10 great movie releases to watch at home tonight

Every year, cinema lovers become witnesses of a fairly large number of films appearing on the screens. In order to understand all the new products that came out, it takes a lot of time and desire. What if there are none? To do this, it will be enough to familiarize yourself with the review that we have prepared especially for moviegoers.

In fairness, it is worth noting that many of the films that can really be interesting to a grateful audience, undeservedly go into oblivion, and receive a small number of reviews on movie sites. In addition, you can often come across the fact that these wonderful films do not go to the canvas of the big screen.

In order to somehow correct this kind of injustice, we decided to tell you about films that can be of serious interest to the audience, and which you can enjoy watching tonight.

Van Gogh. With love, Vincent

The film tells the audience about the time when the famous Van Gogh was no longer alive. Under mysterious circumstances, the great artist dies, but leaves a huge inheritance for future generations, as well as a letter whose essence is covered by a secret philosophical meaning, which the main characters of the wonderful film will have to solve. The film will be interesting for family viewing, as well as for those who love the work of Vincent Van Gogh. A distinctive feature of the film masterpiece is the fact that it consists of painted paintings.

Kid on the drive

The film tells about the difficult fate of a young guy who loves riding a motorcycle, loud music and life to the fullest. As a result of a combination of circumstances, the main character has to earn a living by random earnings. Most likely, this was the reason that the guy was in bad company. Now he has to work out those debts that appeared after transactions with criminals. It is worth adding that the director did his best and added quite stylish music to the picture, which caused the film to be nominated for an Oscar.


Dunkirk is a small town famous for its military past. It was there that significant events of the Second World War took place, during which it became absolutely clear that the world can no longer live in the old way. Having started viewing this film, you will not wait for shots or high-profile exploits. The director tried to create a masterpiece in such a way that all viewers busy watching it. They were constantly in tension. In fairness, it is worth noting that he succeeded.


Amazingly kind and high-quality film with a beautiful plot that will not leave indifferent any viewer. A boy who is experiencing different life situations, with great zeal, is trying to understand the subtleties of this life. He is practically no different from his peers. Its only feature is congenital deformation of the face.


Sometimes an event can happen in our life that completely interrupts a series of monotonous everyday life. This is what happened in the life of the main characters of this film. A married couple, consisting of a writer and a housewife, is forced to completely change their lifestyle after an uninvited guest appears on their doorstep.

Wonder Woman

Initially, the creators of this film planned that it should turn out to be sufficiently superhero, with all the ensuing consequences. But, in the end, everything turned out very differently. The script of the film is written in such a way that makes any person involved in viewing think about the life values ​​that are characteristic of human society.


It should immediately be said that this film is not intended for wide viewing, since it is an arthouse movie. The film will appeal to all lovers of philosophical cinema, which makes our brain think, and frantically try to find answers to the questions posed.


This film does not differ intricate special effects, or something else like that. However, it is worth a look for those who love the genre of horror and science fiction. Some time after visiting the house of his bride, the main character becomes obvious that the people living here are distinguished by certain oddities.

Good time

The film will appeal to all fans of Robert Pattinson's unique talent. In this film, according to the plot, he will not only plan the future robbery of the bank, but also try to save his brother from prison punishment.

Mystery coco

This kind cartoon will definitely go down in the history of world cinema, as it has an incredible meaning and good naturedness. In order to justify his great love for music, a little boy goes to the Land of the Dead, where he is met by his long-dead grandfather.