Buzzfeed Editor Tried 12 Cat Food for Article

You can’t give the cat something unverified. And they all smell good, but nobody really knows what cats eat. It was high time to fix it. And this despite the fact that I do not even have a cat.

Let's look at Victor's impressions of feline "delicacies."

WHISKAS jelly with turkey and vegetables

Jelly seems rather tasteless, although it smells strongly. Because of this smell, you think that you are waiting for a real meat treat. In fact, the impression is that you eat old raw meat.

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FELIX appetizing slices with a rabbit in jelly

The smell from these pieces comes out weird. They taste even weirder. Cats may like it, but I was disappointed. I would not order it in any cat cafe.

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PERFECT FIT chicken stew

At first it’s not very tasty, but if you chew properly, the taste becomes brighter and more saturated. Chicken does not particularly smell. Rather, soy meat.

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EDEL CAT tender slices in sauce

It looks like something between sausages and sausage. The taste is weak, and the jelly itself, in which pieces are floating, resembles meat sauce.

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SHEBA PLEASURE Slices in Sauce

Jelly is tastier than the pieces themselves. I would add some fresh greens to it and it would be generally wonderful. Much tastier than many counterparts from bags, but every day I wouldn’t eat this if I were a cat.

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It looks like a liver pate. It doesn't taste good. I don’t understand what cats find in him.

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ALL CATS complete diet

I would never have thought that these crackers are so hard to chew. They are constantly stuck in the teeth. In this case, the taste in the mouth is more from their own saliva than from food.

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IMNAME turkey + chicken

AAAA! This is delicious. Like eating a dried sausage. It seems that I have a new favorite treat.

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ROYAL CANIN ULTRA LIGHT jelly for overweight tendency

The food was tastier than all similar bags. The smell is not as strong as that of similar feeds. And the taste is not that pronounced, but it is even nice. Very tasty food.

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SCHESIR Tuna + Papaya

The jar says that the taste should be a combination of tuna and papaya. In fact, the taste is some kind of chicken. It looks a bit like a broth with pieces of chicken, but papaya is not felt at all.

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FRISKIES beef + lamb

The taste is faded and you hardly feel that you are eating something meat. Maybe my feelings were already dulled towards the end of the experiment, but I did not try the beef or the lamb, no matter how I tried.

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STUZZY CAT with prosciutto ham

When he took, the word “prosciutto” was “led”. It was associated with real Italian prosciutto, so my expectations were initially overstated. As a result, prosciutto does not smell there. Although I, of course, do not have such a sensitive nose, like cats. What can I even know.