100 of the best TV shows of all time

Published the world's first list of the best and most interesting series. The rating was composed by stars and Hollywood experts - directors, producers and directors. Each of them, on condition of anonymity, was asked to choose one series. What came of this - see below.

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- 1 -

Friends / The Friends,1994-2004

Only 10 seasons. Starring in the series: Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer.

Plot: six best friends - three guys, three girls - live next door. Girls in the same apartment, guys - on the contrary. They quarrel, make peace, fall in love with each other, fall into unusual stories, spend evenings in their favorite cafe. Each episode lasts 22 minutes.

- 2 -

Breaking Bad / Breaking Bad,2008-2013

Five seasons. The plot is based on the story of chemistry teacher Walter White, who found out that he had lung cancer. He understands that he has only a few months left to live, and decides to put everything at stake - to provide for his family, wife and newborn child. How to quickly make a ton of money if you know chemistry well? Maybe try boiling amphetamine? Soon a young Jesse Pinkman joins the cancer chemist - his former student, who was expelled from school.

- 3 -

The X Files / The X Files,1993-2002

Nine seasons. Starring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, who appear in front of the audience in the form of FBI agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. They are investigating dozens of unsolved cases that are somehow related to paranormal phenomena, aliens, cases of vampirism and werewolf ... Each series is a separate story.

- 4 -

Game of Thronesfilmed since 2011

Six seasons came out. The series is based on the books of George Martin about the Seven Kingdoms. Here, to the last it is not clear who will survive and who will win. Spectators around the world are attracted by impressive special effects and large-scale scenery. Intrigues, palace coups, forest spirits, sorcerers and magicians ...

- 5 -

Seinfeld / Seinfeld,1989-1999

Taken nine seasons. The plot is based on the adventures of a fun and carefree stand-up comedian Jerry Sayenfeld, in whose honor the series is named, and his friends. The action takes place in New York.

Who will like it? Fans of sitcoms, unbanal humor, American culture. Many jokes are based on events that took place in those years in the USA.

- 6 -

Clan Sopranos / The Sopranos,1999-2007

Six seasons. The daily life of the modern Godfather: his thoughts are swift, his actions are decisive, and his humor is black. Mafia boss of the North Jersey Tony Soprano successfully copes with the problems of the "Family". But her own family was a little disappointing: the children lost their hands, the marriage was under threat, the mother sawed. He hopes for the help of a psychiatrist, but how can he tell about all his problems if he is bound by Omerta - a vow of silence that cannot be broken under pain of death?

- 7 -

Saturday Night Live,from 1975 to the present day

A total of 41 season shot. This is one of the longest series. With the basics of this project, many now-popular American comedians began their careers. The show is a great time for the whole family. Each episode is led by a new guest presenter, who becomes a famous person who “appeared” this year: an actor who starred in a new film; the singer who released the new studio album; athlete who won the championship ...

- 8 -

I love Lucy1951-1957

Filmed six seasons. The restless woman (Lucille Ball) puts her missus (Dizi Arnaz) in ridiculous situations, and he invariably forgives her everything, recognizing that he would not have found a wife better for Lucy. The neighbors Fred and Ethel (William Frawley and Vivian Vance), who regularly visit the Ricardo family, seem to fall under the crushing charm of a red-haired housewife dreaming of a scene, as if to see what this time Lucy will fetch.

- 9 -

Mad Menfrom 2007 to today

Seven seasons came out. USA, 60s of the twentieth century. At the center of the story is the work of the Sterling Cooper advertising agency located on the prestigious Madison Avenue in central New York, and the life of its creative director, the master of manipulation and intrigue, Don Draper. At the top of his career, he confronts competitors, trying to preserve his position in the company. Office and family ups and downs of Don and his colleagues occur against the backdrop of global events in the life of American society in those years ...

- 10 -

The simpsonsfrom 1989 to today

Cartoon is a parody of the American way of life. The Simpsons family consists of five members: dad Homer, mother of the Marge family, their daughters Lisa and Maggie, and the unbearable teenager Bart.

- 11 -

West Wing,1999-2006

The series tells about the inner life of the US Presidential Administration. This, for the most part, is not about conspiracies and political intrigues, but about everyday routine - lawmaking, work with Congress, the government and other organizations and institutions; about political bidding, diplomatic work and relations with the press.

- 12 -

Sex and the City,1998-2004

Filmed six seasons. This is a kind of "school" for unmarried women, the magazine "Cosmopolitan" on the screen. Four friends, four characters, completely different from each other, but each girl will find herself in them, in their problems, in their hopes and relationships.

