Major Thunder: Plague Doctor

Marvel and DC Studios are world famous for comic book films. However, does something come to mind when it comes to cinema, which is based on comics made in Russia? The release date of the film “Major Thunder: The Plague Doctor” will be known in 2019, the actors have not yet been officially announced, and the film itself is one of the first representatives of this film industry in the post-Soviet space. But viewers have high hopes for the picture, as indicated by 98% of positive expectations at KinoPoisk.



Genre: action, adventure, movie about superheroes

Producer: Vladimir Besedin

Premiere in Russia: october 2019

Actors: Alexander Gorbatov, Oleg Chugunov

The film was shot on the basis of Russian comics by Bubble Studios, which is currently the largest publishing house in Russia.


The film was based on the comic strip of the same name about Igor Grom. He lives in an alternative version of modern St. Petersburg and serves in the police.

In 2017, the studio’s first short film was released, in which Thunder appears as the main character: he does not wear a special costume, does not differ in superpower and does not make loud, overly pathos speech like most American superheroes. But even without all this, Igor has a heightened sense of justice - he helps to arrest masked bandits who attacked the bank from the old Soviet cartoon.

The first story arch called “Plague Doctor” fell into the full-length picture. A video appears on the Internet from a user with a pseudonym from the Middle Ages who announces that modern Russia has the plague, and this plague is corrupt power and the lawlessness of the rich. However, he, like a real Plague Doctor, declares war on them. The main character and his partner Dmitry Dubin have to investigate the killings that swept through the city and understand whose face is hidden behind a black frightening mask.

Director and shooting

The short prequel “Major Thunder” became for Bubble Studios a breakdown of the pen. However, it gained popularity, and in 2017, the creators announced the start of work on “Plague Doctor”. The film was directed by Vladimir Besedkin.

Initially, “Major Thunder” was planned to be shot with American actors in English (a teaser, for example, was shot in English and duplicated in Russian), but after long discussions with foreign partners, they came to the conclusion that it would still be more familiar for the Russian audience to see their compatriots on the big screen, and this audience is important for the creators in the first place.

The picture takes place in St. Petersburg, and the creators took the interiors of St. Petersburg as the basis for the scenery, however, they had to geographically and visually change some places so that the hero looked organic in them, and not funny. They did a lot of the surroundings of the hero themselves: signs, kiosks, stops.


The main role of the police officer Igor Grom will be played by Alexander Gorbatov, the boy - Oleg Chugunov.

In 2017, when it announced the creation of a new film, an open casting was also held. According to the creators, one could even try for key and main roles.

What you need to know about the film

Interesting Facts:

  • In the teaser Chumny, the doctor invites everyone who is unhappy with the Russian authorities to launch a paper airplane in protest. It is interesting that on April 22 in most Russian cities a similar action was held in support of the free Internet, the impetus for which was the blocking of the popular Telegram messenger. It was on this day that the studio officially announced that “Major Thunder: The Plague Doctor” will be released in 2019;
  • Both on the set of the short film and on the set of the teaser, the quadrocopter to which the camera was attached was disabled. The producer of both paintings, Artyom Gabrelyanov, ironically remarked that this was becoming traditional;
  • The teaser itself received a large number of positive reviews and was even compared to films about Spider-Man of the early 2000s.

The trailer for the film “Major Thunder: The Plague Doctor” will be released in 2019, and from there fans will be able to find out the actors and the release date of the film itself. Whether he will disappoint or become a new step in a genre unusual for Russia, the viewer has yet to figure out.

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