exact release date and the actors of the 2020 film "Black Flies." The drama should turn out to be quite relevant today, because it will show the dark side of large cities.

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