February's 8 most anticipated returns: Hundred, Bates Motel, Billions, and more

"They were confused in the hospital"

Premiere Date: 1st of February

The final fifth season will consist of 10 episodes. The final series of the Freeform TV channel will show on March 28. The series tells about the life of two teenage girls who were confused at birth at the hospital. According to the classics of the genre, the daughter of wealthy parents was raised all this time by a single mother. But the girl who was destined to grow up in ascetic conditions, all this time did not know the worries, living in luxury. But one day they meet and find out the truth ...

What will be shown in the fifth season: Daphne and Bay returning from China are waiting for a big surprise - the wedding of Toby and Lily. Regina will have an even younger boyfriend, and Daphne and her boyfriend Mingo come into conflict with black classmates. Bay at this time is waiting for a difficult choice between Travis and ex-boyfriend Emmett, so she slightly regrets her return home.

"A hundred"

Premiere Date: 1st of February

The fourth season, which will premiere in a few days, will consist of 14 episodes. The latest series will be shown on The CW on April 26th. Recall, the series tells about the events that occurred 97 years after a nuclear explosion destroyed our planet as a result of a deadly atomic war. There are few survivors and they are all in space, aboard the spacecraft. Once the main ones decide to send one hundred juvenile delinquents to the land scorched by radiation. With this, it all starts ...

What will be shown in the fourth season: he will move into the category of central characters, and the Moon will return even stronger than Lexa who died in the previous season. She will be closely associated with Murphy, but she will not yet be ready to fully trust him or his team. Perhaps it is she who will help people survive the second Apocalypse. By the way, critics foretell that the fourth season will be one of the most cruel and bloody in the history of the series "Hundred."


Premiere Date: 1st of February

The second season of space thriller fiction will consist of 13 episodes. He, like the first season, is imbued with the spirit of the old old science fiction. The events of the series unfold after two hundred lei tell about a detective who is investigating the murder of a young woman. During the investigation, he appears on board the starship, whose captain decides to help him unwind the ball and find the killer.

What will be shown in the second season: fans of the series will see the red planet and meet a new hero, a kind of Martian Bobby Draper performed by Frankie Adams ("Wentworth").


Premiere Date: February 10th

The long-awaited fourth season will consist of 16 episodes. The final episode will be shown in mid-May. The series will take us to 1557 and tell about the life of Mary, Queen of Scotland, who was raised by nuns from an early age, and later married a calculating and soulless prince.

What will be shown in the fourth season: the new season of historical drama may put an end to the rivalry between Mary and Elizabeth, but the battle of the two queens is likely to end with the death of one of the key characters.


Premiere Date: 12th of February

The final sixth season of the American series will consist of 10 episodes. In the center of the storyline are several 20-year-old girls who are trying to survive in a big city. There are no expensive clothes, silk sheets and handsome men in expensive cars. Everything is as in life: truthfully and sincerely.

The ending of the series is kept secret. But it is known that friends will finally have to decide whether to continue together. Or maybe the moment has come when their paths should diverge?


Premiere Date: February 19th

The second season of the American drama, which tells about the confrontation of a Wall Street guy with a principal attorney, will consist of 12 episodes.

What will be shown in the second season: viewers will continue to watch the cat and mouse game between the two most powerful people in New York, which will be joined by a new character - the manager of an investment bank, one of the most influential financiers in the country.

Bates Motel

Premiere Date: February 20th

The fifth season will consist of 10 episodes. Series will be shown at intervals of one per week. The series tells about the Bates family. After the death of her husband, Norma Bates, together with her son, moves to a small quiet town and buys a small motel. This 360-degree purchase turns their lives around.

What will be shown in the fifth season: we will see events that occurred two years after the end of the fourth season. Matured Norman lives a double life. For most of the inhabitants of the town, he is an ordinary guy leading an ordinary life. But when Norman crosses the threshold of his house, something is wrong with his psyche. And violent mental attacks are just the beginning ...


Premiere Date: February 21

The second season of the comedy series, which tells about the adventures of a typical American family, will consist of 13 half-hour episodes.

What will be shown in the second season: The Parker family moves to New York, where Nate has the prospect of stunning career growth. Otherwise, everything will remain the same: a loser dad, a fool son, a cool mom and a smart little daughter. And also the sister of the main character, watching over a dying cat. Only the scenery will change, and their adventures on a large city scale will become even funnier.

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