Jim Carrey's 11 Best Roles

Jim Carrey never received an Oscar, but in vain, because he is the only one in Hollywood who is able to make viewers cry with laughter and at the same time sob from the dramatic moment. There are a lot of cool films in his acting piggy bank, and you can break your brain by choosing which one is the best. Therefore, in today's selection - 11 of the best roles of Jim Carrey according to our team. And you will be surprised to learn that on this list there are not only films, but also a series.

Mask / The Mask

Stanley Ipkins is a bank employee who is tired of his predictable, minute-by-minute life. Complexes do not allow him to strive for some heights and radically change everyday life. But everything changes at the moment when a green mask appears in his hands, which turns him into an invulnerable, bold and bold hero, capable of absolutely anything.

The Cable Guy / Cable Guy

Chip Douglas is a weird guy who works as a cable guy. Once life brings him together with a man named Steve Kovacs, who he likes literally from the first minute, so Chip makes attempts to make friends. Soon a strong contact is made between them. But Chip belatedly understands that this connection can be deadly ...

Liar Liar

Fletcher Reed is a talented and successful lawyer whom clients adore. A noticeable minus of this person is the constant lies to absolutely everyone, starting with colleagues and ending with his wife and son. It is the latter, little Max, who makes the assumption that his father ceases to be a liar. The wish comes true ...

The Truman Show

It seemed to Truman that he was living the most ordinary, ordinary life. But once it seems to him that the whole world around him is a decoration, and the people nearby are actors. Suspicions are confirmed, Truman’s life is a television series watched by millions of viewers around the world ...

Me, I, and Irene again / Me, Myself & Irene

Charlie is a good guy, always ready to help and help with something. Hank is an aggressive and cruel type who hates when people try to put pressure on him. Surprisingly, Charlie and Hank are one person suffering from a split personality. Once they both fall in love with one girl ...

Bruce Almighty

Bruce Nolan is a well-known news anchor. He does not like this work, he wants to be a channel host. An unexpected dismissal drives a man out of his rut, he scolds God with all his might, and that, surprisingly, descends from heaven and offers Bruce to become omnipotent, to take the post of creator of the universe for a week or two. What will come of this?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Joel and Clementine were happy together long ago, but over time this relationship has become obsolete. Living apart is not easy, so they decide to turn to specialists who can permanently erase the memory of this romantic relationship using a special computer. However, already in the process, Joel realizes that she does not want to say goodbye to these feelings ...

Lemony Snickett: 33 misfortunes / A Series of Unfortunate Events

Violet, Klaus and Sunny are small children who were left without parents and at home. A terrible fire took them away. Their new guardian is appointed a certain Count Olaf, an evil and treacherous monster, interested only in obtaining the wealth of these kids, which they inherited.

The Number 23

Walter Sparrow buys a book for himself, a novel called Number 23, and discovers that he describes his life. With each page, it gets worse and worse, because this cannot be a coincidence ...

Always say yes man

Karl Allen suffers from depression and so everyone says no. He ignores family, friends, loved ones, and visitors. And because of this, it loses many opportunities to improve its life. But one day he makes a bet on which he must agree to respond to any opportunity and any offer.

Just kidding

Jeff, known as Mr. Pickles works on television. He leads children's programs and enjoys great success, as an example of a kind and wise person. But once a man’s life changes, failure follows failure, and he feels himself literally falling to pieces. And there is no one to help.