Review of the movie "Scarecrow" (1983)

release date: September 14, 1984.

Genre: drama.

Producer: Rolan Bykov, Arkady Haight.

Cast:Kristina Orbakaite, Yuri Nikulin, Elena Sanaeva, Dmitry Egorov, Ksenia Filippova, Anna Tolmacheva, Marina Martanova.

Duration: 127 minutes / 02:07

Age limit: 12+.

Much has been said about the cruelty prevailing in the adult world, but few have thought about what generates childish selfishness and inhumanity. This is what the story in the movie "Scarecrow" is about, about how children become outcasts of society, moral principles and human values ​​are collapsing. But there are those who are able to resist the injustice of society and give others a decent rebuff, while coming out victorious in the battle with unreasonable bullying, and sometimes even beating.

So the heroine of the film, the young Lena Bessoltseva, falls into the new school of the provincial town, where she is trying to become part of the company. To do this, she suffers mockery and sophisticated bullying. And children's, innocent and faithful love pushes her on the path of self-sacrifice and further disappointment.

The last feature film in which Yuri Nikulin starred. Cinema, which has become the standard of parental misunderstanding and irresponsible attitude of teachers to the problems of students. In the center of the plot, viewers will see the girl Lena and her classmates, who in every possible way mock the girl, considering her guilty of canceling a trip to the capital of the USSR. Innocent, pure in heart, Lena silently endures all insults and beatings, trying to protect her beloved Dima, who is the culprit of the circumstances. But her resentment against the boy grows as he remains silent and subsequent betrayal. As a result, the children's heart does not stand up and it humiliates everyone at a memorable birthday party, after which another classmate (who did not poison the girl) reveals the truth to the true culprit - the rich boy Dima.

Having honorably gone all the way of school bullying and humiliation, nicknamed Scarecrow, Lena leaves the provincial town with her grandfather. He bequeathed an old painting of grandmother Bessoltsova to the school museum. And when the girls leave, the audience sees an inscription in front of the picture: "Forgive us, Scarecrow!" These repentant children are trying to clear their conscience from the humiliation that the heroine of the film survived through their fault.

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