Dog Movies

Dogs are the most faithful and devoted human beings from the whole huge number of animals in the animal world. Only they can imitate their owners, delight them and make a drop of confusion in people's lives. The man not only tamed his pet, a guide, but also got his best friend. Only dogs can sacrifice their lives to save their master. Therefore, it will be interesting for each person to watch the best films about dogs, which will present many pleasures and touching moments.

Of the new products, it is worth noting the painting “The Way Home” (2019) and the cartoon “Royal Corgi” (2019).

50th place - Super Dog

original name - Underdog.

release date - August 3, 2007.

Genre - fiction, fantasy, action, comedy, adventure, family.

Producer - Frederick Do Chow.

Actors - Jason Lee, Peter Dinklage, James Belushi, Patrick Warburton, Alex Neuberger.

Duration - 84 minutes / 01:24.

Rating IMDb - 4.80.

Rating Cinema Search - 5.391.

It is this film that opens the top of the best films about dogs, because it is filled with good-natured humor, supernatural abilities and fascinating travels that will surely interest not only adults, but also their children.

The plot revolves around the life of a puppy named Shine, who became a victim of experiments, as a result of which the animal acquired the ability of super-dog value. Once barely free, this super-dog almost dies under the wheels of Dan Anger's car, which takes him to his house.

The little puppy becomes the pet of John - Dan's son. The boy and the dog do not like and do not trust each other, but everything changes immediately after the boy learns about the brilliance of Glitter. These two tomboys decide to become secret protectors of the inhabitants of the city. The list of saved people is growing exponentially, the strength of the hero’s puppy is only getting stronger. And ahead of him the most dangerous and responsible mission awaits him, his friends will help him cope with it.

A beautiful presentation of a long-beloved story about superheroes, but only now the main role went to the most faithful and faithful creature - the dog.

49th place - Marmadyuk

original name - Marmaduke.

release date - May 27, 2010.

Genre - comedy, family.

Producer - Tom Day.

Actors - Owen Wilson, Emma Stone, George Lopez, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Steve Coogan.

Duration - 87 minutes / 01:27.

Rating IMDb - 4.2.

Movie Search Rating - 5.68.

The protagonist - a dog named Marmadyuk - lives in a very friendly family that loves fun and comfort. Marmadyuk is simply unbelievably huge dog and he has the most devoted and best friend Carlos - a cat, with whom they are practically inseparable. Suddenly, the peaceful existence of these pets disrupts the Phil family’s move to sunny California, where not only family members have to settle in unusual places, Marmadyuk and his bosom friend Carlos themselves will have a hard time. In this city, they will make friends and the worst enemies, and friends will establish joint borders of their possessions by joint efforts.

This film is able to please the viewer with good nature, sparkling humor and family comfort. Anyone who decides to watch this comedy will have a lot of laughter and a bewitching mood.

48th place - On Christmas Eve

original name - One Christmas Eve.

release date - November 30, 2014.

Genre - family.

Producer - Jay Russell.

Actors - Anne Heche, Brian T, Alice Skovbay, Juan Carlos Velis, Paul Andrich.

Duration - 86 minutes / 01:26.

Rating IMDb - 6.4.

Movie Search Rating - 6.03.

A touching story about how a fluffy ball of incredible happiness can change the fate of people. A story about the vicissitudes of fate and Christmas surprises that break down barriers and give a chance for the fulfillment of cherished desires.

So a cute lop-eared puppy, wrapped by the previous owner in a beautiful package, was left in the huge hall of the shopping center, where the store employees find him and decide to attach him to the house with good people. The honor of this important task fell to a guy named Caesar. And an hour after the coin is thrown, a box with a fluffy animal will fall into the walls of a luxurious mansion of the Naee Blackmore family, who is a single mother of 2 children. And from that moment on, the whole life of her family will change for the better.

47th place - The Mystical Five

original name - Spooky Buddies.

release date - September 20, 2011.

Genre - fantasy, family.

Producer - Robert Vince.

Actors - Tucker Albritzi, Didrich Bader, Ameco Ex Mass Carroll, Max Charles.

Duration - 88 minutes / 01:28.

Rating IMDb - 4.8.

Movie Search Rating - 6.03.

A colorful fairy-tale comedy, which the director dated to the Day of All Saints and filled the atmosphere of the film not only with the touching beauty of the dogs, but also with the presence of otherworldly forces inherent in the spirit of Disney. This is one of the few films that can be viewed in the family circle and be sure that it will definitely appeal to all members of a large family.

In the center of the plot of this film about dogs, which entered the top of the best, are puppies. They suddenly ended up in a suburban mansion, where strange incidents began to occur, in which an evil sorcerer named Warwick was involved. This evil creature was imbued with the idea of ​​the universal destruction of peace and harmony, but the brave and brave puppy children decided to stop it at all costs.

46th place - Show winners

original name - Best in Show.

release date - September 8, 2000.

Genre - comedy.

Producer - Christopher Guest.

Actors - Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy, Katherine O'Hara, John Michael Higgins, Michael McKean.

Duration - 90 minutes / 01:30.

Rating IMDb - 7.5.

Movie Search Rating - 6.13.

The educational film, which has been included in the list of best films about dogs, tells the story of several owners of these devoted, intelligent pets, who arrive in the bright city of Philadelphia to participate in the Mayflower dog show. In the course of the program, various interviews and acquaintances between the participants are carried out, which step by step reveal their secrets. The entire film shows the depth of affection and love between owners and their dogs.

45th place - Scooby-Doo

original name - Scooby-Doo.

release date - June 8, 2002.

Genre - fantasy, comedy, detective, adventure, family.

Producer - Raja Gosnell.

Actors - Freddy Prince Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar, Matthew Lillard, Linda Cardellini, Isla Fisher.

Duration - 86 minutes / 01:26.

Rating IMDb - 5.0.

Movie Search Rating - 5.94.

Heroes' investigative firm broke up. But suddenly they go to a mysterious island, each in splendid isolation, but fate brings them together again, because the matter that they have to solve is filled with mysticism and mysterious incidents.

