9 boring series about the life of musicians

Think carefully before reading our selection today. There is a risk that after watching these series you will want to quit your dull work at the office for five days and buy a guitar.

Flight of the Conchords


The series tells the story of a real folk band from New Zealand, or rather, two guys who are just starting to make music. They live in the same apartment, break from a penny to a penny, rehearse a lot, hold concerts ... In the future, they will be famous, but now ... I would like to say special thanks for the soundtracks, each song is a real hit.

Life as a show / Smash


This is not even a series, but a dramatic musical stretched over several seasons. The plot focuses on the production of the Broadway musical "Bomb" based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. They are very different - sincere and not very, dreamers and cynics. But all have one goal in common: to play in such a way that their musical becomes famous on Broadway.



There is little music in this series, but a lot of details about the lives of employees and owners of the popular music label. The head of a successful corporation learns about his deadly diagnosis and decides to choose the main heir who will continue the work of his life. This leads to great family drama.

Mozart in the Jungle


Sex, drugs and music are the three main ingredients of this series. He will immerse you in the backstage life of talented musicians from New York who are building a career and make a bunch of mistakes. The background to all this, of course, is classical music.

Trimey / Treme


The ruins of New Orleans, destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, the local, mostly local population, trying to somehow restore life after the flood, and music. There is no drama or bitter love stories in this series, but there is a lot of music that helps ordinary people cope with life's difficulties.

Vinyl / Vinyl


We don’t even know what is cooler - the plot, cast or soundtracks. Under the hoarse whisper of Janis Joplin and painfully familiar tunes of the seventies, the life of the general manager of a recording studio unfolds on the screen, which can not decide whether to sell the fading business, or start all over again and try to put the company on its feet.

Annealing / The Get Down


Dedicated to all lovers of the good old hip-hop. Imagine: the seventies, the poor New York region, a teenage girl dreaming of stage and fame, a classmate in love with her with the makings of a hip hopster, a religious monster father, and around them the darkest ghetto, with drugs, weapons and an underground business .

Nashville / Nashville


This series is recommended to all lovers of Johnny Cash. There is absolutely nothing about this singer, but every scene is saturated with the spirit of his country-style music. In the center of the plot is the life of a country singer, whose career is gradually disappearing. She has to fight for the stage and the audience with a young rival, simultaneously solving big and small family dramas.

Losers (Chorus) / Glee


The series tells about the everyday life of the most ordinary school choir. When it began to form, the first thing they called losers. Gradually, with the popularity of the choir, other guys began to join the losers. Together, with the help of music and theatrical performances, students began to resist stereotypes and generally accepted principles.

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