- 13 -

Damn service at Mash / M * A * S * H ​​hospital,1972-1983

The television series tells about the life of a group of surgeons working in a mobile military hospital during the Korean War in the early 50's. The characters of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MES) are trying to escape from the tough daily work. This translates into unpredictable and inappropriate behavior, which helps them maintain a healthy mind in an unhealthy environment.

- 14 -

American Family / Modern Family,from 2009 to today

Filmed seven seasons. Life sketches from the life of three families of different types: a traditional family (husband, wife, three teenage children), an elderly rich man and a young Colombian beauty, a homosexual family (two middle-aged gay men who adopted a girl from Vietnam). Some members of these families are interconnected by kinship, therefore they are boiled in a common cauldron of narration.

- 15 -

Lost / Lost,2004-2010

Filmed six seasons. The liner flying from Sydney to Los Angeles crashes unexpectedly. 48 passengers end up on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. The hope of being found is rather illusory. Therefore, there is only one thing left: to gather strength and try to survive on an island filled with many dangers ...

- 16 -

Arrested Development,from 2003 to the present

Filmed five seasons. The father of a large family went to jail and left the company (the owner of which he is) in critical condition. A family, accustomed not to consider finances, but to spend them stupidly, is faced with the harsh truth of life ...

- 17 -

The Twilight Zone,from 1959 to 1964

Five seasons came out. You go to another dimension not only of visions and sounds, but also of the mind. This is a journey to a magical land, the boundaries of which are set only by imagination. Each episode is a separate story, shot in one of the genres of fiction, mysticism, thriller or horror.

- 18 -

Studio 30/30 Rock,2006-2013

Seven seasons came out. A team of silly screenwriters regarding the popular television show "The Girlie Show", led by Liz Lemon, is assigned a new boss - Jack Donagi. And he, in turn, first of all invites to the show a new star - the half-crazy black comedian Tracy Jordan, a kind of parody of Martin Lawrence. As a result, complete chaos begins in the workplace: screenwriters against the boss, a new star against screenwriters, old actors are unhappy with everyone, and there is also an incomprehensible secretary Kenneth, according to whom it is not entirely clear whether he is really an impenetrable moron, or in fact a big cunning ...

- 19 -

Mary Tyler Moorefrom 1970 to 1977

Seven seasons came out. The main character is Mary Richards, a single woman in her thirties who works on television in Minneapolis.

- 20 -

Twin Peaks1990-1991

Two seasons. The story begins with the news of the discovery of the naked body of schoolgirl Laura Palmer, "wrapped in polyethylene" and thrown out by the waves onto the lake. During the investigation, various residents of Twin Peaks pass before the attentive glances of Agent Cooper, Sheriff Truman and his assistants. Gradually, the viewer discovers for himself the dark and terrible side of the life of the inhabitants at first glance of a quiet and peaceful town.

- 21 -

House of Cards,from 2013 to the present

Four seasons. An ambitious Democratic congressman, Frank Underwood, in exchange for a promise to make him secretary of state, helps Garret Walker become president of the United States. However, after the election, the head of the presidential administration, Linda Vazquez, tells Underwood that he will not receive the post. Enraged by betrayal, Frank and his wife are ready to do anything to avenge the newly made president.

- 22 -

Will and Gracefrom 1998 to 2006

Eight seasons. Will Truman and Grace Adler are best friends and neighbors who are perfect for each other: they love the same things and understand each other perfectly, but they can never have a romantic relationship, because Will is gay and Grace is heterosexual.

- 23 -

Cheers / Cheers,from 1982 to 1993

11 seasons. "Chirs" is the name of a small bar in Boston owned by Sam "Mayday" Malone, a former baseball star. Sam, the staff and bar regulars chat about problems every day, laugh at each other, and discuss funny experiences. All this, of course, is flavored with a solid portion of alcohol. The whole series is built on jokes, humor and friendly jokes.

- 24 -

The Walking Deadfrom 2011 to the present

Six seasons. The series tells the life story of a sheriff’s family after a “zombie” epidemic of apocalyptic proportions swept the globe. Sheriff Rick Grimes travels with his family and a small group of survivors in search of a safe place to live. But the constant fear of death every day brings heavy losses, making the heroes feel the depths of human cruelty. Rick tries to save his family, and discovers that the all-consuming fear of those who survived may be more dangerous than the meaningless dead roaming the earth.

