9 powerful films about those who have become rich

Who at least once before going to bed or alone with himself did not dream of fabulous wealth? Someone wants to find a case with money, someone becomes the head of a large corporation, someone even wants to rob a bank. Yes, and everyone has their own plans for big money, someone has clean ones, but someone hasn’t. Filmmakers with enviable constancy make films about those who were able to make a huge fortune. Some of the heroes of the film are fictional characters, some are real people, but each of them, definitely, has a lot to learn.

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

The story of a young guy who in his short life managed to find out all the charms of a destitute life. A resident of the most terrible Indian slums manages to get on a popular show, but when he has only one step to win and a lot of money, then the cops burst into the studio and accuse the young man of fraud.
In justification, the guy talks about his life and about how he, the simple uneducated guy, knows the answers to all questions from.
I think it’s not worth taking this picture seriously, it is not a textbook for those who want to make money. Rather, this is a good fairy tale, which is so lacking in real life.

Catch Me If You Can (2002)

The film is about an adventurer, about the master of transformation. He was able to develop and implement a scam that brought him countless wealth. Should I take an example from a character? Unlikely. But you need to watch a movie, if only in order to enjoy DiCaprio's excellent game and a cool twisted plot.

Social Network (2010)

This is not just a feature film, it is the life story of the legendary Zuckerberg (founder of the social network Facebook). In his student years, Mark and his fellow classmates created a network that in the future made them the youngest multimillionaires.
If in life it turned out that many openly dislike the real Zuckerberg, then almost everyone loved the movie character. Of course, this happened thanks to the unique game of the talented Eisenberg.
There is a lot to learn in the film, because it deals not only with financial matters, but also with the importance of living in harmony with others, respecting people and not having enemies.

Areas of Darkness (2011)

The film is about how to make money without doing anything. True, he is not about scammers and robbers, but about the miracle pill that we all dream of.
Eddie is an ordinary loser and a bummer. One day, a guy manages to lose his job and girlfriend. Such changes lead Eddie to depression. Everything changes after the loser meets an old friend who has the same pill.
Eddie, taking the latest nootropic drug, reveals all the hidden possibilities and becomes a perfect person.
The film received recognition from the audience, so the producers decided to create a series based on its motives.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

A biographical picture that tells about the life of Jordan Belfort. In 1987, Jordan, while still a very young guy, opens a brokerage office. Knowledge of a market economy and the ability to persuade help a guy make a million-dollar fortune.
Can Belfort be an example to follow? Probably, maybe, but not by working methods. It’s impossible to call a young broker honest, he was involved in money laundering and other financial frauds.
The film clearly shows how big money can affect a person and his life. After all, becoming successful and wealthy, Jordan began to waste himself on parties and drugs.

Scarface (1983)

A film that fully reflects the essence of what power, money, impunity are. Tony Montana, the hero of this film, made his fortune from the misfortunes of others, tears and deaths. Tony began his career with a beggar dishwasher and ended with criminal authority.
The film shows that big and dirty money has two sides. Money opens the door to high society, unties its hands, erases many borders. But at the same time, how can a person be called free who can be shot in the forehead at any time? Is it worth taking an example from Tony - let everyone decide for himself.

The Great Gatsby (2013)

The picture is based on the novel by the great American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald. A very good film, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, starting with costumes and ending with the script.
Gatsby is a man who made himself, he was able to get out of poverty and become very rich. Gatsby was a great incentive for love, only through love could he become what he became. The main thing for a man is the smile of his lover, and for her sake he is ready to give all his fortune.

Jobs: Empire of Temptation (2013)

Steve Jobs is a legendary man that everyone admires. A biographical film in full colors conveys the life of this ingenious person. The genius of our time - it’s simply impossible to call Jobs otherwise; he created a huge empire without anything.
But at the same time, on the example of Jobs, one can clearly see how a lot of money spoils a person, erases family ties and respect for others.
The film is especially interesting for those who are interested in Jobs as a person, because the film contains a lot of reliable facts from his life.

In pursuit of happiness (2006)

A wonderful and truly life-like film that will tell you what love is, family, how to achieve a goal, not to lose faith in yourself and in a dream.
The important thing in this film is that the whole story is built on the life events of a real person, Chris Gardner. Finding himself in a difficult situation, with a child in his arms, almost without a roof over his head, the man does not give up and confidently strides towards the intended goal.

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