10 TV shows to help you learn English

For viewers starting to learn English, movies in original sound quality, without translation, will be the best assistant. Small short films will help everyone learn the basic format and understand the simple colloquial speech of foreign residents. On our page you will find the best collection of TV shows that will help you learn English skills and improve your communication skills.

TV Series for Beginners

Extra / Extr @

In the list of the first is the comedy, short series Extra, founded by British filmmakers. Funny and funny sitcoms in different languages ​​will captivate everyone with their simplicity, uncomplicated plot and accessible for understanding communication of the main characters. They speak slowly, clearly and measuredly, which will allow them to master and understand the essence of the plot.

Peppa Pig

Watching the funny, children's animated series "Peppa Pig" in English will also be a great guide for beginners. Short episodes lasting about 5 minutes will make the viewing interesting and informative. The presentation style and vocabulary of the characters is extremely simple and understandable, which will undoubtedly help the viewer to learn the basics of the language.

TV shows for basic intermediate level

Alf / alf

An interesting and useful series, filled with positive and humor, will allow you not only to replenish your vocabulary with phrases in a foreign language, but also provide a good mood. The central character Alf and his friends speak in natural speech and simple phrases that can be understood by the owner of a basic level.

Garbage / Misfits

A peculiar and original series, saturated with a positive atmosphere and a varied plot. Thanks to watching, English students will be able to learn to recognize various American accents and even hear profanity and the most common expressions in society.

Chorus / Glee

Quite often, for easier learning and perception of a foreign language, people resort to the help of music. In addition to studying, she demonstrates an amazing result and teaches the recognition of lyrics by ear. The series "Chorus" in a musical style will help to acquire certain skills and overcome the language barrier by interweaving songs and dialogue of heroes.

TV shows for the middle intermediate level


The comedy youth series "Friends", consisting of dialogs, conversations, interesting expressions and colloquial speech of the modern generation, will undoubtedly become an indispensable assistant in learning English. Young children spend time daily in cafes, talking on various topics, discussing comic stories and funny situations from life. Between the dialogs there are fleeting breaks that allow you to rethink the meaning of the said phrases.

Lost / Lost

The action-packed and eventful series in the original format will be an excellent tool for consolidating the material covered. The actions of the main characters, who are in extreme conditions and speak different languages, will contribute to the visual imagination and understanding of what is at stake. Bright special effects will complement the overall picture and make viewing interesting.

TV Series for Advanced

Dr. House / M.D.

The story of the capable and talented Doctor House will not only captivate the audience with an exciting plot, but also allow you to take a fresh look at the knowledge of English. Everyone will be able to expand their horizons and learn many vast, common phrases. After all, the series is filled with medical terms and scientific facts in a foreign language.

Sex and the City

Young, but cheerful and active friends continue to reflect on the topic of sex, personal relationships, and share vivid impressions with each other, opening the viewer to the world of phrasal verbs. The series lacks abstruse phrases, complex terms, and scientific facts. Here, in each series, simple, colloquial speech, fraught with problems and personal experiences of the heroines.

Game of Thrones

The historical series is very difficult in the perception, understanding of vocabulary and communication of characters. It is suitable only for viewers with the highest level of English. Experienced students can broaden their horizons and practice declining sentences. Indeed, in the picture there are a lot of historical terms and clever phrases that only a real English-speaking pro can understand.