King of Thieves

What if in the past you were incredibly popular and in demand as ... a scammer? Now you are already at a respectable age, and many would say that you are no longer fit for the role of a thief, but it wasn’t there, because good old friends are always happy to help! It was they who helped to commit the crime of the century to the protagonist of the movie "King of Thieves" of 2018, reviews of which you will find by reading our review.

The rating of the film is estimated at 5.3, according to the version of the site "KinoPoisk".


King of thieves

United Kingdom

Genre: crime drama

Producer: James marsh

World Premiere: September 12, 2018

Digital Release: February 28, 2019

Cast: Michael Gambon, Charlie Cox, Michael Kane, Jim Broadbent, Ray Winston, Tom Courtney, Francesca Annis, Kelly Shirley, Paul Whitehouse, Bernardo Santos and others.


Once he was a famous thief - his youth passed, but the 77-year-old widower Brian Reader does not despair - he gathers a group of criminals (not at all suited to each other) to arrange a robbery with hacking of the Hatton Garden Safe bank. Fraudsters, who are 60 and 70 years old, with the exception of one, use their old-school thieves' skills to plan a robbery for the weekend before Easter. Posing as gas workers, they penetrate the storehouse, neutralize alarms and drill a hole in the wall of the safe. Two days later, they manage to escape with allegedly stolen jewelry and money worth more than £ 14 million. When the police are called to the scene, and the investigation begins, disagreement begins between the gang members: they argue about how to share the goods, while completely forgetting about trusting each other.

Meanwhile, the crime became public, and the audience of the United Kingdom, with bated breath, watching the investigation.


Director and shooting

The crew:

  • The project was directed by James Marsh, winner of the Academy Award for Best Documentary - Man on the Wire (2009). Also among his popular works include: the series "Arena" (since 1975), "King" (2005), "Stephen Hawking's Universe" (2014), "Race of the Century" (2018);
  • The script was played by Joe Penhall (Voices 2000, Patient Love 2004, Road 2009, The Mind Hunter since 2017) and Mark Sheale;
  • Musical accompaniment - Benjamin Wallfish, nominee for the Golden Globe (2017). Among his popular projects are: Dear Wendy (2005), Conquering Time (2012), Crimson Field (2014).

Actors and roles

The shooting was attended by quite famous Hollywood "old school", but in addition to them in the cast there are a couple of names unfamiliar to our viewer:

  • Michael Kane reincarnated as Brian Reader (Prestige, Batman: The Beginning, Survival Game, Interstellar);

    Michael caine

  • Jim Broadbent reincarnated as Terry Perkins (Moulin Rouge, Gangs of New York, Cloud Atlas);

    Jim broadbent

  • Tom Courtney played John Kenny Collins (Costumer, Billy Liar, Baby Dorrit);

    Tom courtenay

  • The role of Vasily was made by Charlie Cox ("Stardust", "Stephen Hawking's Universe", "Daredevil");

    Charlie cox

  • Carla Wood was played by Paul Whitehouse (Ghost Stories, Catherine Tate Show);

    Paul whitehouse

  • Michael Gambon appeared in the role of Billy "Fish" Lincoln ("Empty Crown", "Sleepy Hollow", "Emma");

    Michael gambon

  • Ray Winston played Danny Jones (Robin from Sherwood, Cold Mountain, Great Expectations, King Arthur);

    Ray winstone

  • Francesca Annis played Lin Reader (Macbeth, Jane Eyre, Tales from the Crypt);

    Francesca annis

  • In the role of Terry Robinson appeared Kelly Shirley ("Call Midwife", "Purely English murder");

    Kellie shirley

  • Bernardo Santos (Crown) also took part in the film.

    Bernardo santos

The 2018 King of Thieves drama can be watched online from February 28, 2019.


Despite such a relatively low rating, our viewers liked the drama. They speak of her like this (

  • "The plot is not new, the acting is amazing, the musical accompaniment is simply gorgeous, this picture deserves the top five. I definitely advise you to watch it;"
  • “The film received a rather slippery score of 6/10 world rating points, but at the same time it did not cease to be an excellent crime drama. And all this thanks to the excellent acting work of Michael Kane ...";
  • "In general, a good crime drama. I liked it very much with its plot and picture. Sometimes I was very worried about the hero, and so the film is very good."

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The robbery shown in the film was actually committed in 2015 in London;
  • Ray Winston, who plays Danny Jones in the film, went to the same school as the real Danny Jones;
  • The retro shot of young Ray Winston, shown at the end of the film, was taken from the 1979 SCUM movie.

Let the rating not bother you - the reviews for the movie "King of Thieves" in 2019 are quite pleasant, therefore, if you are a lover of good crime dramas, then we recommend watching this movie online.

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