- 25 -

The Big Bang Theoryfrom 2007 to today

10 seasons. Two brilliant physicists, Leonard and Sheldon, "great minds" who understand how the "Universe works." But their genius does not help them to communicate with people, especially with women. Everything begins to change when the beautiful Penny settles in front of them.

- 26 -

Orange - the hit of the season / Orange Is the New Black,from 2013 to today

Four seasons. Piper Chapman is an ordinary Connecticut resident. She loves her prosperous life and all her pleasant little things. Shower in the morning, beautiful breakfast, lovemaking. But it so happens that thanks to his fleeting fascination with a major drug dealer, Piper is imprisoned for a long fifteen months. From now on, she needs not only to get used to the new environment, but also simply to survive.

- 27 -

Buffy the Vampire Slayerfrom 1997 to 2003

Seven seasons. High school student Buffy Summers moves from Los Angeles to the town of Sunnydale. No one knows that Buffy is not a simple schoolgirl, but the Chosen One, who is destined to fight demons, vampires and the forces of evil. However, this general ignorance does not last long - until the meeting of Buffy with Mr. Rupert Giles, the school librarian, who turns out to be Buffy's personal Ranger, sent to train her, help her become a real Vampire Slayer.

- 28 -

Ambulance / ER,from 1994 to 2009

15 seasons. The heroes of the action series "Ambulance" are doctors at the Chicago City Hospital. They provide emergency care to patients, save lives, sometimes forgetting about themselves and completely not thinking that their daily work borders on heroism. Fulfilling their professional duty, the ambulance doctors fall in love, get divorced, weave intrigues, hope for the best and ... in general, they have everything like people, despite the hard work and high calling.

- 29 -

The customer is always dead / Six Feet Under,from 2001 to 2005

Five seasons. The events of the series take place in Los Angeles. Arriving home, Nate - the son of Nathaniel Fisher, the head of the family - suddenly finds out about the death of his father. Nate's younger brother, David, is an introverted homosexual and the manager of a funeral home. Nate’s sister, Claire’s rebellious teenager, finds out the sad news when she is under the influence of drugs that she tried with her new boyfriend Gabe. Joy in the life of Nate brings only Brand, a passionate woman whom Nate met on the plane. However, the Brenda family is even stranger than the Nate family.

- 30 -

Wiretap / the wire,from 2002 to 2008

Five seasons. The police unit in Baltimore is trying to bring to the court an investigation into the crimes of organized criminal groups involved in the illegal distribution of drugs through special means and activities for listening and covert video recording.

- 31 -

Office / The Office,from 2005 to 2013

9 seasons. The series is about the working days of a small regional office of a large company, whose inhabitants must endure for days of their bad-boss bosses.

- 32 -

Parks and Recreation,from 2009 to 2015

Seven seasons. A simple official Leslie Knope once realized that her work does not bring any benefit to society. Then she decides to turn an abandoned quarry almost into a recreation park. Obstacle on its way, of course, will be an inflexible bureaucratic system, selfish neighbors who do not want to change for the better, and real estate developers who immediately became interested in an orphan site that they did not need before. But Leslie will not give in to them ...

- 33 -

Sherlock,from 2010 to the present

Four seasons. Events unfold today. He passed Afghanistan, remained disabled. Upon returning to his native land, he meets a mysterious, but peculiar, ingenious man. The one in search of a roommate. London 2010 Inexplicable killings occur. Scotland Yard has no idea what to grab. There is only one person who can solve problems and find answers to difficult questions.

- 34 -

South Park,from 1997 to the present

23 seasons. Strange stories from the lives of several third-graders from the small town of South Park in Colorado. This is a comedy with elements of the grotesque, farce, parody, abundantly flavored with music and the very devilishly poorly defined words ...

- 35 -

Star Trek,from 1966 to 1969

Three seasons. The series takes place in the second half of the 23rd century (2264-2269) and tells of the five-year research mission of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 starship of the United Federation of Planets under the command of Captain Kirk.

- 36 -

The Muppet Show,from 1976 to 1981

Five seasons. An Anglo-American television comedy program created by Jim Henson. The main characters were muppets.

- 37 -

Dexterfrom 2006 to 2013

Eight seasons. I am Dexter. Dexter Morgan I work as a medical examiner for the Miami Police. I do not understand love, I do not care about sex, and I have no feelings. I'm also a serial killer. My father was a policeman and taught me to hide evidence very well. Ordinary citizens should not be afraid of me, I only kill criminals, scum, which for some reason the police could not or did not want to get to. I kill them, carefully cut them into pieces and get rid of the corpses. Killing for me is a creative act, an art. But one day ... Someone equal to me appears in Miami. Even surpassing me. Who managed to interest me. Offered me a kind of friendly match. Who is this mysterious and elusive "X"? ...

