11 TV series about relationships making their goosebumps

Modern serial content is very diverse: here you have parallel realities, and distant galaxies, and invasions of zombies, and battles of vampires and werewolves, and brilliant detectives, and omnipotent superheroes from comics ... But sometimes you really want something simple, lively, human, similar to our ordinary, real everyday life. This collection includes ten series about ordinary people with their usual problems and ordinary human relationships. See - and recognize yourself in the heroes!

He and she

Only he and she - no one else exists in this world. How wonderful it is: not to work, not to rush anywhere in the mornings, not to go to bed early in the evening, but just enjoy life, get enough sleep, eat deliciously and make enough love ... Actually, they don’t need anything else, because they are young, in love and desperately happy ...

Billy and Billy

The namesakes, and at the same time the half-brother and sister, Billy and Billy set foot on dangerous, slippery ground: by the will of fate, they fell in love. The whole world will turn against them if they find out the truth, for the whole world their feelings are a dirty, vicious, impermissible connection. But what if it is really love, and not a passing hobby? How to cope with your feelings? And do you need to cope with them?

Call Girl's Secret Diary

Beauty Hannah lives a double life. In the afternoon, she is an ordinary young woman who has a home, work and friends. But at night, Hannah transforms: she is one of the most expensive call girls on Foggy Albion. Her nightlife is full of dangers, temptation and sex, and not everyone is given the opportunity to become part of her world, about which she writes in detail in her secret diary ...

Masters of Sx

The middle of the twentieth century was the time when female anatomy and physiology had not yet been fully studied, and gynecology and sexology were considered almost shameful, shameful sciences ... But the main characters of this story, a male gynecologist and his young and desperate secretary, are not afraid to be the first to explore female sexuality and gender relations ...

As easy as pie

In the courtyard, the twenty-first century is the century of stunning technology, a new mass culture, free relationships, promiscuous sex and a skeptical attitude to love. Does it exist at all - love? And is it necessary for a modern person to love and be loved? Eight main characters of this Chicago almanac story are trying to sort out these issues.


Gus is 31 years old and works as a coordinator and teacher of child actors on the set of a fantasy series. Mickey is 32 years old and she is an alcoholic who has just parted with another stupid guy. Gus and Mickey are selfish, cynical and do not believe in love. But what if love believes in them, and an unexpected meeting will forever turn their lives upside down? Will they be able to abandon their past beliefs and sins and step towards the future?

Without obligations

Like husband and wife, brother and sister are one Satan ... He is a bachelor, handsome, well-off, not in a hurry to bind himself with a serious relationship. She is a divorced woman with a sixteen-year-old rebel daughter in her arms and a heap of cockroaches and skeletons. Will they be able to get along together and solve all the accumulated problems of each other?

Not a jack of all trades

Dev is an Indian by birth, but found life in India unpromising and moved to New York in an attempt to establish a personal life and build a career as an actor. Alas, while he is invited only to insignificant roles in second-rate films, the girls do not curl around him in crowds, his friends started a relationship for a long time, and he himself, an unnecessary poor migrant, constantly finds himself in funny, ridiculous and sometimes dangerous situations ...

How not to live

Don’s grandmother died. The grandmother left a large house as a legacy, and at the same time a pile of unpaid bills and a weird tutor named Eddie. To deal with debts, a young man is forced to rent a house. Of course, he gets acquainted with his tenant, and then all the most interesting and fascinating begins, full of everyday situations, humor and positive.


A young and not very successful married couple with small children, cockroaches in their heads and skeletons in the closets very creatively solves the issue of their own insolvency: they rent one of the rooms of their house to another couple, namely a couple of old people. Whether such close cohabitation of different generations will help resolve issues, or will only new problems and disagreements appear, time will tell.


The four girls — Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanne, and Jesse — were over twenty years old, and they all came from the provinces to conquer the city of New York. It’s just that New York accepts them not too hospitable and friendly, and at first it seems to their friends that they got into a real meat grinder ... Will they be able to adapt to the rhythm of the city, find work, make new friends and their love?

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