The employer - a rich man and the owner of a fashionable resort - summoned the heroes, because tourists often began to complain that they see strange and scary creatures. This began to threaten the prosperity of his business and he promised a substantial reward if experienced mystical hunters can figure out the reason for such a strange paranormal activity. Scooby-Doo again has to fulfill an unrealistic mission and rally the broken team, because only together they can defeat otherworldly enemies and not allow them to break into our world.

44th place - Shaggy Christmas trees

release date - January 29, 2015.

Genre - family comedy.

Producer - Maxim Sveshnikov.

Actors - Andrey Merzlikin, Jan Tsapnik, Lera Strelyaeva, Galina Konshina, Femme Fatale.

Duration - 86 minutes / 01:26.

Rating IMDb - 4.8.

Movie Search Rating - 5.03.

This film about dogs from our list continues the story shown in one of the parts of the acclaimed "Elok", where the owners separated two dogs in love with each other. The picture takes place against the background of the city of Samara, where an ordinary girl Nastya lives with her dogs. One day the girl leaves the city, heading with her grandmother to rainy Peter, and leaves her doggie in a specialized hotel. But Yoko and the Pirate themselves were extremely confused and were very unhappy with this act of their mistress, in connection with which, at the first opportunity, they left the walls of the establishment and went straight to their house, where in their opinion a lot of food and a wide master bed awaited them .

But as soon as they cross the threshold of their native home, the pets understand that soon their house will become the object of robbery of two very experienced and ruthless housekeepers.

43rd place - Cats versus dogs

original name - Cats & Dogs.

release date - June 23, 2001.

Genre - fantasy, action, comedy, family.

Producer - Lawrence Guterman.

Actors - Jeff Goldblum, Elizabeth Perkins, Alexander Pollock, Miriam Margulis.

Duration - 87 minutes / 01:27.

Rating IMDb - 5.1.

Movie Search Rating - 6.02.

The original detective story, where the main characters are pets. Cats confront dogs that try their best to save humanity from destruction.

In this full-length demi-fighter, instead of the beloved agent 007, there is a dog named Lu, who goes through many traps and ingenious inventions of the evil genius of the cat, Mickter Tinkles. This film contains parody references to famous paintings, which are ridiculed subtly and qualitatively. And the children will be curious to watch such unusual actions that are not at all characteristic of their so beloved pets.

42 place - Finding Santa Lapusa

Original title - The Search for Santa Paws.

release date - November 9, 2010.

Genre - fantasy, adventure, family.

Producer - Robert Vince.

Actors - Reese Alexander, Didrich Bader, Sugar Binyaz, Danny Woodburn, Jean Bos, Ameco Ex Mass Carroll.

Duration - 93 minutes / 01:33.

Rating IMDb - 5.8.

Rating TOForeign Search - 6.84.

On Christmas Eve, even the most unexpected surprises and meetings can happen. Santa Claus is presented with a toy puppy as a gift. A magic icicle accidentally hits him and he comes to life. The good grandfather gave him the name Lapus and took him on a trip to help him deliver gifts, but suddenly in huge New York the baby was lost and Santa fell into despair. Now it depends only on the dog whether children around the world will have Christmas. And for this he must, at all costs, find his master, which is not so easy to do while in such a huge metropolis. But here several friends come to the rescue, who fill the film with comedy and unexpected moments.

41 place - Who would say 3

original name - Look Who's Talking Now.

release date - November 5, 1993.

Genre - melodrama, comedy, family.

Producer - Tom Ropelevsky.

Actors - John Travolta, Kirsty Ellie, David Gallagher, Tabitha Lupien, Lysette Anthony.

Duration - 96 minutes / 01:36.

Rating IMDb - 4.3.

Movie Search Rating- 6.67.

Mike and Julia grew up and now their actions have become even more perspicacious, and dirty tricks do not give parents a single minute of calm time. Together with their favorites - the two cutest little dogs - these tomboys are leisurely, but surely just destroy everything inside the house. Two doggie can talk perfectly, but they are heard only on the other side of the screen.

This film was included in the list of the best films about dogs, not only for leprosy dogs and young children. There is drama here. After all, the relationship between parents is in the balance, a little more and they will be ready to part. Will the four desperate friends save the situation, or will two children be left without a father?

40th place - White God

original name - Fehér isten.

release date - May 17, 2014.

Genre - horror, fantasy, thriller, drama.

Producer - Cornel Mundruzo.

Actors - Zofia Psotta, Sandor Joter, Lily Horvath, Sabolch Turozi, Lily Monory, Gergei Banks.

Duration - 121 minutes / 02:01.

Rating IMDb - 6.9.

Movie Search Rating - 6.65.

Dogs are creatures that can not only touch and bring laughter, they are able to empathize, to go through with their owners through the most difficult and sometimes dramatic moments in their lives. This story tells about the relationship between a teenage girl and her dog, who follows her everywhere and helps in making difficult decisions.

Dog Hagen is very attached to Lily, and when, as a result of an unforeseen and long trip from her mother, the girl is forced to live with her father for some time, problems begin, because the man simply disliked the dog at first glance and began to demand his immediate placement in a shelter for homeless animals. The girl persistently resisted this decision, but the dog, seeing the tension between its owners, decides to escape. And in the big city he will expect many dangerous, absurd and tragic adventures. Meanwhile, the little girl will unsuccessfully search for her beloved friend.

39 place - Hotel for dogs

original name - Hotel for Dogs.

release date - January 15, 2009.

Genre - comedy, family.

Producer - Thor Freudenthal.

Actors - Emma Roberts, Jake T. Austin, Don Cheadle, Johnny Simmons, Kyle Pratt, Troy Gentile.

Duration - 100 minutes / 01:40.

Rating IMDb - 5.4.

Movie Search Rating - 6.52.

Only one orphan can understand and help another. This is a well-known fact, and this is happening in this slightly moving picture, but indecently funny. The whole plot revolves around two young people who were left early alone and all their conscious lives wander from one foster family to another. There was so much adventure in their lives, but they could not find anything to their liking until they met a homeless dog who decided to find a new home. And then they came up with the goal - to build a kind of hotel for dogs, where four-legged furry creatures could live and not be persecuted. Finding an old abandoned building, Bruce and Andy came to the place, but instead of the ruins they found the first guests.

