The second season of the series "Very Strange Things": the trailer, plot details and the main characters

Will the storyline remain the same, who will be involved in the filming and whether a girl named Eleven will appear on the screen for those who are looking forward to the premiere of the second season of the series “Very Strange Things”, we have gathered all the known details into one text. Those who first hear about Stranger Things are told what this series is about and why it is so popular.

When will the second season come out and what will it be about

The trailer for the new season appeared on the ubiquitous YouTube on July 22. But before the premiere of the first episodes of the second season, you will have to wait a few months - they will be shown on Netflix on October 31.
The storyline is still unknown, but fans of the series still add up a puzzle of excerpts from various interviews with the film crew. So, recently the director of Stranger Things, John Levy, admitted in an interview with a journalist that the second season of the series will be even more confusing and worse. Now it’s clear why the premiere will be held in Halloween - it’s difficult to choose a more suitable date for such a mystical story. In addition, he hinted that the audience will be surprised not only by the flight of the scriptwriter's thoughts, but also by the technologies that will be used during the shooting, as well as the colossal budget, which will undoubtedly affect the quality of the picture.

It is known that the second season will be a logical continuation of the first - the same story, only stuffed with new details and angles, the same heroes. The action will unfold in the same town a year later. Boy Will is trying to adapt to a normal life, without mysticism, adventure and a girl named Eleven. It is not easy to have Nancy - Mike's sister. But everything would be fine if it were not for the new horror in their small provincial town. What will happen there and who will be the next monster - we will obviously find out no earlier than autumn.

For those who did not watch the first season

The first season of the series "Very Strange Things" was released in the summer of 2016 and immediately made a splash. Everyone liked him - both the avid serial fans, hungry for good stories, and random inexperienced viewers. What is the success of the picture? It can be assumed that in the cast. Adults were clearly hooked by Winona Ryder's unsurpassed game, adolescents - the beginning and very bright actress Millie Bobby Brown (played the role of Eleven). And indeed the topic is very close to the younger generation - after all, the main characters are no more than 14 years old.

The series takes place in the godforsaken American town of Hawkins, not far from which the secret government research center is located. True, for the time being, local residents do not know what is happening behind the well-guarded fence of the center. The ostentatious idyll persisted until a small shaved bald girl appeared in the city, claiming that her name was Eleven and that she had lived her entire conscious life outside the walls of this strange scientific building. Eleven - a girl is not simple, but with special skills that are not subject to a simple person. But this is not the most interesting. It turns out that during sophisticated scientific experiments, laboratory staff opened the door to the other world, which is run by a bloodthirsty monster. What happened next - we will not tell, otherwise we can not do without spoilers.

Why you should watch this series

Yes, if only because there is no one indifferent to it. It was appreciated by film critics, and experts, and viewers. So, on the account of “Very Strange Things” - several prestigious awards at once. Here is the US Producers Guild Award, and the Golden Globe. The main actors, growing up right before their eyes, also made a considerable sensation, and not only in the film industry. For example, 13-year-old Millie Bobby Brown, who played Eleven, starred in the video of the British band The xx for the song "I Dare You". By the way, if you want to check out this track not on YouTube, but live - this is quite real. And for this you do not need to travel abroad. So, the concert booking company "concert-agent", specializing in bringing stars of Russian and foreign pop, is ready to fulfill this task. What stars are they ready to bring - read the link.

Mythology of the series "Very Strange Things"

In the series, as in any okolomistic history, there is a mythology of its own that has no reference to the real world. To understand it, just know a few concepts.
In the first season, the reverse side is repeatedly mentioned. So the guys call the other world, another dimension. This is a city turned inside out. In appearance, it is no different from the real one - the same streets and buildings. But, despite this, the flip side is a dangerous place. Here you can stumble upon the huge roots-tentacles, which at any moment can swallow you, face the same terrible monster and not only.

Also in the series is mentioned Demogorgon. So the main characters called the monster that lives on the Reverse. This monster is dangerous because it has learned to move between dimensions, and each time during a sortie into the normal world it takes with it one of the inhabitants of the town. In fact, the name Demogorgon is a reference to the popular board game Dungeons & Dragons, which the boys are passionate about.

Will your favorite characters return to the screens

All the heroes we love in the first season will appear in the second. Even Eleven will be there - and no longer with a shaved head, but quite a normal girl’s hairdo. But there is an intrigue: in the second season of “Very Strange Things” three new charismatic characters will appear at once.