7 exciting series about police workdays

Investigation of high-profile crimes, search for evidence, checking an alibi, chasing suspects, night shifts ... Working in law enforcement agencies is not a matter of sitting in the office. Everyday life of police and investigators is full of complicated stories, each of which can easily become the plot for an exciting film or series. Maybe that is why everyone is so interested to watch their life and work from the side? For those who have little action in their own lives, as well as for lovers of detective puzzles, we have chosen 7 domestic TV shows about police everyday life. Are you looking?


The series tells about the most atypical policeman you can imagine. Major, the son of wealthy parents, a carefree playboy - any of these characteristics will suit Igor Sokolovsky’s personality. And then one day his parents sent him for some misconduct for re-education - not to the Maldives, but to a real police station. And do not serve a sentence, but work for the benefit of ordinary citizens. They do not expect the young major at all. Colleagues in every possible way tease him, openly mock him. Only now Sokolovsky begins to change right before his eyes. The wrong side of the life that he sees, working in law enforcement, is fundamentally changing his life.

Streets of Broken Lights

It's hard to find a person who has never heard of this series. Casanova, Larin, Dukalis ... These names in our country have long become common nouns. They are not detectives, not Sherlocks, not special agents. They are ordinary cops that rely only on savvy and intuition. Total filmed 16 seasons. And each series is a separate detective investigation. Gangster Peter and the dashing nineties create a special atmosphere around the storyline, against which all these stories unfold.


The series is suitable for those who cringe from one memory of the nineties and gang warfare. Filming took place from 2008 to 2011, and the plot unfolds around the same time. "Capercaillie" is the story of two colleagues, two childhood friends, captain Sergei Glukharev and PPS-nickname (patrol officer) Denis Antoshin. They are far from the most exemplary policemen - they take bribes and constantly cross the line of the law. But at the same time, Glukharev and Antonin are the best in their field. They are too tough for the most deaf and hopeless crime.

Cop wars

Two thousandths. The senior opera of the St. Petersburg Organized Crime Control Department, Roman Shilov, is trusted to head the "killer" criminal investigation department. This is where it all starts. Shilov is a man as a man. He likes to eat, flirt with beautiful women, have a good rest. At the same time, a real ace in his field. He is respected not only by colleagues and subordinates, but also by criminal authorities. It would seem that everything is clear with this. Not quite a law-abiding cop, dark deeds ... Only Shilov serves ordinary people. And a professional team helps him in this justice.


This series undeservedly passed by many. And in vain. The plot twist is not inferior to all of the above projects. Wild is police captain Alexander Dichenko. A very difficult person, quick-tempered, with a complex character - hence the nickname. He does not stand on ceremony with anyone, especially with criminals. For the next excess of official authority, the authorities send him into exile - to a tiny provincial town. Management hopes the outback will reassure the exuberant captain. But it was not there…

Policeman from Rublevka

The plot of the series “Policeman from Rublevka” is remotely somewhat similar to “Wild.” There is also a policeman here, he is also with a steep disposition, he also does not stand on ceremony with anyone. But on this, perhaps, all the similarities end. The policeman Grisha works not in the outback, but in Rublevka. The main object of his attacks is not some gangster, but his own boss. I wonder how the deal will end. Will the police authorities manage to curb their arrogant but smart employee?


Do you want to watch anything about cops, operas and police majors? Then feel free to turn on Kamenskaya. It is difficult to find a person who will not come across this good old series. The main character is an analyst at the MUR, police major Anastasia Kamenskaya. She investigates every criminal case with amazing painstakingness, not even suspecting that such vigilance to details puts her own life at risk.

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