38th place - Max

original name - Max.

release date - June 25, 2015.

Genre - fantasy, drama, adventure, family, military.

Producer - Boaz Yakin.

Actors - Thomas Hayden Church, Josh Wiggins, Luke Kleintenk, Lauren Graham, Robbie Amell.

Duration - 111 minutes / 01:51.

Rating IMDb - 6.8

Movie Search Rating - 6.74.

The film is dedicated to the best friend and colleague of a person - a dog named Max. His devotion extended to only one person with whom he took part in the hottest battles. But one day, Kyle hits a mine and tragically dies. From this moment on, a person’s best friend becomes an aggressive and uncontrollable monster, as a result of which the military decides to put him to sleep. But the family of the deceased soldier made every effort to take Max to him and now Kyle's younger brother Justin became his new owner. Now only in his power to help the animal, heartbroken from the loss of his beloved master.

37th place - Fire Dog

original name - Firehouse Dog

release date - April 4, 2007.

Genre - action, comedy, family.

Producer - Todd Holland.

Actors - Josh Hutcherson, Bruce Greenwood, Dash Mike, Stephen Culp, Bill Nunn, Bree Turner.

Duration - 111 minutes / 01:51.

Rating IMDb - 5.5.

Movie Search Rating - 6.94.

This is a fairy tale with a kind and uncomplicated plot, in the center of which a dog named Rex acts. He is a television star, leads a well-fed and unrealistically glamorous life that is characteristic of all Hollywood stars. One day he accidentally finds himself on the street, where his search is hampered by the fact that Rex merges with a crowd of the same dogs as himself. And ironically, he comes across the path of a lone boy Shane. Their friendship has grown into something more and now the recent television star is changing her role and becoming a firefighter dog who sacrifices himself to save lives.

For a boy, a meeting with Rex is a gift of fate, because thanks to his dedication and devotion, as well as his inactive acting talents, Shane finds mutual understanding with his father, whom he always blamed for his constant absence from work.

36th place - Private Pioneer

release date - October 16, 2013.

Genre - children's, adventure, family.

Producer - Alexander Karpilovsky.

Actors - Semyon Treskunov, Egor Klinaev, Anfisa Wistingauzen, Julia Rutberg.

Duration - 80 minutes / 01:20.

Rating IMDb - 6.7.

Movie Search Rating - 7.19.

The dog comes to the rescue of two pioneers - literally pulls them out of the water. This simple, homeless dog, lacking any talents, does not allow a person to die, which deserves his eternal fidelity. After these events, the guys decide to take care of the animal and take it under their care.

Preparing for the main holiday of the country, the guys in the bustle of fun learn that their four-legged friend was captured by a ruthless man who was ready to go even to kill an innocent animal. Now they are torn between the duty of a pioneer in relation to a society that is actively preparing for the holidays, and the call of his heart, saying that the life of a dog is more expensive than all the holidays of the world.

And only together they can overcome the dangers to which they are exposed to an adult and rather cunning person. Saving one life, they gain much more - humanity and love of others.

35th place - Spartak and Kalashnikov

release date - November 19, 2002.

Genre - drama, romance, adventure, family.

Producer - Andrey Proshkin.

Actors - Yaroslav Roshchin, Ignat Akrachkov, Grigory Khristoforov, Evgeny Krainov, Vladimir Menshov, Andrey Panin.

Duration - 95 minutes / 01:35.

Rating IMDb - 6.7.

Movie Search Rating - 7.29.

Shura and a Spartak puppy-shepherd are two friends in misfortune, whose fate depends only on them. They are not just orphans, but also street children who are always ready to support each other. There are many obstacles in their path of life, but they always come out of every mess with honor.

Despite the seeming simplicity, they manage to do what ordinary people are unable to do - they neutralize a dangerous gang of criminals who will subsequently glorify them all over the world and give what they two so desperately needed - recognition and gratitude of those around them. Now in their destinies glimmers of hope appear that will change lives forever.

34th place - Dog life (1918)

original name - A Dog's Life.

release date - March 31, 1918.

Genre - short film, drama, comedy.

Producer - Charles Chaplin.

Actors - Charles Chaplin, Andy Anderson, Burt Eppling, Albert Austin, Henry Bergman, A.D. Blake, Mel Brown.

Duration - 33 minutes.

Rating IMDb - 7.80.

Movie Search Rating - 8.07.

This humorous satire, which at one time shocked the world with sparkling humor and incredible tenacity. The film shows the life of Mata and one tramp who could get out of the very bottom of society and start a decent life, but filled with funny and ridiculous situations. Silent movie with a masterpiece script.

33 place - Snow dogs

original name - Snow Dogs.

release date - January 18, 2002.

Genre - comedy, adventure, family, sport.

Producer - Brian Levant.

Actors - Kyuba Gooding Jr., James Coburn, Cisco, Nichelle Nichols, M. Emmett Walsh, Graham Green.

Duration - 99 minutes / 01:39.

Rating IMDb - 5.1.

Movie Search Rating - 7.13.

How many who threw their successful life in sunny Miami and went to the very depths of Alaska? But the main character of this picture was able. Ted Brooks gave up a successful dentist career and went to Alaska in search of his mother, who abandoned him as a baby. The fact is that a man spent his whole life in the networks of a huge web of lies and only now found out that he was actually adopted.

In the icy desert, he learns about the legacy - 6 beautiful and frisky sled dogs. From this begins the cheerful life of Ted, which does not stop until he gets used to the current state of affairs.

32 place - Megan Livi

original name - Megan Leavey.

release date - May 7, 2017.

release date - drama, military, biography.

Producer - Gabriela Kauperwaitite.

Actors - Kate Mara, Bradley Whitford, Tom Felton, Common, Go Falko, Will Patton.

Duration - 116 minutes / 01:56.

Rating IMDb - 7.1.

