10 films that make you believe in happiness

If you want to know what happiness is, how it looks, what it smells and what it tastes like, then pay attention to these ten touching films that we have carefully prepared for you.


Amelie Poulin does not like living in reality, so she comes up with exciting stories day after day, imagines that she lives in a fairy tale. So every person with whom Amelie meets turns out to be a hero of an incredible story, although he himself does not suspect this. This beautiful and unusual girl is looking for happiness in the details, those details that others do not notice, and it really works!

Little Miss Happiness

Olive Hoover is a smiling, wonderful girl whose dream is to go to the Little Miss Happiness contest and win. The problem is that no one in the family wants to help her with this. Mother and father are too passionate about their quarrels, the brother decided to accept a silence dinner, and his uncle had just come back after a suicide attempt. Only grandfather is ready to help Olive, but will they succeed?

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is a big daredevil, good-natured person, and a bastard. He miraculously succeeds in this life! He is able to run faster than anyone, and earn millions without much effort, and conquer the peaks. It is only a pity that the girl whom he loves so much does not want to connect his life with him for many decades. And life without it is completely empty for Forrest and does not bring any pleasure ...

Always say yes"

Karl Allen was painfully dissatisfied with his life, so he constantly vegetated in the darkest depression, not finding the strength to get out of this situation. But once, in an attempt to improve his own life, he decided to respond positively to all the proposals of the universe. Of course, this brought him a lot of inconvenience! However, a little time passed, and Karl felt much better.

Midnight in Paris

Gil Pender is a successful Hollywood screenwriter. He makes good money, is going to marry a delightful woman, and goes on a pre-honeymoon trip to Paris. It would seem, what to complain about? That's just Gil's dream is to write not second-rate dummies for the big screen, but deep and serious novels, like Fitzgerald and Hemingway. Will he be able to do what he really wants?

I would be in heaven

If Ryan Bingham himself spoke to you, then everything is very bad, because it is he who is responsible for the dismissal. This person is an excellent specialist, even a true professional. To do this, Ryan sacrificed everything: family, friends, youth, good mood and dreams. All that now fills his life is an endless professional race, frequent flights, meetings with one-day people. Few people realize how unhappy Ryan Bingham is ...

Highway 60

Neil Oliver is an attractive young man from a wealthy family. He has money at his disposal, he sees prospects ahead, and a man plans to go hand in hand with his beautiful bride to meet future achievements. But Neal is still unhappy. At night, he sees in dreams a girl who again and again offers him a meeting on Route 60 ...

Truman Show

Truman always thought that he was the most ordinary person, no worse and no better than others. But once a man began to guess that something was wrong with his life. It turned out that he is the main character of the most beloved show of the Americans, literally from birth to the present day. How is it possible to accept that all life is a production, and all the people around are actors? Is every event just a move planned by professional scriptwriters? So Truman has no idea what to do next ...

Until I played in the box

Edward and Carter are roommates. Doctors admitted that they had only a short time to live, and, unfortunately, nothing can be done about it. The cronies decided not to vegetate the last weeks in the gray hospital room, but to do whatever they want. They have at their disposal a sea of ​​Edward’s money and Carter’s ideology. So why not jump with a parachute, take part in races and finally climb Mount Everest?

The Pursuit of Happyness

Chris Gardner, like many other people, dreamed of wealth, so he decided to go through difficult training and become a successful broker. The problem is that the training, which lasts for six months, will be unpaid, it will not even work out with other work, and Chris has a five-year-old son and a whole bunch of bills for the apartment. He has to wander around the shelters, hide from those who owe money, and live with the idea that one day it will all end. But will it end?