9 scary series making their way to shiver

Scary - this is not about dismemberment, blood and the dead. The directors and scriptwriters have long learned to wrap themselves in a web of fear, while avoiding cheap tricks from third-rate horror films. It seems that the usual story with ordinary people unfolds on the screen, but in the middle of the next series, you understand that the goosebumps of fear are treacherously running through your skin. What will happen on the screen in the next second? What awaits the main character around the bend? What crazy guy came up with this story? We chose 9 scariest TV showsafter which you are unlikely to sleep normally.

American Horror Story

Movie Search: 8.0 / IMDb: 8.1

The series is an anthology in which the most popular horror stories are originally played out, such as a bad house, horrors in a psychiatric hospital, killer clowns, and so on. It is noteworthy that in each new story, the viewer sees all the same actors in a variety of roles.

Scary tales

Cinema Search: 7.5 / IMDb: 8.2

The British live buried under their everyday problems and obligations, not even suspecting that dark creatures, known to everyone only from various fairy tales, feed on their life energy. Ethan is an adventurer, on whose shoulders lies a responsible mission, and on his difficult path he will meet many serious obstacles. He is threatened by a meeting with Dorian Gray and Dr. Frankenstein, whose monster is wandering somewhere free.

The walking Dead

Movie Search: 8.0 / IMDb: 8.4

Rick Grimes, a former sheriff who now leads a small squad of surviving people in the midst of the zombie apocalypse, hopes to find a more or less safe place to live. But the living dead are everywhere and all they want to do is kill people and eat their brains. Every day they become more and more, because the virus spreads by airborne droplets. How can Rick protect his family and loved ones if at every turn they face a mortal danger? There is absolutely nowhere to wait for help ...


Movie Search: 8.0 / IMDb: 8.6

Will Graham is a talented profiler who can understand the thinking and feel the emotions of any person, including a merciless killer. That is why he works for the FBI and is involved in the most complex investigations. Dr. Lecter is a cannibal and a murderer who gets away with all crimes. For all people, he is only a talented psychiatrist, ready at any time to come to the rescue. Once they meet, and Will asks the doctor to help him figure out one confusing matter ...


Movie Search: 6.9 / IMDb: 7.4

Efraim Goodweather learns that an airplane has landed at the airport. The light is off, the doors are closed, no one shows signs of life. Nevertheless, there are survivors - as many as four people who have a poor idea of ​​what happened to them during a long flight. The bodies of the dead are carefully studied, but the process is braked when they begin to disappear without a trace. The investigation is at an impasse, but the fact that the city is in serious danger is very obvious to everyone ...

Bates Motel

Cinema Search: 7.6 / IMDb: 8.2

Norma Bates survived the death of her husband and decided to start life from scratch in a quiet, very calm town. She invests all her money in a small motel, definitely capable of generating any kind of profit, and a house where she settles immediately with her son Norman. It seems to them that from this moment a normal, good life will begin, but this town has many terrible secrets, in which both Norma and Norman will have to plunge headlong ...

Black mirror

Movie Search: 8.5 / IMDb: 8.9

Each episode of this series is a separate and complete story, but the general motive is unchanged. All plots, one way or another, are associated with the dangers and harm of rapid technological progress. Heroes are faced with difficult life situations, get involved in dubious adventures and face a difficult choice. Typical horror screamers are not here, but this is only worse ...


Cinema Search: 7.6 / IMDb: 8.2

Spouses Rand are sure that their daughter is obsessed with evil forces. Of course, they would not succeed in expelling them on their own, so they come to the priest Thomas and ask for his help. He is young, inexperienced, so he is afraid to blunder, but he cannot refuse spouses. Fortunately, it was then that he met a skilled exorcist named Marcus. It’s hard to communicate due to different views of the world, but, nevertheless, it is necessary. The demon continues to confidently parasitize on a young girl and do evil in its purest form ...

Very strange things

Movie Search: 8.5 / IMDb: 8.9

In a calm and tiny Hawkins, there has long been no crime. All residents know each other, live in peace and harmony. But once, little Will Byers disappears, which at first amazes all the inhabitants of the city immeasurably, and then is very scary. It turns out that it’s time to close the doors to all the locks and not let children walk around in the yard without supervision?

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