- 38 -

Friday Night Lightsfrom 2006 to 2011

Five seasons. The action takes place in the fictional city of Dillon, Texas, Dillon High High School is known for its strong football players and strong fan support.The series begins with the new coach Eric Taylor coming to school, who immediately comes under great pressure, he often faces a choice between what is right and what will lead to victory. His wife, Tami, who also works at school, often acts as a voice of conscience for her husband. This series is about friendship and devotion, dreams and failures, love and zeal. <

- 39 -

All in the Family,from 1971 to 1979

Nine seasons. Hard worker Archie every day very emotionally discusses sensational events with his family ...

- 40 -

Fraserfrom 1993 to 2004

11 seasons. After the divorce, the famous Boston psychiatrist Fraser Crane arrives in his native Seattle to start life anew. His father Martin, a retired policeman, brother Neil and Eddie's dog are pleased to see Fraser return. He is also waiting for a new work by an on-air radio psychiatrist who responds to the name "I Listen" and a host of freelance and comic situations at work and at home.

- 41 -

Happy Daysfrom 1974 to 1984

11 seasons. The series is focused on the Midwest, in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In the center of the plot is a teenager, Richie Cunningham, and his family: Father Howard, who owns a hardware store; his mother, the classic housewife Marion, etc.

- 42 -

Castlefrom 2009 to today

Meet Richard Castle - a successful writer of the detective genre, who in the last book killed his main character. But it seems that one of the admirers of his talent liked the books a little too much - an imitator committing crimes appears in the city, copying with deadly accuracy the ways that Castle killed in his works. And so our bored writer was called to the New York City Police Assassination Department to help find the killer.

- 43 -

The Carol Burnett Showfrom 1967 to 1978

11 seasons. The weekly television show Carroll Barnett and her parody troupe perform sparkling parodies of many famous films.

- 44 -

Downton Abbey Abbey,from 2010 to the present

1912 year. England. The heir to the title of Earl of Grantham, who lives with his family on his Dunton family estate, dies on the Titanic. The family expects that now that there are no male heirs left, the family’s ownership and capital will be transferred to the eldest daughter after the count’s death. But the count, who devoted his whole life to his estate, refuses to defend the rights of young Mary, believing that everything, including the considerable capital of his wife, should go to the heir to his count's title, an unknown distant relative ...

- 45 -

Homeland / Homeland,from 2011 to today

The plot focuses on the US Navy Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody, who returned home after eight years of missing Iraq, and Carrie Matheson, a CIA officer who suspects him of involvement in the preparation of the terrorist attack on America.

- 46 -

Vice President / Veep,since 2012

The protagonist of the series is former senator Selina Mayer, who became vice president. As it turned out, the new position was not at all what Mayer represented, although many warned her about it.

- 47 -

The Dick Van Dyke Show,from 1961 to 1966

- 48 -

Golden Girls,from 1985 to 1992

7 seasons. At the beginning of the series, three middle-aged women live together in a fashion house in Miami, Florida. The landlord, the widow Blanche Devereaux, met the widow Rosa Naylund and the divorced Dorothy Zbornak, who responded to an ad in a local grocery about renting a room. Later, Dorothy's mother, Sofia Petrillo, joins them when her Shady Pine nursing home burned to the ground.

- 49 -

Dark Child / Orphan Black,from 2013 to the present

Sarah is an orphan who has suffered a lot of hardships in her life. Deprived of parental love and care, Sarah feels estranged from this world in which, as she thinks, nobody needs her. There is not a single person who would take care of her. But here the girl’s joyless life is once clouded by one tragic incident. Sarah involuntarily becomes a witness of how a young woman puts her hands on herself. The worst thing is that the deceased is frighteningly similar to Sarah herself. Sarah commits a strange act - she replaces the deceased, posing as herself. But this marks the beginning of a series of unfortunate events that only add to Sarah's problems. But that does not end there. Sarah realizes that she and the deceased are not only incredibly similar to each other ...

- 50 -

Bullies and Nerds / Freaks and Geeks,from 1999 to 2000

1 season. The series takes place in 1980 and takes place around Lindsey Vier and her younger brother Sam, high school students in a fictional town near Detroit. Lindsey, a diligent student and participant in mathematical olympiads, begins to spend time in the company of freaks, because of falling in love with charming but selfish Daniel Desario, an informal leader of the company.

