13 difficult films about the life of adolescents

Adolescence is a difficult time that costs parents and surrounding nerves and gray hair. Even prosperous children can start throwing out amazing fortels. But some cases are especially severe.

Welcome to the Rileys, 2010

A drama in which Kristen Stewart demonstrated that she knows how to play, and not just portray a vampire.

An unusual drama produced by Tony and Ridley Scott. The Riley couple is literally crushed by the death of their daughter. Relations begin to crumble, they move away from each other, tormented by guilt. Lois grows old fears, leading to agarophobia, and her husband, Doug, seeks consolation on the side. Everything changes the meeting of Doug with Mallory, a 16-year-old prostitute, in which he sees the embodiment of his daughter. Perhaps caring for another human being is something that can unite a family. But does Mallory need their care?

Although the film is considered independent, it "picked up" stereotypes, known since the time of "Crime and Punishment." However, it is very interesting to look at Kristen Stewart in a completely new role for her. She did it fine.

Replacement Teacher / Detachment, 2011

The unusual role of Adrien Brody - he played a school teacher named Henry. Henry is a very specific person. Despite the fact that he clearly has the talent of a teacher, he prefers to be a replacement teacher. It’s simpler: there are fewer requirements for such teachers, which means less responsibility. And Henry is afraid of responsibility. And afraid of affection. It is better for him to remain alienated (literally the name of the film is translated as "alienation"). In the life of the hero there are no attachments, his only relative is his grandfather, and he lives in a nursing home. Everything can change when Henry meets a lost soul, prostitute Eric. And he will begin to work in the new school, where he will have to really tight. But perhaps these difficulties will finally awaken his feelings.

The film is quite heavy, its ending is ambiguous. In terms of atmosphere and plot, it is very reminiscent of "Dangerous Thoughts" with Michelle Pfeiffer. The film has an impressive cast: in addition to Brody, Brian Cranston, Christina Hendricks and Lucy Lew.

Something Wrong with Kevin / We Need to Talk About Kevin, 2011

A heavy film that once again will make parents think about what they are doing wrong. The picture made the star of Ezra Miller.

Most of the events are shown through the eyes of the heroine, Eve, the writer, whose son committed a monstrous crime that took the lives of several people. Going through episodes from her son’s life in her mind, Eve tries to understand: where did she make a mistake? When did something go wrong? Is it possible that Kevin was already born with some abnormalities, because he was always a strange child. And most importantly - what to do now, how to behave with your own child, who committed a monstrous act?

An incredibly heavy film that poses a lot of questions for the viewer, without giving answers. Great game of Tilda Swinton.

Grade Teacher / Fack ju Gohte, 2013

German comedy, and at the same time satire on school teachers.

The main character of the film, Zeki, has nothing to do with teaching activities. Just before his release, he buried money in the school yard. And while he was sitting, a gym was built on this place. Zeki is puzzled how to get into the school grounds, find and get money, and in the end decides to get a job at school. He was not embarrassed that there was only one vacancy - teachers. But in vain, because he gets a high school class, and this turns out to be the worst test in his life, even worse than prison!

In general, the film has enough cliches inherent in films about the school, but good humor and acting stretch the plot.

The Breakfast Club, 1985

The film is a phenomenon that has paid off at the box office 50 (!) Times, while receiving a negative reaction from critics. Which once again proves how scary film critics are from the people.

A chamber tragicomedy or drama about several hours in the life of schoolchildren, which they are forced to spend in the library writing a dull essay. This is the punishment they suffered for misconduct. The most annoying thing is that day is a day off. All of them are neither friends, nor even good friends. But in the process of communication open to each other.

One of the first frank films about teenagers, revealing unsightly things in their communication with parents: cruelty and misunderstanding of adults, high expectations, constant pressure and lack of attention. Despite the apparent lightness, the film was once highly social and drew attention to many trends in society related to adolescents. But even in our time, the film looks quite modern, despite the changing reality.

Mysterious Skin / 2004 Mysterious Skin

The film was directed by Gregg Araki, known for the series 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale, also on teenage themes.

