10 series about doctors that fans of the "Clinic" and "House Doctor" will like

On your favorite TV series list is the story of a brilliant diagnostician, drug addict and insensitive cynic Gregory House, who can diagnose any patient? Have you been reviewing the adventures of the interns team - JD, Grater and Eliot? Or maybe you like to fight with the heroes of the series on solving the most complex medical puzzles and look at the world through the eyes of experienced doctors? We have chosen 10 more series about the work of doctors who are not inferior in quality to the "Clinic" and "Doctor House".


Date of filming: from 1994 to 2000.

15 seasons, 331 episodes.

The script of the pilot series was written based on the real story of Michael Crichton (he was later appointed executive producer of the series), which happened in the seventies: Michael worked for several months as a trainee doctor in the emergency room.

The series tells about the doctors of a Chicago hospital, whose workdays are closely intertwined with personal life. Today they heroically save someone's life, and tomorrow they fall in love, get married, get divorced or weave intrigues. The series will tell why strangers sometimes do much more for each other than relatives. And he will explain why sometimes medical errors occur. The series will tell why strangers sometimes do much more for each other than relatives. And he will explain why sometimes medical errors occur. The most important thing is not to be distracted while watching and closely monitor the development of the storyline. To do this, you should choose normal services for online viewing, for example, those that show movies without annoying advertising.

"Anatomy of passion"

Date of filming: from 2005 to the present day.

13 seasons, 292 series.

At the center of the storyline is a young female surgeon working in Seattle City Hospital, as well as her colleagues. The main characters fall in love and part, gain and lose, overcome themselves and help those who are dear to them. And despite everything, they go to their dream of becoming doctors.

Knickerbocker Hospital

Date of filming: 2014.

2 seasons, 20 episodes.

A good American drama series that can be watched over the weekend. The head doctor-addict, the beginning of the new century, the lack of such advanced technologies as a laser scalpel or computed tomography, racial discrimination, separation of the poor and the rich ... We will see in what conditions the doctors worked and how people were treated / died when the yard was 1900. The time when medicine was just beginning its journey as a scientific discipline, and therefore the main task of doctors was to find a method of treatment, rather than making a diagnosis, as in "House House".

"Body parts"

Date of filming: from 2003 to 2010.

6 seasons, 100 episodes.

This series is about two unique plastic surgeons who shred and turn Miami residents into beautiful women. They have one private clinic for two, but they are not only business partners, but also very good friends. The series reflects psychological problems that are worth considering. Interpersonal relations, family troubles, intrigues, crimes. Sex, beautiful life, expensive cars, perfect faces ...

"Notes of a young doctor"

Date of filming: 2012-2013.

Filmed two seasons, 8 episodes.

Great series for Sunday. Everything is fine here: the fact that the basis was the work of the Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov, and the fact that the young doctor is played by the young Daniel Radcliffe. The series tells about the beginning doctor Vladimir Bomgard, who goes to treat people in a small village forgotten by God.

"Damn service at MES hospital"

Date of filming: from 1972 to 1983.

11 seasons, 251 episodes.

A very popular in the near-medical environment series, telling about a team of surgeons who are forced to work in a mobile military hospital. Outside is the mid-fifties, the height of the Korean War. The series is completely built on humor, because this is the foundation that allows doctors to fulfill their duty in hellish conditions and at the same time not go crazy.

Green Wing

Date of filming: 2004-2006.

2 seasons, 18 episodes.

The British sitcom talks about the staff of a fictional hospital. But despite the fact that the main battles are unfolding within the walls of the hospital, one should not expect difficult medical puzzles - the whole plot is built on the relationship of doctors with each other, and not on their work.

"Medical investigation"

Date of filming: 2004-2005.

Season 1, 20 episodes.

An ideal choice for those who like to solve puzzles with the heroes of the series and look for solutions to difficult medical cases. On the screen we will see how a team of doctors investigates dozens of cases of sudden atypical diseases of people.


Date of filming: from 2015 to the present day.

2 seasons, 34 episodes.

The series tells about the work of doctors at the Los Angeles Hospital. Each series is a struggle for someone's life. The main thing is to unravel what actually a person is sick with ...

"London Hospital"

Date of filming: 2008.

Season 1, four episodes.

The mini-series will take us a hundred years ago and tell us about the progressive London hospital, which for a long time remained the last and only hope of the slum dwellers. The time when penicillin, antibiotics, contraceptives were not yet invented.