- 51 -

Gilmore Girls,from 2000 to 2007

Seven seasons. Mom and daughter are two best friends who understand each other at a glance, have an extraordinary mind and sense of humor, support each other in all endeavors, sharing even a name with each other (both are Lorelain, only a girl is often called Rory), such interesting and extraordinary Gilmore Girls.

- 52 -

True Detective,from 2014 to the present

Two seasons.
First season: In Louisiana in 1995, a strange murder of a girl takes place. In 2012, a murder case in 1995 was reopened since a similar murder had occurred. In order to better advance the investigation, the police decide to interrogate the former detectives who investigated the murder of the girl in 1995. The detectives met while working on this murder, the investigation of which dragged on for 17 years.
Second season: In the California city of Vinci, on the eve of the presentation of the new railway line, which will improve the financial situation of the city, the head of the city administration disappears. Later, his corpse is found on the highway by a traffic police officer. The detective from the Vinci police and the detective from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department are involved in the investigation. What began as a murder turned into a network of conspiracies and frauds.

- 53 -

Curb Your Enthusiasm,from 1999 to 2012

Eight seasons. The creator of the Seinfeld series, Larry David lives in California and is busy with squabbles and intrigues with his wife, a fat agent, his aggressive wife and his friends. Larry is stubborn, prone to neurosis and constantly gets into awkward situations.

- 54 -

Prince of Beverly Hills / The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,from 1990 to 1996

Six seasons. Will (played by the now popular actor Will Smith) grew up in a small district in West Philadelphia. He was an ordinary guy, played basketball, listened to hip-hop, etc. Everything was pretty cloudless until Will got into a fight with the “big uncles”. After that, his mother urgently sends him to her own sister, who lives in the Bel Air region, Beverly Hills.

- 55 -

Star Trek: The Next Generation,1987 to 1994

Seven seasons. In the world of Star Trek, 80 years have passed. The crew changed, technology improved, even the Enterprise changed. All that remained was the name of the ship that we knew and loved, and the goals of his team did not change - Feel free to go where the man’s foot has not set foot! On the Bridge - Next Generation ...

- 56 -

The Wonder Years,from 1988 to 1993

Six seasons. Kevin Arnold recalls how social change in the 60s made growing up extremely interesting.

- 57 -

The Right Wife,from 2009 to today

Seven seasons. The story of a wife and mother, on whose shoulders lay concern for the family after her husband was involved in a public sex scandal and imprisoned for corruption.

- 58 -

How I Met Your Mother / How I Met Your Mother,from 2005 to 2014

Nine seasons. A comedy about Ted and how he fell in love. All the trouble starts with the fact that Ted's best friend, Marshall, suddenly announced that he wants to make an offer to his longtime girlfriend, Lily, a kindergarten teacher. By then, Ted realizes that he needs to do more if he really hopes to find his true love. His friend Barney helps him in this search, a convinced bachelor, always with his, sometimes too much, opinion on everything that happens, with a penchant for costumes and the right way to meet girls. When Ted meets Robin, he decides that it is love at first sight, but fate has something else left.

- 59 -

Monty Python's Flying Circus,from 1969 to 1974

Four seasons. A selection of hysterically funny sketches and gags from wonderful English comedians. It has been many, many years since the first issues of this series appeared on the Air Force, but so far almost no one has succeeded in surpassing the quality and quantity of humor of these magnificent British guys.

- 60 -

Murphy Brownfrom 1988 to 1998

10 seasons. The plot focuses on the famous journalist and news anchor Murphy Brown. Murphy is a recovering alcoholic with a complex character who has achieved success thanks to coverage of campaign politics in his television show.

- 61 -

Roseannefrom 1988 to 1997

Nine seasons. A classic sitcom in the center of which the Connors family is a family of five (DJ, Darlene, Becky, Rosanne and Dan). Housewife Rosanna has a difficult task - to save her family. Her old friends and sister Jackie will help her with this task.

- 62 -

My wife bewitched me / Bewitched,from 1964 to 1972

Eight seasons. The young pretty witch Samantha falls in love with an “ordinary” guy and, contrary to the prohibition of the Witch Council and the wishes of the imperious sorceress mother, marries him. For the time being, Darrin has no idea what the expression "witch-wife" really means.

- 63 -

Blues Hill Street / Blues Streetfrom 1981 to 1987

Seven seasons. One of the best real series about police. The everyday life of the police is shown a lot, both on patrol and in the station itself. Every morning begins with a normal RAM.

