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On January 11, 2019, the first season of the British comedy-drama series entitled "Sex Education" was released, which you can watch online right now! It was announced by Netflix.

His rating on KinoPoisk was 7.8, and on IMDb - 8.6. Age limit 18+.

“Sex Education” Season 1 - watch online


Original name: "Sex education"

A country: USA, UK

Genre: comedy, drama

Producer: Kate Herron, Ben Taylor

Release date in the world and in Russia: January 11, 2019

In the series involved: Asa Butterfield (Otis), Gilian Anderson (mother of Otis), Emma McKee (Maeve) and others.

The events of the 1st season of the series “Sex Education” tell us about the quiet, shy teenager Otis, who is still a virgin, because he cannot, due to his modesty, make contact with the opposite sex. After the divorce of his parents, he stayed with his mother, a sex therapist, who became interested in his problems. Soon, Otis himself comes up with a brilliant solution to solve his problems - he teams up with his classmate-tear-up Maeve and creates a kind of circle where teenagers with similar problems can come.

The director's chair was taken by Kate Herron and Ben Taylor. Both are very young, and do not have particularly high-profile projects. You can find out Kate n projects: "Fan Girl" (2016), "Smear" (2017). Ben is more experienced in the production of series, his films include: "Spy" (2011-2012), "Catastrophe" (from 2015), "Divorce" (2016).

The composer was Oli Julian, already familiar with Ben Taylor, also known for his projects: “Spy” (2011-2012), “Cohabitants” (2016), “City Legends” (since 2017).

The cast is filled with well-known figures in the film industry:

  • One of them is Ace Butterfield, an English actor who plays the main character. He is known for such projects as Ender's Game (2013), Miss Peregrine's House of Weird Children (2016), Space Between Us (2017);
  • The mother of the protagonist, a sex therapist, was played by Gillian Anderson, the owner of many film awards and awards. The role of agent Dana Scully in the series The X-Files brought her popularity.

Watch season 1 of the series Sex Education 2019 is already free and in good quality. We hope you enjoy it!

Watch the video: Sex Ed the Series Episode 1 - "This Is Sex Ed" (April 2020).