Housing and communal services art

In almost every courtyard, strange sculptural compositions flaunted by unknown craftsmen commissioned by housing and communal services workers flaunt. Most often these are characters of cartoons and fairy tales, due to the extremely meager budget made of the most incredible materials. Old tires, fittings and other unpretentious objects are often used. But this is not so bad. Unfortunately, the appearance of such sculptures raises a lot more questions than the materials from which they are made. In general, the good idea of ​​decorating the courtyards and bringing a little joy to our gray everyday life turns into the apotheosis of bad taste. And I don’t want to let out children at such sites at all.

We have collected samples of strange sculptures from playgrounds. We sincerely hope that you will not find your yard in these photographs.

Welcome to reality
What has become of us?
It’s scary to even think what they saw
It is not easy for elephants in Russian conditions
Yes, and the lions too
And you won’t envy a deer
Existential Cheburashka and Crocodile Gene
This is a monument to the mushroom
Yes, it’s a mushroom, and you don’t have to invent anything
Because life is pain
What's in the hand of this maniac doctor?
And the ostrich has very cute knee-highsJust wondering: why the donkey has a bow under the tail?
The bull rested his foot on the nose of an unknown beast. Foot
Cheburashka can safely be declared the All-Russian symbol of suffering
SymbolMiseryWant to play a game?Life without drugs is beautifulThe most positive tire elephantThree little pigs on the verge of a nervous breakdownYes, and these guys need helpOnly it is not clear to whom and in whatNow he will dream you in nightmaresWhat is it? Just answer: what is it?A variation on Gulliver’s theme ...... and the Serpent of GorynychThe turnip is not the sameBe aware of dogs!Your reaction to meeting the previous character in the dark gatewayGoodwin, you mixed something up ...And as soon as parents of children in such courtyards are safely released?But this is a completely different story ...