- 64 -

Dr. House, M.D.,from 2004 to 2012

Eight seasons. The main character is Gregory House. A cynical misanthrope who rejects all norms of behavior and hates communicating with patients. He works as the head of the diagnostic department at the New Jersey State Hospital. Abuses Vicodin, a medicine that relieves leg pain.

- 65 -

Family Guy,from 1999 to today

14 seasons. A typical American family whose members are able to break down all possible stereotypes. And a talking dog with a cigarette and dry martini ... And a nursing baby who dreams of enslaving the whole world ... Is this a deviation? This is catharsis in every episode!

- 66 -

Taxi / Taxi,from 1978 to 1983

Five seasons. Taxi employees in New York go to their jobs, dreaming of higher achievements.

- 67 -

Detective agency Moonlight / Moonlighting,from 1985 to 1989

Five seasons. A successful business woman and supermodel Maddy (Sybil Shepard) discovers that she was robbed by villains-managers, and therefore she is simply forced to get rid of several companies - potential debtors. But what about a detective agency that brings only losses? Its director, David Edison (Bruce Willis) impudently offers Maddy to become partners and work together at the agency. But this "sweet couple" can not agree on anything, even having discovered a strong attraction to each other. And only when they get involved in all kinds of dangerous things, they finally understand that their fate is connected.

- 68 -

Firefly,from 2002 to 2003

One season. Captain Malcolm Reynolds - a battle-hardened galactic civil war veteran who fought on the wrong (losing) side, earns his living with petty crimes and carries cargo on his Serenity ship. He leads a small motley team, which looks a bit like the most ordinary family - its members always quarrel, do not observe discipline, but will never betray their captain and follow him to the ends of the world.

- 69 -

Beauties / Entourage,from 2004 to 2011

Eight seasons. Before us is the story of the ascent in Hollywood of Vincent Chase - a young and promising actor from New York. His closest associates include: best friend and part-time manager Eric Murphy, less successful brother-actor Johnny "Drama" Chase, an old friend and personal driver of the Turtle, as well as agent Ari Gold.

- 70 -

I dream of a Ginny / I Dream of Jeannie,from 1965 to 1970

Five seasons. After an emergency landing on a desert island, the astronaut finds a bottle with a genie girl who begins to “help” him to the best of his understanding.

- 71 -

Saved by the Bell / Saved by the Bell,from 1989 to 1993

Four seasons. The main characters are the students of the school: the handsome intriguer and the idiot Zach Morris, his old friends Lisa Turtle and Jesse Spano, the beautiful Kelly, the athlete AC Slater. Lisa Turtle is the daughter of wealthy parents, the real queen of gossip and the school goddess of fashion. Athlete AC Slater recently appeared at school. His athletic talent helps the guy become the real leader of the football team. Activist and feminist Jesse Spano is a class warden. Throughout the series, Zack is trying to get Kelly, a classic American girl from the support group, and regularly sorting out relationships with AC Slater. And the most amazing and non-standard character is the director of the school, Richard Belding, who in his childhood was the same daredevil as many of his current students.

- 72 -

Mork & Mindy,from 1978 to 1982

Four seasons. The homeless alien Mork is taken under her wing by the girl Mindy, she gives him shelter, and he makes her an object of close study along with other phenomena of the material earthly world. Mindy explains to Mork the meaning of various human rites, and Mork tells and shows her how various events on the Orc are celebrated. Mork teaches Mindy to dance in orchestra and talk to plants. Mutual cultural assimilation gives pleasure to both representatives of various civilizations.

- 73 -

Alfred Hitchcock Presents / Alfred Hitchcock Presents,from 1955 to 1962

Seven seasons. Suspense master Alfred Hitchcock presents some amazing short stories with elements of horror, comedy and supernatural.

- 74 -

24 hours / 24,from 2001 to 2010

Eight seasons. The life of Jack Bauer, an agent of the counterterrorism division of Los Angeles, is so eventful that the decisions of many people depend on his decisions not just every day, but literally every hour. International terrorists, former agents and professional military personnel, foreign intelligence services - all of them have a lot of reasons to take actions aimed at obtaining benefits and causing damage of a different nature: from the threat of life to a presidential candidate to the explosion of an atomic bomb in the United States. Ordinary residents in this game are just pawns, but it is for their peace of mind that Bauer and his colleagues are ready to risk their lives.

- 75 -

Doctor Who,from 1963 to 1989

The British science fiction television series of the BBC company about a mysterious time traveler known as the Doctor, who, together with his companions, explores time and space, solving various problems and fighting evil.