Movie Search Rating - 7.18.

A brave young girl serves the good of her country and is one of the best soldiers in the US Army. One day she will have to make a new friend named Rex. Aggression of this dog does not allow others to use its exceptional combat skills, but Megan was able to find a special approach to her and they became inseparable. Years passed and the girl with her dog was able to save thousands of lives, clear hundreds of mines, but everything changes after the accidental mortal wound that Megan Livi gets on the battlefield.

The rehabilitation was lengthy and during this time the two friends were separated. After recovery, the girl leaves the walls of the hospital and decides to return her fighting comrade and faithful friend Rex at all costs.

31 place - Thanks to Wynn Dixie

original name - Because of Winn-Dixie.

release date - January 26, 2005.

Genre - drama, comedy, family.

Producer - Wayne Wang.

Actors - Anna-Sophia Robb, Jeff Daniels, Cicely Tyson, Dave Matthews.

Duration - 106 minutes / 01:46.

Rating IMDb - 6.4.

Movie Search Rating - 7.29.

The dog that saved the life of a lonely girl. This film tells a touching story where tenderness and a loving heart can truly work wonders. Only thanks to Vin Dixie, the relationship between the little daughter and the priest is being established, and they again become a happy family. Only thanks to a randomly met dog all the inhabitants of a small town gain something new - the hope of saving not only the soul after death, but also a life path.

This film is sure to appeal to children and adults. Of course it is sad to look at the suffering of a little girl who was lost in the realities of this world at the very beginning, but it is very instructive to find out how one animal can influence the thoughts and actions of other people.

30th place - Lassie

original name - Lassie.

release date - December 16, 2005.

Genre - drama, comedy, adventure, family.

Producer - Charles Sturridge.

Actors - Peter O'Toole, Samantha Morton, John Lynch, Peter Dinklage, Jerry O'Brien.

Duration - 100 minutes / 01:40.

Rating IMDb - 6.8.

Movie Search Rating - 7.29.

Life is hard for miner son Joe Kerraclough, who is beaten at school. His only consolation is the collie Lassie. When the mine is decommissioned, his father Sam is forced to sell the dog to the duke, who owns the local estate. The duke's servant, Hines, scares the dog, who escapes on a desperate journey home.

29th place - Volt

original name - Bolt.

release date - November 17, 2008.

Genre - cartoon, drama, comedy, adventure, family.

Producer - Byron Howard, Chris Williams.

Actors - John Travolta, Miley Cyrus, Susie Essman, Mark Walton, Malcolm MacDowell.

Duration - 96 minutes / 01:36.

Rating IMDb - 6.9.

Movie Search Rating - 7.29.

A very kind and slightly naive fairy tale from Disney, which is liked not only by the youngest children, it is also enjoyed by teenagers, because the movie is so colorful, all the characters are so clearly drawn, and most importantly so good-natured that they involuntarily cause smiles on the face.

A talented but naive dog named Volt plays a superhero movie that guards the whole of society. Everything would be fine, but the kid himself believes that all this is actually happening. Once in a big city, gets involved in a number of comical, but dangerous problems, which only new friends can help him solve.

28th place - Dog Island

original name - Isle of Dogs.

Year of issue - February 15, 2018.

Genre - cartoon, fiction, fantasy, drama, comedy, adventure.

Producer - Wes Anderson.

Actors - Brian Cranston, Coyu Rankin, Edward Norton, Bob Balaban, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum.

Duration - 101 minutes / 01:41.

Rating IMDb - 8.0.

Movie Search Rating - 8.17.

Wes Anderson returns to the big screen after a four-year hiatus, and moviegoers predictably expect an explosive film from him. And he shot a really beautiful story - a film about dogs, which takes place in the future. In the Japanese city of Megasaki, the mayor of the city decides to evict all the dogs, which have simply divorced a huge number, from the city and place them on a kind of island (city dump). The fact is that the entire clan of this mayor is an admirer of cats. From this begins the sparkling journey of the brave mayor Atari Kobayashi, who decides to go alone to this island of dogs and find his favorite, sent the very first. He not only ventured to disobey the decree, but was ready to go through thousands of dogs, many of which were fierce against people.

27th place - The Secret Life of Pets

Original title - The Secret Life of Pets.

release date - June 16, 2016.

Genre - cartoon, comedy, adventure, family.

Producer - Chris Renault, Yarrow Cheney.

Actors - Louis S.K., Eric Stonestone, Kevin Hart, Lake Bell, Jenny Slate, Ellie Kemper.

Duration - 87 minutes / 01:27.

Rating IMDb - 6.5.

Movie Search Rating - 6.81.

A bright and cheerful comedy that opens up a new look at seemingly familiar things. Do people know that their favorites, who are waiting for them with such dreary eyes in the evenings, in fact, only pretend, and while there are no owners, they lead a very busy social life? So, the animals go to visit each other, have parties and just come off to the fullest.

But one girl has a dog who does not dare in her mistress and diligently waits all day for her arrival. The name of this terrier is Max, and he lives the most measured life until a dirty, black and arrogant dog is brought into the house from the shelter. This dog named Duke turns everything upside down, sleeps on Max’s bed, eats from his bowl and tries to draw him into the most dangerous adventures. Did the terrier know that despite all his indignation, it was with Duke that he knew the taste of life and pleasure.

26th place - 101 Dalmatians

Original title - One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

release date - January 25, 1961.

Genre - cartoon, adventure, family.

Producer - Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Lasky, Wolfgang Reiterman.

Actors - Rod Taylor, J. Pat O'Malley, Betty Lou Jerson, Martha Ventuorf, Ben Wright, Kate Bauer.

Duration - 79 minutes / 01:19.

Rating IMDb - 7.2.

Movie Search Rating - 7.97.

On one of the quiet evenings, two Dalmatians Pongo and Perita fell in love with each other at first sight, and even their owners were given such a romantic mood, so 2 couples were created - human and dog. Life continued at a measured pace, the Dalmatians gave birth to 15 beautiful, brave and cheerful puppies that filled everything around with a joyful squeak. But an insidious villain, Cruella de Ville, suddenly burst into their peaceful lives, who, as passion, loved furs from the most unexpected sources. Seeing the beautiful skins of puppies, she set out to sew herself a mantle. In order to get carefully guarded dogs, Cruella hired two robbers and stole the animals.

