Portraits of people before and after drinking wine

Alcohol does not solve problems, but makes it possible to forget about their existence for a while. A few glasses of wine will not do harm, but they can perfectly cheer you up and tune in a positive way. This conclusion was made by the Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti (Marcos alberti) In his collection are portraits of people before and after drinking wine.

Photoproject received a simple and understandable name "3 Glasses Later", which literally means "After three glasses." The idea of ​​a photo project was born spontaneously at one of the parties when Marcos invited his friends to the studio. At the beginning of the evening, he made a series of portraits in which friends looked calm, but somewhat tired after working days. However, as soon as they drank a few glasses of wine, a sparkle appeared in their eyes, the smiles became sincere, and a fervent laughter was heard everywhere.

Watch the video: Portrait Of MaNe (April 2020).