Madonna: The Birth of a Legend (Madonna and the Breakfast Club)

She is considered a pop diva, an icon of style. The release date for the movie Madonna and the Breakfast Club (2018) is set for February 28, 2019, and millions of fans around the world are looking forward to this day.

The motion picture will tell an interesting and exciting real story about how the dancer Louise Ciccone, unknown to anyone in 1979, became a world star - Madonna.

Is the path to resounding success easy? Is the life of a woman who is admired by billions of fans easy? Which imitate? Whose victories and defeats await with undisguised interest? This and much more will be discussed in the film by Guy Guido.

Story line

In the film, we will talk about the first difficult years of the formation of Louise Ciccone. The girl, who survived a poor youth and a series of personal upheavals, initially did not intend to become a singer at all. Back in 1979, Madonna acted as a dancer. Then she tried herself as a drummer for the Breakfast Club. According to the team, even then the ambitiousness and pressure of the future star did not allow her to just sit on the drums in the background. Madonna simply did not know how to settle on what had been achieved: first, the girl mastered the guitar, and then she understood that she should become a vocalist.

It is about such women that made herself say.

We can say that the plot of the film “Madonna: The Birth of a Legend” (2018) is the story of modern Cinderella, setting an example for young ambitious creative people and telling them that nothing is impossible.

The genre of the film can be defined as documentary, biographical, and musical. But above all, this film is the story of the life and creative success of one talented woman.

Cast and Shooting

It is noteworthy that almost all actors, starring in the film, not too well-known to Russian viewers. Young Louise Ciccone was played by Jamie Old, who had not previously acted in films. The girl not only has a striking resemblance to Madonna in her youth, but also possesses, according to the members of the film crew, the stunning charisma characteristic of a pop diva.

Denise Juhos, who starred in the popular American television series Billions, played the mother of the star. The role of Madonna's father was played by the Croatian actor Oscar Pavel, who played episodic roles in "Ocean's 8 Friends", the series "Gotham" and many short films. Also involved in the film is Jordan Lowenstein, who starred in the TV series "Two."

Interesting Facts

Guy Guido acted as a director and screenwriter. The film was shot in an interesting manner, it combines elements of the feature and documentary films. The members of Breakfast Club play themselves, recalling the times of the formation of Madonna's career.

Until February 28, 2019, fans of pop divas can only revise the trailer, but soon they will have an interesting and long-awaited premiere, thanks to which they will surely learn a lot about their idol and the beginning of her triumphant climb to the musical Olympus.

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