- 76 -

Full House,from 1987 to 1995

Danny Tanner is a single father of three small children. At first, his mother helped Danny raise children and do household work, but then he decided to cope with everything himself. Unable to stand it, Danny called for help from friends, Jesse - the brother of the deceased wife and Joey - a childhood friend. Now men need to take responsibility for three children and finally grow up on their own.

- 77 -

Scandalfrom 2012 to the present

Five seasons. Public Relations Specialist Olivia Pope, who previously worked for the President of the United States, is setting up her own crisis management agency, whose goal is to fix the problems of high-ranking clients before they become public domain.

- 78 -

Married and with children / Married ... With Children,from 1987 to 1997

11 seasons. For almost twenty years, Peggy and Al lived together side by side, as they say, both in grief and in joy. They built a house, planted a tree, raised two offspring: daughter Kelly and son Bud. However, despite the fact that the couple studied each other up and down, every day turns out to be ridiculous surprises and confusion for them. In addition, one fine day, the neighbors of the Bundy family are Mercy and Steve Roads, at first glance, representing an ideal couple ...

- 79 -

Sesame Streetfrom 1969 to the present day

45 seasons."Sesame Street" is one of the most popular children's programs in the world. In the creation of the show, not only American, but also Russian teachers and psychologists, child development specialists, who took care of the accessibility and attractiveness of the program for preschool children and children under 12, took an active part.

- 80 -

The Flintstones,from 1960 to 1966

Six seasons. A funny cartoon about the life of a worker - Fred Flintstone in the Stone Age. Fred lives with his wife and he has a best friend Barney, with whom Fred often quarrels over trifles.

- 81 -

Law & Order: Special Corps / Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,from 1999 to today

17 seasons. Sexual offenses are considered particularly serious in the judicial system. In New York, such crimes are investigated by detectives from an elite unit known as the Special Division. This is a story about them.

- 82 -

Gilligan's Island,from 1964 to 1967

Three seasons. According to the plot, the seven main characters were on a desert island and are trying to survive on it. Most episodes of the sitcom concern conflicts between shipwrecks and their unsuccessful attempts to return home.

- 83 -

Get Smart / Get Smartfrom 1965 to 1970

Five seasons. Maxwell Smart is a secret service worker who constantly creates confusion and makes problems for himself. Fortunately, his partner, Agent 99, always helps him out.

- 84 -

Spy / Alias,from 2001 to 2006

Five seasons. Moving around the world, the struggle with the "bad guys", a double life and danger that lies in wait at every turn. For Sydney Bristow, this is a typical day at her unusual job. She is an agent of a top-secret unit - SD-6 group. One day from his father Jack Sidney learns the terrible truth: it turns out she works for an international espionage organization. Feeling fooled, Sydney vows to destroy the SD-6. And becoming a double agent of the CIA. Now she must keep in the strictest confidence the duality of her existence from both her SD-6 partners and her loved ones. And then there’s another shock: Sydney learns the truth about her late mother.

- 85 -

Law & Order,from 1990 to 2010

20 seasons. In the criminal justice system, the prosecution is presented by two independent, equal in value instances - the police investigating the crimes and the prosecutor representing the case in court.

- 86 -

True Bloodfrom 2008 to 2014

Seven seasons. Events unfold in a small town in the suburbs of New Orleans. Ever since the Japanese invented the True Blood synthetic blood, vampires no longer need to kill mere mortals. Two years ago, vampires left their coffins and officially declared their rights. But as usual, not all people were ready for this, and not all vampires were happy to abandon the usual goodies. Sookie Stackhouse, an ordinary waitress from a suburban cafe, endowed with the ability to read the thoughts of others, meets the “good” vampire Bill Comton. And immediately gets a lot of enemies from the "bad guys."

- 87 -

Clinic / Scrubs,from 2001 to 2010

Nine seasons. After studying for four years at a medical school, John Dorian comes to work as an intern in a clinic. Together with him, he will also apply the knowledge gained and his best friend since college, Chris Turk. Having no practical work experience, young specialists immediately plunge into the chaotic world of hospital life ...

- 88 -

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphiafrom 2005 to today

12 seasons. This sitcom tells the story of four friends who hold an Irish bar in a not-so-good area of ​​Philadelphia. The same can be said about the heroes themselves - they are hostile and immoral to each other, always quarrel, lie and try to prove something to each other, getting into the most ridiculous and ridiculous situations because of this.