25th place - Belle and Sebastian

original name - Belle et Sébastien.

Year of issue - August 24, 2013.

Genre - adventure, family.

Producer - Nicolas Wannier.

Actors - Felix Bossuet, Cheki Cario, Margot Chatelier, Dmitry Storozh, Urben Cancellier, Andreas Pichman.

Duration - 104 minutes / 01:44.

Rating IMDb - 6.9.

Movie Search Rating - 7.38.

Against the backdrop of beautiful French landscapes, a beautiful love and care story is born between a boy and a huge dog named Belle. The action of this film takes place during the Second World War, when the whole of France with fear awaited the invasion of German troops on the territory of their country. At this time, in a colorful village, a very large dog appears, and all the inhabitants of the village sincerely believe that the dog carries an evil omen. And only the boy Sebastian sees in the dog a faithful friend and protector.

The boy decides to save Belle from the reprisal of the villagers and harbors him in every possible way, and in return he receives a faithful and reliable friend with whom he will go through the whole war and remain faithful to his ideals of freedom, equality and fraternity.

24th place - My best friend Shylock

original name - Shiloh.

Year of issue - November 8, 1996.

Genre - drama, family.

Producer - Dale Rosenblum.

Actors - Scott Wilson, Blake Heron, Bonnie Bartlett, Rod Steiger, J. Madison Wright, Anne Dowd.

Duration - 93 minutes / 01:33.

Rating IMDb - 6.4.

Movie Search Rating - 7.57.

Even if a person is not a big fan of dogs, it will even be difficult and painful for him to watch this film about dogs, which entered the top 50 of the best in its genre, because Shylock is a dog that has undergone many trials on the way to his happiness. Its first owner was a very tyrannical tyrant who invented the most sophisticated torture for Shylock, and as a result, the puppy does not stand up and runs away from him. How painful it is to watch footage where the tormented dog roams the streets of the big city in the blind hope of finding the only person whose care and tenderness can heal the dog’s heart from the wounds inflicted on him by the cruelty of its first owner.

Suddenly he meets Marty, the boy who took Shylock and went against the tyrannical man and even his father. As a result, he was able to win, and the dog finally found his happy home and a stable future.

23rd place - King of the air

original name - Air Bud.

release date- August 1, 1997.

Genre - drama, comedy, family, sport.

Producer - Charles Martin Smith.

Actors - Michael Jeter, Kevin Zegers, Wendy Macken, Bill Cobbs, Eric Christmas, Jay Brazo.

Duration - 98 minutes / 01:38.

Rating IMDb - 5.1.

Movie Search Rating - 7.53.

Josh is an ordinary boy who dreams of becoming part of the school legend and therefore tries to get into the school basketball team. But he doesn’t succeed. For this reason, he often roams the deserted streets and spends time in dreams. At this moment, he meets Buddy - an unfortunate dog who escaped from his master. Its owner was a circus performer who could not realize himself in front of the audience and each time cruelly mocked the dog for the fact that its people loved more. Unable to stand such tests, Buddy runs away and does everything possible to please Josh.

The guy took him to his house and, having passed through the discontent of his mother, left the dog at home. As a result, he was accepted into the school team, but at the crucial moment he lost. To somehow please his new owner, Buddy spoke to the public, which caused a storm of delight. And all this watched on TV a grief circus performer. He decided at all costs if he did not return the dog to him, then at least to demand a substantial fee for him.

22nd place - Iron Will

original name - Iron Will.

release date - January 14, 1994.

Genre - adventure, drama.

Producer - Charles Haid.

Actors - Mackenzie Astin, Kevin Spacey, David Ogden Styers, August Schellenberg.

Duration - 105 minutes / 01:45.

Rating IMDb - 6.5.

Movie Search Rating - 7.56.

Will Stoneman is an ordinary young man whose father suddenly and suddenly dies. Having lost a man who was not just a father to him, but also his best friend and teacher, Will decides to accept the responsibilities of an older person and responsibility for the future of the family. But he decides to get money for farming and getting further education in a difficult way - by participating in dog races in faraway Alaska. This 522-mile race will be Will’s most serious test, but first he needs to rally his dog team.

21 place - The border dog Scarlet

release date - May 4, 1980.

Genre - drama.

Producer - Julius Fight.

Actors - Vladimir Dubrovsky, Victor Kosykh, Vasily Kupriyanov, Vladimir Gerasimov, Nartay Begalin, Yana Druz, Alexander Kazakov.

Duration - 67 minutes / 01:07

Rating IMDb - 6.50.

Movie Search Rating - 7.69.

A story of fidelity between the owner and his dog. It all started with the fact that for the first time Alexei Koshkin was part of the border troops and he was allocated a unique, eared and intelligent partner - a puppy. Alexey called him Scarlet and together they went through many difficulties, but there were also funny moments. In one of the most difficult tasks, Scarlet saved the life of his partner, and from this began a cordial and indestructible connection between a man and a dog. But soon the life will come to an end and friends will have to leave forever.

20th place - Balto

original name - Balto.

release date - December 22, 1995.

Genre - cartoon, drama, adventure, family, history.

Producer - Simon Wells.

Actors - Kevin Bacon, Bob Hoskins, Bridget Foundation, Jim Cummings, Phil Collins, Jack Angel.

Duration - 71 minutes / 01:11.

Rating IMDb - 7.1.

Movie Search Rating - 8.33.

An animated movie about dogs, which opens the top 20, was shot based on historical moments that took place in Alaska back in 1925. On the outskirts of the state, children are starting to get diphtheria en masse, and many have already died from complications. For treatment, it is necessary to bring special medicines to the town, which can only be delivered by a dog team, because everything around is covered with snow, and neither trains nor other modes of transport can reach the remote city. But what can ordinary dogs do against the forces of nature? Only the same wild creatures created by the storm itself are able to withstand it - wolves. In extreme cases, half-breeds. So, the main character of Balto - half wolf, half dog, who always dreamed of leading a dog team, but because of his origin did not even dare to come close to people, suddenly became a hero and saved the lives of small children from a terrible death.

