The most controversial photos of the post-Soviet Artek

June 16, 1925 in the Crimea opened children's camp "Artek". The first shift was attended by 80 pioneers from Moscow, Ivanovo-Voznesensk and Crimea. The very next year, Artek was visited by the first foreign delegation - pioneers from Germany. At first, the guys lived in canvas tents. Later, light plywood houses were built on the shore. In the 1930s, thanks to the winter building built in the upper park, Artek was gradually transferred to year-round work.

We offer you to see a selection of photos of Claudine Dory (Claudine doury), which is a member of the "VU" agency. She chose two main topics for her reports - the study of changes in Eastern Europe, as well as the metamorphosis of the youthful period of life.

In 2004, Paris published a book by Claudine "Artek - in the summer in the Crimea", which contains photographs taken by a Frenchwoman from 1994 to 2003. Perhaps this series is perhaps the only selection of photographs about Artek's real life. There are no boring staged photos, dry and formal. All pictures of Claudine - this is a true story about Artek's life, about growing up and subtle experiences.

Some photos of Claudine were absolutely delighted, others subjected them to crushing criticism. As one counselor said: “It's just awful! Her children in clothes are lying on bedspreads on beds! Moreover, they also play cards” ... And five years after the album was released, it happened that he appeared in a scandalous case of corruption children by the camp administration, passing as evidence. Ukrainian psychologists reproached Dory for taking a series of photographs for "adults prone to pedophilia."

Sveta, 1994
Gurzuf settlement, 2003
Vasya, 1994
Sasha, 2003
Camp "Cypress", 1999
Camp "River", covered beds for children. 1994 year
Irina, 2003
Pasha, 1994
Camp "River", 2003
Sasha, 2003
Camp "Azure", 2003
Philip, 2002
Masha, 2003
Igor and Tanya, 1994
Amber Camp, 1994
Winners, 1999
Camp "Cypress", 1994
Yacht Club, 1994
Yacht Club, 1999
Camp "River", 1994
Sergey and Lena, 1994
Natasha, 2002
Pool, 2003
Beach, 2003
Nastya, 2003
Camp "River", 2003
Camp "Field", 1994
Camp "River", 2003
Katya and Oksana, 2002
Andrey and Serezha, 2002
Katya, 2002
Julia and Dasha, 2002
Lisa and Kolya, 2002
Camp "River", 2003
Camp "Cypress", 2002
Camp "Azure", 2002
Alina, 2002
Camp "Field", 2003
Camp "River", 2003
Festival "Suzіr'ya", 2003
The Pink Elephant Group, 2003
The Pink Elephant Group, 2003

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