- 89 -

Detective Rockford Filesfrom 1974 to 1980

Six seasons. The law is not written to him. And not marvelous - he served in prison for another crime. And now he is a detective, private detective Jim Rockford. It is almost impossible to contact him. His office is in his own house - in a trailer on the beach of Malibu. And his services cost $ 200 a day. There is no taboo for him in his work: he unleashes tongues on witnesses with bribes, transforms into other people, seduces “necessary” women, risks his own life ... However, despite the dark past, dubious ethics and illegal methods, Detective Rockford did not experience a single fiasco, he always finds the key to unraveling the most complicated cases.

- 90 -

Arrow,from 2012 to today

Four seasons. After a shipwreck, a playboy billionaire Oliver Queen disappears and is presumed dead for five years, after which he is found alive on a lost island in the Pacific Ocean. When he returns home to Starling City, his faithful mother Moira, the much-beloved sister of Thea, and Tommy's best friend greet him at home, but they see that Oliver has changed after trials on the island. Although Oliver is hiding the truth about the man he has become ...

- 91 -

The Americans,from 2013 to today

Four seasons. The story of a difficult marriage of two KGB agents who, under the guise of Americans, settle in a suburb of Washington right after Reagan is elected president. Phillip and Elizabeth's fraudulent marriage is becoming more and more real and emotional every day, despite the escalation of the Cold War and the dangerous relationships that they must maintain with a network of spies and informants. Tension builds up when a new neighbor, Stan, an FBI agent who works in counterintelligence, appears.

- 92 -

The Bob Newhart Show,from 1972 to 1978

Six seasons. Comedy show led by Bob Newhart.

- 93 -

The Brady Bunch Familyfrom 1969 to 1974

Five seasons. The series tells about a large widowed father who marries a widow with three children.

- 94 -

Parenthoodfrom 2010 to 2015

Six seasons. Sarah Breiverman with two children - daughter Amber and son Drew, because of financial difficulties, had to move from Fresno to his parents ’house in California's Berkeley - father of Zeke and mother Camila, who also have financial difficulties. Her sister and her brothers Julia, Crosby and Adam still live there, each struggling with their own problems.

- 95 -

Battlestar Galacticafrom 2004 to 2009

Four seasons. Miraculously survived after the Cylon attack on the Kobol colony, the civilian colonial fleet, accompanied by the Star Cruiser Galaxy, flies away from places where enemy forces can find them. Restoring the civilian government and gathering all available forces, the remnants of humanity begin an unequal struggle with time, circumstances and the Cylons. Dealing with ever new external and internal problems, gradually revealing the identities of 12 humanoid models of Cylon, they fly in search of the long-lost 13 colony of Kobol, mentioned in ancient legends, of a new house whose name is Earth.

- 96 -

Everybody loves Raymondfrom 1996 to 2005

Nine seasons. It would seem that Ray Baron has it all. Wonderful wife, wonderful family, favorite job, great home on Long Island. But Ray still has some problems. These are his terribly annoying parents living across the street and his jealous older brother. These two problems overshadow Ray's life.

- 97 -

Ally McBealfrom 1997 to 2002

Five seasons. She is young and attractive, her lawyer career is developing quite successfully and safely. She knows very well how to conduct business in court and feels completely free there. But with my personal life, she clearly strained.

- 98 -

Family Ties,from 1982 to 1989

Seven seasons. The series tells about the life of an ordinary American family and, with its example, with a certain amount of humor, reflects the gradual rejection of cultural liberalism that took place in the 60s and 70s, and the transition to a more conservative society of the 80s. The younger generation rejects the ideals of their parents, creating a scale of their own values.

- 99 -

Hotel Fawlty Towers,from 1975 to 1979

Two seasons. The incompetence of the owner of the hotel, Basil Faulty, his exuberance and self-confidence create a combination that guarantees the closeness of incidents and troubles.

- 100 -

Desperate Housewives,from 2004 to 2012

Eight seasons. the focus of the event is four modern housewives who live in a quiet suburb and are desperate for personal happiness. Susan was left alone after her husband traded her for secretary. A former fashion model, and now an unfaithful wife, Gabrielle married by calculation, and then realized that she needed not money, but true love, and started an affair with a young gardener. Bree is trying to preserve a crumbling marriage and find a common language with his addict son and daughter who has grown up too early. Linnet put an end to a brilliant career in a large company to devote all his time to raising children. The sudden suicide of their girlfriend Mary Alice Young leaves everyone at a loss and makes them look for the answer to her death. Mary gives up her life, but finds the ability to penetrate all the secrets hidden behind the tightly closed doors of this prosperous American suburb.

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