19th place - Dog life

original name - A Dog's Purpose.

release date - January 19, 2017.

Genre - fantasy, drama, comedy, adventure, family.

Producer - Lasse Hallstrom.

Actors - Josh Gad, Dennis Quaid, Peggy Lipton, KJ Up, Bryce Geysar, Juliet Rylance.

Duration - 100 minutes / 01:40.

Rating IMDb - 7.0.

Movie Search Rating - 7.84.

An incredible fantastic story of the life and rebirth of the soul of one dog. This dog named Bailey lived in a family that literally blew dust particles from him and adored. Its owner Ethan considered him not only a pet, but also his best friend. Time passed, the guy grew up, married and had wonderful children, but even at that moment he did not forget about his best friend Bailey. When the time came, the old dog died and was reborn again as a war dog, but even at that the series of rebirths did not end, and in the end everything was back to square one. What was the purpose of the universe, forcing the animal to go through this vicious circle? But all the experience gained over past lives will surely come in handy for Bailey in a new life with his first master.

18th place - All dogs go to heaven

Original title - All Dogs Go to Heaven.

release date - November 17, 1989.

Genre - cartoon, musical, fantasy, drama, comedy, family.

Producer - Don Blut, Gary Goldman, Dan Kunster.

Actors - Burt Reynolds, House DeLuis, Judith Barsi, Melba Moore, Daryl Gilly, Candy Devine.

Duration - 84 minutes / 01:24.

Rating IMDb - 6.7.

Movie Search Rating - 7.90.

The life of dogs is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. So the heroes of this fantastic animated masterpiece live their complex fates. The main character - Charlie - was killed by his partner Tuporyl and went to heaven, but his dog soul desires vengeance, so he returns to life again to kill his now enemy.

Immediately after he returned, Charlie frees the sweet girl Anne-Marie from the Tuporyl captivity, and with her he defeats everyone at the races. But gradually they fall in love with each other and already thoughts of revenge do not seem so sweet.

17th place - To me, Mukhtar!

release date - March 13, 1965.

Genre - drama.

Producer - Semyon Tumanov, V. Tiunova.

Actors - Yuri Nikulin, Vladimir Emelyanov, Leonid Kmit, Yuri Belov, Alla Larionova.

Duration - 82 minutes / 01:22.

Rating IMDb - 7.7.

Movie Search Rating - 8.08.

Mukhtar is a thoroughbred dog who leaves his mistress due to circumstances unclear in the film and falls into the hands of a police lieutenant. A man takes a dog to the department and arranges for work, but Mukhtar is not amenable to training, as he is spoiled by the affection of the previous owners. But time passes, and the dog begins to take an active part in the life of the police station, helping to solve complex crimes. His zeal is rewarded with many merit and recognition of his colleagues. However, who knows what is going on in the soul of a silent creature who is trying to come closer and closer to the family of his mistress?

16th place - Road home: an incredible journey

Original title - Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.

release date - February 3, 1993.

Genre - drama, comedy, adventure, family.

Producer - Dwayne Dunham.

Actors - Michael J. Fox, Sally Field, Don Amici, Robert Hayes, Kim Greist, Kevin Chevalia.

Duration - 84 minutes / 01:24.

Rating IMDb - 6.9.

Movie Search Rating - 7.92.

Three pets live in one family: the noisy and playful dogs Shadow and Shans and their worm-cat Sessie. This is not to say that they live soul to soul, but they are united by a common love for their owners. Chance is a very active dog who is ready to literally turn the whole house from top to bottom, while the cat is horrified by his actions. And Shadow is an old warrior, already running back and serving his own.

Despite the great love of the owners for their pets, the day comes when they need to go to distant lands, and they leave animals with their closest friend. This turn of events literally cooled the ardor of animals, who were very worried that they would never be taken away, so they decided to get home by themselves to find out the reason for this act.

15th place - it never gets better

Original title - As Good as It Gets.

release date - December 6, 1997.

Genre - drama, romance, comedy.

Producer - James L. Brooks.

Actors - Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear, Cube-Gooding Jr., Skeet Ulrich, Shirley Knight.

Duration - 139 minutes / 02:19.

Rating IMDb - 7.7.

Movie Search Rating - 7.85.

The film is about a man and his dog, which supports him in difficult times, and it does not matter that he has them all the time. This man is literally overwhelmed with fears and mania, and his manner of behavior literally rejects everyone around him. Everyone except the waitress from the nearest cafeteria, who was used to his antics. But one day he suddenly decides to fix his life on his own, which brings many unexpected turns to his life.

14th place - Salty Dog

release date - December 23, 1973.

Genre - drama, comedy.

Producer - Nikolay Koshelev.

Actors - Vladimir Menshov, Tatyana Shestakova, Nikolai Lavrov, Vytautas Paukshte, Victor Perevalov, Nadezhda Zhilinskaya.

Duration - 74 minutes / 01:14.

Rating IMDb - 6.90.

Movie Search Rating - 7.99.

The street mongrel gave birth to puppies on one of the many islands on the shores of the warm waters of the sea. The owner of the island eliminated the animal and its brood, but one of the puppies remained intact, and independently crossed the bay, came to a big city.

Being alone and not knowing either love or affection, he went after the first person who told him a good word. It was a long-distance sailor from the ship, Alexei Tolstoy. Thus begins the relationship between the dog and the good man, who suddenly became the center of his small universe.

13th place - Flyuk

original name - Fluke.

release date - June 2, 1995.

Genre - fantasy, drama, family.

Producer - Carlo Carly.

Actors - Samuel L. Jackson, Matthew Modine, Nancy Travis, Eric Stolz, Max Pomerantz.

Duration - 96 minutes / 01:36.

Rating IMDb - 6.7.

Movie Search Rating - 7.99.