The picture explores the impact of childhood trauma on later life: we are talking about two teenagers who, in childhood, were harassed by a trainer. One becomes a prostitute, and the psyche of the second completely erases the episode from memory. However, he cannot build a normal life. Each of them solves his own problem in his own way, but in reality only they can help each other.

The release of the film was accompanied by a scandal because of its frankness, the picture came out in a limited rental.

The Virgin Suicides (1999)

The first film of Sofia Coppola, the daughter of a famous director. The audience did not understand the film, but critics praised it to the skies, noting the accuracy and detail of the film adaptation of the novel by Jeffrey Eugenidis and the directorial style of the debutante.

One of the five sisters in a decent Catholic family, for some reason, is trying to kill herself. Retries, and she succeeds. Parents begin to closely monitor the remaining daughters, isolate them from society, creating an atmosphere of mystery and mystery around.

The painting resembles "Hanging Rock Picnic", where the form prevails over the content, and common sense is sacrificed to the atmosphere and beautiful picture.

Class / Klass, 2007

The drama of the Estonian director raises the important and painful topic of bullying at school and its consequences. The film was nominated for an Oscar as the best foreign language film.

The heroes of his tape are a school outcast and a popular guy who also found himself “on the other side of the barricades”. One day, going against the crowd, Casper himself becomes an object of persecution of his former friends. Without trying to solve the problem with the help of adults or in any other way, he and his new friend resort to extreme measures.

Many countries have taken safety measures to prevent school fire, but bullying remains one of the most serious school problems for which there is no solution.

Thirteen 2003

The picture of the “friendship” of two dissimilar schoolgirls is one exemplary student, who has good relations with her mother and, on the whole, a fairly prosperous family, and a girl who actually has no family. Each of them longs for what the other does not have. Tracy wants to be more interesting and relaxed, and Ivy wants to have a normal family. Friendship cannot be built on such a shaky foundation.

One of the first notable roles was Evan Rachel Wood and the good work of Holly Hunter, who received an Oscar nomination for her.

Children / Kids, 1995

A very bleak film about the survival of dysfunctional teenagers on the streets of New York. The director touched on the painful topics of teenage unprotected sex, crime, drug and alcohol use, and HIV infection.

Unfortunately, the director clearly abused ostrootsotsialnymi themes to the detriment of the plot, and in the end the picture consists of provocations, shocking scenes and a frank "chernukha". However, the provocations worked, and the film was well received by the audience.

Coach Carter 2005

A sports drama from school life with a good (at that time) soundtrack and starring Samuel L. Jackson.

Based on real events, the film tells about the confrontation between the coach and student athletes. Ken Carter, a former successful basketball player, gets a completely loose school team - no clue about discipline and respect. His attempts to introduce strict discipline and restore order meet outright hostility from the students. And Carter decides to resort to extreme measures - close the gym until the guys come to their senses.

The output was a great drama, without tear and pathos. Channing Tatum played his first role, and his career quickly went uphill.

Freedom Writers, 2007

Another variation on Dangerous Thoughts, only with Hilary Swank. A young idealist from a prosperous district and a prosperous family comes as a teacher to a class with difficult teenagers. It used to be a decent Los Angeles school, but everything changed after the racial riots. Now the situation in the school is such that many of its students are in gangs, and fights and brawls have become a routine. Gradually, Erin gains the respect of students, spending more and more time with them, and also teaches their tolerance, tolerant attitude to people of other races and faiths.

The plot is rather hackneyed and predictable, but expressive characters make the film interesting.

The Basketball Diaries 1995

By the time the film was released, DiCaprio had already loudly declared himself to be a good actor, and the role of Jim only confirmed his talent.

The film is based on an autobiographical book. The school's sports star, a handsome guy with prospects, tries heroin and instantly becomes addicted. He gradually rolls downhill, his best friend dies of leukemia, his mother drives him out of the house, he is waiting for a street and a fall. Will Jim find the strength and motivation to get rid of addiction?

The film is considered one of the best on the topic of teenage drug addiction, although watching it in places is very difficult and even unbearable. In 2018, a beautiful but very sad film called “Beautiful Boy” was shot on the same topic, but the story is shown through the prism of the views of a father who is trying to help his son.

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