10 fresh movies you can watch right now

Choosing a movie for the evening is a very responsible task. You are mistaken, you will choose uninteresting, and that’s all - two hours of life down the drain. Yes, and the evening can be considered spoiled, wasted free time, which is already always lacking. We decided to simplify your task with the choice and found 10 good films that were released in 2018-2019. They have a fairly high rating - which means that most viewers rated them above average. So choose your favorite plot and plan your evening.

Robot Child

I am mother

The future was not bright, humanity is dying. To save the population, a special automatic hopper is activated. In just 24 hours, a robot named Mother grows a girl from an embryo. The mother is engaged with the child, gives her lessons, including moral and ethical principles, and prepares for some kind of exam. According to the mother, everything that comes from outside is deadly, and there are no people left in the outside world. Like any human child, the daughter is curious. To her death she wants to know what is happening outside. And one day she hears a request for help coming from a wounded woman. Without thinking twice, the Daughter lets the woman in, but hides her from the Mother. She is determined to find out what is happening in the outside world.

"A meter apart"

Five Feet Apart

A romantic drama based on the history of the relationship of a real couple.
Stella Grant, the main character of the film, is sick with cystic fibrosis (cystic fibrosis). This is a serious hereditary disease that leads to impaired respiratory function. To get used to the disease and lead at least some social life, Stella spends a lot of time in social networks. They met with Will at the hospital. Patients with cystic fibrosis should not approach other people and each other at a distance of less than one meter to avoid infection. It can be dangerous and even fatal. Stella tries to follow the rules, unlike Will, who loves to break these rules. Gradually, they fall in love with each other, although they do not have the ability to touch each other. Any infection can become fatal or disrupt the long-awaited operation. But Stella and Will are young and in love, so they won’t be able to stay long.

"Club of lovers of books and pies from potato peelings"

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

A drama set in post-war Britain. The war is over, but many residents still feel its consequences. Juliet Ashton, a London writer, once receives an unusual letter from the inhabitants of Guernsey. It refers to an amazing club that was invented literally on the go in order to hide a recently slaughtered pig from the Germans. Juliet is always in search of a good story, so she goes to the island. But club members and other residents are in no hurry to reveal their secrets. Juliet feels surprisingly comfortable on the island and is in no hurry to leave. She herself needs to collect her thoughts, reflect on the proposal of her boyfriend and find out what happened during the war with the universal favorite of Elizabeth.

"Chasing Bonnie and Clyde"

The highwaymen

Bonnie and Clyde, bank robbers who put together a small gang, became a real headache for several states at once. It was not possible to predict their next step, the audience romanticized and idolized them, and no one knew how they really looked! Over and over, they slipped away, becoming more and more cruel, as they realized that they had nothing to lose. The Texas Rangers Institute had already been abolished by then. But two of them were asked to return to service. Methodically and stubbornly, they followed the track of the “sweet couple”, trying to understand where the next attack would occur and how to prevent it. The situation was complicated by the fact that their powers were limited, and the police of other states were in no hurry to cooperate.

"Lost in the Ice"


The protagonist named Overgor stuck in the Arctic, waiting for rescue and finding shelter in a crashed plane. His life is simple and monotonous: he checks fishing tackle, goes around the neighborhood and gives distress signals using a generator. But the situation is gradually complicated when a large beast begins to steal fish. Finally a helicopter appears, but crashes during a blizzard. The pilot died, but the passenger, a young woman, survived. She is injured, and Overgor realizes that the plane is not a good place for her. In a helicopter, he finds a map and discovers some structure in a couple of days' journey. Gathering his belongings and putting the passenger in a sled, he sets off on a journey full of danger.

"Hotel Mumbai: Confrontation"

Hotel mumbai

The film is based on real events that happened in Mumbai in 2008. As a result of a carefully planned action in Mumbai, a group of militants attacked 12 targets. They belonged to a previously unknown organization, Deccan Mujahhedin, allegedly associated with Al Qaeda. Attacks were launched at two hotels, a train station, a police station, a cafe, and a Jewish center. Ten terrorists were well equipped, armed with machine guns, pistols, knives and protected by bulletproof vests. They are extremely dangerous - they are suicide bombers, ready for anything. Several terrorists entered the luxurious Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, where a large crowd of passers-by and visitors to the café where the shooting was taking place gathered in panic. The Mumbai police were not ready for such a turn of events and requested special forces from Delhi. And every minute could cost the lives of many people. At the center of the story of the events at the Mumbai Hotel are his employees and the American Duncan with his wife and child.



A social drama set in Lebanon. Zain lives in a large family, his parents do not care about their offspring, children do not attend schools and do not even have any identification documents, for the world they do not exist. Parents interrupt casual earnings and introduce children to this. Zain does not want to put up with this state of affairs, his conflict with his parents enters a decisive phase when he finds out about their intention to marry his sister, Sehar. The girl is still too small, according to Zain, although neither he nor she knows her exact age. Zain plans to escape with his sister, but does not have time. Enraged by the actions of his parents, he runs away from home in search of a better life.

"Quick Family"

Instant family

Peter and Ellie Wagner have been married for several years and are quite happy with their lives. But the relatives of their lifestyle are unhappy and constantly get Wagners on the subject of children. In order for everyone to finally detach from them, the Wagners begin to think about adoption and even go to special preparatory courses. When they get a chance to get to know the children, the first disagreement arises: Pete is not against raising a teenager, and Ally is scared, and she hesitates. As if overhearing her thoughts, one of the girls, Lizzy, says that no one wants to take teens. Pete and Ellie are fascinated by the spontaneity of the girl and are even ready to take her, but it turns out that she has younger brothers and a sister.



The new horror of Jordan Saw is full of hidden meanings and allusions, as well as his previous masterpiece "Away."
On vacation with her parents, a little girl wanders into a mirror maze and meets her double there. The girl did not begin to share her experiences, but fear remained with her. Many years later, being already a wife and mother, she and her family come to the same place. Her childhood fears come to life. What horror is it when four figures in red overalls appear on the threshold of their country house: these are evil doubles who look exactly the same. They are intelligent and able to speak, but their goal seems to be the same: to kill the people they look like. And this phenomenon is not local, it seems that this is happening everywhere. In trying to figure out and save the family makes a terrifying discovery.

"Beautiful, bad, evil"

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

Ted Bundy, an American serial killer, confessed to killing 30 women and girls, but there were probably a lot more. A sadist and sociopath, he used his attractive appearance and charm to get to know the future victim. But sometimes he didn’t bother and just burst into the houses of the victims. The film begins with Bundy meeting Liz Kendall, with whom he started a family and led a normal philistine life. Five years later, they still live together, raising their daughter Liz from their first marriage. The press is full of news about the terrible killings, the girls disappear once a month, Bundy got a taste and became so insolent that he kidnapped two girls directly from the public beach of Sammamish Lake State Park. Finally, the police follow him, but Bundy can’t be taken with his bare hands.

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