Triple Threat

The release date of the movie “Triple Threat” (2019) became known - the best modern actors of the militants will show what they are capable of on February 28, 2019. Spectators will be able to enjoy the classic action movie, in which we will talk about three fighters who went into circulation, but did not lose their skills. They are ready to do anything to remove those who stand in their way from the road.

Rating paintings by KinoPoisk is 98%. The world premiere of "Triple Threat" will take place on the last day of winter - February 28, 2019.


Triple threat

USA, Thailand, China

Genre: action thriller

Directing: Jesse Johnson

World movie premiere: February 28, 2019

With the participation: Tony Ja, Ico Wise, Tiger Chen, Scott Edkins, Selina Jade, Michael Jay White

Rating of expectations (KinoPoisk): 98%

Story line

In the center of the plot are trinity, famous in the past, and now retired, hand-to-hand combat masters. Billionaire hires them to ensure the safety of his daughter. Her life is at stake - in her wake are the killers hired by a criminal drugartel because the girl’s father threatens to hand over the criminals to the police and reveal all their cards.

But as you know, fighters are never former, and they are able to defend their ward and repulse hired killers, even despite disagreements with each other.

Director and filming process

The film was directed by Jesse Johnson, the author of the sensational TV series "Detective Nash Bridges" and the action movie "Pit Bull" with Dominic Vandenberg in the title role.

Joey O'Brien, who had previously worked on the Hitman Profession and Target Shooting, and Paul Staheli, known for his Dangerous Dive, acted as screenwriter for the new action movie.


The three-man action starring Triple Threat will feature an impressive trinity of actors - Tony Ja, Iko Wise and Tiger Chen. Tony J has many excellent crime thrillers on his account, such as Dragon Honor, the seventh part of Fast and the Furious and Ong Bak. No less famous is Iko Wise, who is familiar to domestic viewers on the films Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Skyline 2. Closes the three main characters Tiger Chen, a martial artist who starred in Kung Fu Traveler and Tai Chi Master.

Interesting Facts

Spectators awaiting the action movie will be interested in the fact that at the initial stage of filming it was planned that Chad Stahelsky, who shot the John Wick trilogy at the time, would act as the director of the Triple Threat, but it was later decided that the director's work would be performed by Jesse Johnson, who.

Fans of martial arts and action movies with a classic plot are united in their opinion: the film is worth watching, and the promising trailer only reinforced this conclusion. An interesting plot, well-coordinated work of the director and screenwriters, good actors - all this is the new film “The Three Threats” (2019), the release date of which is scheduled for February 28.

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