We do not say goodbye to the bewitching world of Middle-earth. Ahead of the series “The Lord of the Rings” from Amazon, but for now you can watch the biographical film “Tolkien” (release date - May 3, 2019) about the creator of this universe - John Ronald Ruelle Tolkien, the cast and trailer are presented below.

Rating expectation films - 99%.




Genre:biographical, drama

Producer:Karukoski House

World Premiere: May 3, 2019

Premiere in the Russian Federation: 2019 year

Cast:L. Collins, N. Holt, J. O'Reilly, M. Keane, Pam Ferris, C. Roberts, D. Jacoby, C. Mini, L. Donnelly, P. Gibson

Life turned into a fairy tale

We are used to talking about Tolkien as a person who from scratch created the whole world on the pages of his books. For many years it was considered the most thoughtful among all other fantastic worlds, given the huge number of toponyms and character names (in any case, until a series of fantasy novels appeared "A Song of Ice and Fire by George Martin. But, as you know, all writers write to themselves. Even in Middle-earth, much was dictated by real events in John's life.

The first frames from the biographical film "Tolkien"

The image of the beautiful elven Arwen, which can only be returned after the war is over, was dictated by the relationship of the writer with Edith Brett. The love of Tolkien's whole life will become his wife only after the end of World War I, which interrupted a happy childhood. And not only separation interfered with the union. The age difference (Edith is three years older) and the desire of the girl’s parents (here is Elrond) to find her a rich husband, not an orphan guy ... (You can draw a parallel not only with Arwen and Aragorn, but also with Beren and Lúthien from the book "The Silmarillion ").

Frame from the film “The Lord of the Rings: The Commonwealth of the Ring”

Perform roles
We learn from the film that Samway Gamga, Frodo's loyal friend, had a prototype in Tolkien's life. His colleague was also called Sam. Together, they traveled the hard road of war. The real Sam will be played by Welsh actor Craig Roberts ("Submarine", TV series "Skimmers")and Edith Brett - Lily Collins (actress and daughter of singer Phil Collins). She is known to us from the movie."Tarzan".

Anglo-American actress Lily Collins will play Tolkien's lover

Well, the role of the writer himself in his youth will be performed by Nicholas Holt. The actor was remembered for many Hollywood blockbusters from the movie epic "X-Men" before "The heat of our bodies" and "Jack - the conqueror of giants".  Of course, I would like to see in the end of the film and the elderly professor Tolkien with a pipe in his mouth blowing smoke rings with Gandalf's agility (see the beginning of the book"Hobbit"). But nothing is known about this yet.

But it is known that in the plot of the biopic, Father Francis Xavier Morgan, who played a significant role in life, will be involved. "father of orcs and hobbits". The priest raised John and the brothers while they grew up in a boarding school after the death of his father. Without this initial training, there would not have been a further brilliant Tolkien career at Oxford. He would not undertake to invent a new language (Quenian. This language of elves is studied by the most fanatical Tolkienists on the basis of real dictionaries) and would not create a whole world around him. The priest will play the Irish actor Colm Mini (TV series "Star Trek: The Next Generation").

Nicholas Holt will play Tolkien in his youth

Looking for parallels

Watch movie"Tolkien" The Finnish director House Karukoski will be interesting also because acquaintance with the author’s biography will shed light on a lot. To find out what other friends of the writer were placed in the magical world, you do not have to study volumes of the official biography and letters of the professor.

Here are a few more references. As a signalman in the British army, Tolkien took part in the battle on the Somme River in 1916. There the British, for the first time in history, used tanks. The use of scientific progress to the death of mankind (from tanks and mortars to chemical weapons) stirred the soul of the writer. Apparently from here the destructive fascination of the magician Saruman came from machines ...

We also remember from the films of Peter Jackson that Frodo finished the writings of his uncle Bilbo and added his own to them. A similar situation occurred in real life. Tolkien’s son, Christopher Tolkien, did titanic work on his father’s drafts. A book would not have been published without him. "Unfinished tales" and others. The series from Amazon will be filmed just on the basis of the drafts finalized by the son of J.R.R.Tolkien. The release date of the biography film "Tolkien" is scheduled for May 3, 2019, the actors are known, and the trailer is also available for viewing.

Watch the video: TOLKIEN. Trailer 2. FOX Searchlight (April 2020).