How often do people not find even a minute in the bustle of everyday life to tell their loved ones about their love? But this film, which worthily takes its place among the best films about dogs, will probably teach that life is short, and it is necessary to appreciate and enjoy every moment lived through. A young man, father and husband named Tom, dies as a result of a car accident, and his soul moves to a newborn puppy, which, as a result of ironic events, falls into the walls of his native home. He understands how much he loves his family and how sorry he is that much has not been done. He also sees that his death was not accidental, but a close friend and partner was involved in the case. Is it really?

12th place - Friend

Year of issue - May 10, 1988.

Genre - drama, melodrama.

Producer - Leonid Kvinikhidze.

Actors - Sergey Shakurov, Vasily Livanov, Elena Solovey, Igor Yasulovich, Victor Uralsky.

Duration - 83 minutes / 01:23.

Rating IMDb - 7.3.

Movie Search Rating - 8.25.

Nikolai is an ordinary Russian drunkard who pours a sorrow on a bottle and thinks that only this can brighten up his dull condition. He has no friends for a long time, his family has turned his back on him, he has lost his job and every day he only does what he is looking for a way to find money for another bottle of alcohol. In his life, everything is empty and devoid of colors, but he has a big dog with a very kind soul, it is he who keeps the man from a desperate step, after which nothing can be returned. This dog often listens to Nikolai and answers questions, helping to solve many difficult situations.

11th place - Beethoven

original name - Beethoven.

Year of issue - April 3, 1992.

Genre - drama, comedy, family.

Producer - Brian Levant.

Actors - Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt, Dean Jones, Nicole Tom, Christopher Castile, Sarah Rose Carr.

Duration - 87 minutes / 01:27.

Rating IMDb - 5.6.

Movie Search Rating - 7.28.

Beethoven is a huge St. Bernard who wandered and accidentally ended up in the house of the Newton family, whose whole life goes awry. Almost all family members fall in love with him, except for the main one - his father. The man is annoyed by the constant disorder that the dog arranges, infuriates that he constantly nibbles everything around and completely disrupts his manner of sucking. But in the meantime, the dog himself is making every effort to become part of this friendly family. It saves children from hooliganism and prevents them from breaking to death, but his last act will make the father of the family literally love Beethoven.

10th place - White Bim Black Ear

Year of issue - September 15, 1977.

Genre - drama.

Producer - Stanislav Rostotsky.

Actors - Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Valentina Vladimirova, Mikhail Dadyko, Ivan Ryzhov, Irina Shevchuk.

Duration - 183 minutes / 03:03.

Rating IMDb - 8.4.

Movie Search Rating - 8.37.

Each student cried for this film. A tragic, sad and beautiful dog love story for his master, opening the top 10 best films about dogs.

Bim - a dog of the wrong color and a thoroughbred marriage, he became the most beloved pet for an elderly writer, whose health deteriorated and he went to hospital. Unable to stand the separation, the dog decided to go in search of his master and got lost. In the process, he changed several owners, but ran away from everywhere. Until he was caught and put to sleep. At the last moment, Bim’s dream came true, and he managed to see the tearful, repentant eyes of his master, to see and close his eyes forever. So a kind and pure soul leaves this cruel world, filled with callousness and revenge.

9th place - Fox and dog

original name - The Fox and the Hound.

release date - July 10, 1981.

Genre - cartoon, drama, adventure, family.

Producer - Ted Berman, Richard Rich, Art Stevens.

Actors - Mickey Rooney, Kurt Russell, Pearl Bailey, Jack Albertson, Sandy Duncan.

Duration - 83 minutes / 01:23.

Rating IMDb - 7.3.

Movie Search Rating - 8.18.

Todd, the fox, lives in the widow's farm near Tweed, who remains an orphan because his parents were killed by hunters. This baby was also doomed to death, if not for a kind woman. At the farm, he met the puppy Kopper, and over time they became inseparable friends. But in this tale there is one but. Copper was born to become a hound for hunting relatives of Tod. Will friends be able to pass this test with dignity or will they grow up and become the worst enemies?

A very dramatic description of how friendship between representatives of different civilizations, nationalities and characters becomes. This tale is not only about the fidelity of the dog, but also about the good and evil that is hidden in each of us.

8th place - Lady and the tramp

original name - Lady and the Tramp.

release date - June 16, 1955.

Genre - cartoon, drama, romance, comedy, adventure, family.

Producer - Clyde Jeronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Laski.

Actors - Peggy Lee, Larry Roberts, Bill Bauk, Verna Felton, George Givot.

Duration - 76 minutes / 01:16.

Rating IMDb - 7.3.

Movie Search Rating - 8.18.

A cocker spaniel named Lady is a very spoiled person, not just a favorite in the family, but also her center. But all that is beautiful ever ends, and the Lady faded into the background after the birth of a small baby who took possession of all the attention of the family. Everything would be fine, but the last straw in the cup of patience of the little jealousy was the fact that they put a muzzle on it for the purpose of "safety" of the baby. Now the heroine decides to take a desperate step and runs away from the house, which has ceased to be her family. In tormented and insulted feelings, the Lady wanders through the streets, which are filled with dangers and stray dogs. She is afraid of them and does not understand that she herself has become a vagabond.

7th place - History of Hachiko

original name - Hachikô monogatari.

release date - August 1, 1987.

Genre - drama, biography.

Producer - Seijiro Koyama.

Actors - Tatsuya Nakadai, Kaoru Yatigusa, Tosinori Omi, Toshiro Yanagiba, Mako Isino, Masumi Harukawa.

Duration - 107 minutes / 01:47.

Rating IMDb - 8.1.

Movie Search Rating - 8.13.

A stunning and exciting story of the devotion of an Akita dog to its owner. The story of Hachiko is known to the whole world not only for its sadness, but also for the fact that all this actually happened back in 1923 in Japan.

The film tells about the torment of Hachiko, who for almost 10 years was waiting for his owner and his best friend in the same place, he went through mortal pain, longing and inexpressible despair after the death of his Man, and unable to cope with them, spent the rest of his days in in the hope that his master will return. And only with his last breath, Hachiko was able to reunite with the one he loved more than his life.

