The most depressed city in Russia. Torzhok

Further words and photos of the author - Sergey Anashkevich.

... in general, I don’t understand why Bondarchuk built multimillion-dollar scenery for the film "Stalingrad." You could just get out of here cars with advertising and boldly shoot episodes of the war.

Do you want to see what the city looks like, which was so laid bare in the Interns and understand why it fell under the distribution? Obviously, for good reason.

Honestly, I have not seen a more trashy city in Russia. Real hole. It seems that the war here ended not so long ago. And this is only two hundred and a few kilometers from Moscow. But Torzhok could have looked completely different if it had not been for this amazing neglect and devastation, and numerous ancient temples with monasteries have been restored and restored to a divine state. But no ... Everything is as it is.

Sad, depressed, hopeless ...

Not far from Torzhok, on the way to the village of Rashkino, there is a river called Darkness. You know, she is named very much in the subject. That's right to the point.

Honestly, when we drove into Torzhok, I did not think that everything would be somehow bad. Well, they decided to find in the Interns a town like Uryupinsk or Tmutarakani, which would be associated with a remote province, and banter it but ... after all, for good reason.
First, wine and liquor stores went one after another ...

Further worse. One by one we went home with boarded up windows of non-residential apartments ...

And even simply knocked out where no one lives ...

There were more and more boarded-up windows, and on many houses you can see the beautiful “For Sale” banner

Moreover, apparently, the real estate agency here is afloat only one thing remains - “Trust”.

And then we came to the center of the town, judging by the monument to Lenin in the square near the office building. Across the street from the square, we saw a breathtaking fence, some sort of collapsed building, all covered with bawdy things and other “funny” things. We leave the car here and then walk on foot.

On the fence, details of the personal life of a certain Olya Gvozdeva

Behind the fence there is a small wasteland with a strange gate at the opposite end, from which, despite the snow and -1, children in sweaters run out ...

It turns out that behind the fence there is a schoolyard and rooms where labor lessons are held, where half-naked students run to.
Good school yard, nothing to say!


Locker room

Pupils. I would like to hope that all five of this photo will be beaten out into people, and not become regulars from the third photo

A monument to Lenin is literally behind the fence. He looks reproachfully at the ruins of the house across from his square.

Apparently, the house was chosen by lumpen lovers of alcohol and homeless people

Then they decided to walk along the river, somewhere it should be more joyful than near Lenin.
Very strange tire fitting

Residential buildings and a courtyard full of joy. Remove these two cars from here and you can get lost in time. Live texture for films about the Soviet past

But a beautiful building! How could it be brought to such a state?

People working in this building try to brighten up the surrounding grayness as they can.

Last hope for palm trees. Not real on the tropical islands, but such as they are ... From under beer bottles.

And the view from here opens beautiful! It’s probably not so sad in the spring

Near residential buildings.

The locals, apparently, have the norm to arrange a car cemetery in their yard.
But this is also not just. Apparently, many have a bad income, since they are not able to repair their not-so-bad machine and it is forced to slowly rot

Boomer ...

What a good street name ...

A bench is the height of engineering. Probably in the very office of labor they are taught to do such things.

Trash thrown right on the road, not even surprised

A bit of romance on the pavement. But what's next?

A little further romance ends.

We get down to the river and the promenade ... What an interesting inscription on an abandoned house ...

Good, even without a phone number

Dogs here do not spare passers-by

On the embankment, time also froze in the past. Although it is not so depressing here as above.
We notice the outlines of the temples in the distance and decide to go there. Maybe there will be even a little better?

There it was ...

This is Novotorzhsky Borisoglebsky monastery, the oldest in the Tver region and having a very deep history.
Look in what condition it is

And, of course, a sign that this is a monument of architecture and it is protected by law. I wonder who and from whom, since he is in this state? From nature and self-destruction?

And the most striking thing is that Torzhok is located directly on the Moscow-St. Petersburg highway. To all appearances, it was supposed to be a beautiful prosperous city, and the houses should not stand empty with “For Sale” extensions, but should have been bought back by Muscovites and Petersburgers a long time ago. But who will buy real estate in such a hole, excuse me?
The paradox of Russian reality.