6th place - K-9: Dog work

original name - K-9.

release date - April 28, 1989.

Genre - action, comedy, crime.

Producer - Rod Daniel.

Actors - James Belushi, Mel Harris, Kevin Tai, Ed O'Neill, Jerry Lee, James Handy.

Duration - 101 minutes / 01:41.

Rating IMDb - 6.0.

Movie Search Rating - 7.67.

Michael Dooley and Jerry Lee are a very interesting pair of detectives who work harmoniously and skillfully, always clearly perform the tasks assigned to them. But not everything is so smooth in this couple, because Jerry Lee is a super dog, a shepherd dog that is so smart and savvy that many times helps his partner to avoid problems. As a rule, their work is searching for thieves and other petty criminals. But not this time, now the guys have to protect Michael himself from the intentions of an experienced drug dealer to kill him. And here the mafia thunderstorm - Jerry Lee intervenes. This film is filled with a deep meaning, in which the whole essence of the relationship between a dog and a person is hidden. And even after so many years, the picture remains a classic of detective comedy.

5th place - Red Dog

original name - Red Dog.

release date - August 4, 2011.

Genre - drama, romance, comedy, family, biography.

Producer - Kriv Stenders.

Actors - Josh Lucas, Rachel Taylor, Roen Nicole, Luke Ford, Arthur Angel, John Batchelor.

Duration - 92 minutes / 01:32.

Rating IMDb - 7.5.

Movie Search Rating - 7.75.

A dog can change not only its life, its devotion changes all the people around it. So it happened with the Red Dog, a story about which was heard in the distant 70s by trucker Thomas. As soon as he crossed the line of the Australian town of Dampier, the man drew attention to the crowd of people who tried to kill the dog, but could not do it. The situation interested Thomas and he began to question. In response, he received simply amazing information about how a reddish dog appeared in these parts, how he won the love and recognition of people and gained a master.

4th place - White captive

original name - Eight Below.

release date - February 17, 2006.

Genre - drama, adventure, family.

Producer - Frank Marshall.

Actors - Paul Walker, Bruce Greenwood, Moon Bloodgood, Wendy Crewson, Gerard Plunket.

Duration - 120 minutes / 02:00.

Rating IMDb - 7.3.

Movie Search Rating - 8.13.

The story is about the life of 8 dogs left that are forced to survive in Antarctica. These animals were not intentionally abandoned, they were left for several days, but as a result of deteriorating weather conditions, they could not be returned. And only after long six months, Jerry, a station employee and a learned biologist, was able to return for four-legged friends who became wild, starving creatures and waged a desperate struggle against cold, hunger and death. Of the 8 peppy and frisky sled dogs, only 6 survived.

The film will make you cry and regret that a person puts equipment and other paraphernalia above the priceless lives of our smaller brothers, and yet they love us more than their lives, trust and are always ready to forgive and accept, without even requiring an explanation for cruel acts.

3rd place - Turner and Hooch

original name - Turner & Hooch.

release date - July 28, 1989.

Genre - thriller, drama, comedy, crime.

Producer - Roger Spottyswood.

Actors - Tom Hanks, Mayor Winningham, Craig T. Nelson, Reginald WelJonson, Scott Pauline, J.K. Queen

Duration - 97 minutes / 01:37.

Rating IMDb - 6.1.

Movie Search Rating - 7.58.

So the three best films about dogs open. Turner and Hooch are two completely different characters, from thinking to lifestyle. If Turner works as a professional detective and advocates pragmatism and order in everything, then Hooch is his complete opposite, moreover, this dog is sweet to disgrace and loves to make a mess wherever he goes.

Turner tried to curse, fight, and even be offended, but no rational argument reassured the dog until the owner went to the world. A fascinating story about how two different creatures try to find a common language in the chaos they created from thoughts, grievances and mutual disrespect.

2nd place - Marley and I

original name - Marley & Me.

release date - December 25, 2008.

Genre - drama, comedy, family.

Producer - David Frankel.

Actors - Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, Eric Dane, Alan Arkin, Kathleen Turner, Nathan Gamble.

Duration - 115 minutes / 01:55.

Rating IMDb - 7.1.

Movie Search Rating - 7.75.

The second place in the title of the best film about dogs in the ranking of the most deserves a comedy melodrama, which describes the difficulties of caring for a dog in comparison with a baby. After the wedding, the two newlyweds decide to go live and work as reporters in beautiful Florida. After a while, they decide that the time has come to acquire offspring, but being afraid to take such a serious step, start a dog. Determined to prove their worth to themselves, they are doing everything to please a dog named Marley, but it wasn’t there. The dog decided to thoroughly test them for strength and presents unpleasant surprises every day.

1st Place - Hachiko: The Most Faithful Friend

original name - Hachi: A Dog's Tale.

release date - June 13, 2009.

Genre - drama, family.

Producer - Lasse Hallstrom.

Actors - Richard Gere, Joan Allen, Carey-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Sarah Roemer, Jason Alexander, Eric Avari, Davinia McFadden.

Duration - 89 minutes / 01:29.

Rating IMDb - 8.1.

Movie Search Rating - 8.34.

An hour and a half agony of body and soul, this film is one of the world's best sellers and undoubtedly is on the list of the best, inimitable, incredibly tragic and sad films about dogs that have ever been shot. The beauty of the plot, gorgeous, realistic and tragic game of actors who were able to convey the whole gamut of feelings that excited the hearts of people who witnessed this beautiful story of one affection and love to the grave.

Parker Wilson, by coincidence, becomes the owner of a rare breed of dog native to Japan. These four-legged are distinguished by enviable devotion. The professor called him Hachiko and spent all his free time with him. They had a ritual - every day Parker and his dog went to the platform, from where the professor went to work at the university, and Hachiko waited until the evening of his master near the station. And so it went on for several years. But one of the days, right during the lecture, the professor had a heart attack and could not be saved. Since then, Hachiko arrives at the station every day at the same time and waits and waits for his master to return home.

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