5 new films that can already be watched on the Web

Go to the cinema or sit comfortably on the couch with a cup of coffee? It seems to us that the choice is obvious.

A home cinema has many advantages. Firstly, no one is distracting. Secondly, you can always click on the pause, discuss the story with family or go to the kitchen for a plate of cookies.

We selected 5 interesting new films that are already on the web. And to watch them, you don’t have to buy expensive cinema tickets. Choose a genre that you like and arrange a family movie screening this evening.

John Wick 3

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum | 2019 year

For fans of action-packed action movies, the third part of the saga about the adventures of the irrepressible John Wick is already available. This time, the legendary superkiller is seriously stuck: having violated the code of the secret guild of assassins, he has now become an outcast. But this is not the worst.

Now his head costs $ 14 million, and many lovers of easy money and professional killers are inexorably pursuing him, not allowing anywhere to hide. But was it worth it to quickly uncover the weapons and for each of them the hunt for the elusive John Wick would end in brutal death?

Pet cemetery

Pet Sematary | 2019 year

The first film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Stephen King was released in 1989 and became a real classic in the genre of horror films. For those who like something fresher, a new adaptation of the book released this year is already available.

Dr. Louis Creed moves to a small town in Maine with his entire family: wife, children, and cat. This joyful event is overshadowed by the sudden death of a pet. The good neighbor advised Louis to bury the animal in the old Indian cemetery, which, however, is notorious. But the day after the funeral, the cat is declared home again, and from that moment all the fun begins.

Undercover Playboy

Nicky Larson et le parfum de Cupidon | 2018 year

An excellent fresh French comedy with elements of an action movie is well suited for all lovers of sound black humor.

Nicky Larson is a first-class private detective, a fighter, a sniper and ... a noble womanizer who can not resist a single representative of the fair sex. This time a very difficult and confusing task falls into his hands: he needs to find the stolen perfume "Cupid's fragrance", which makes anyone irresistible and very attractive. Completing the quest casts a hero in Monaco, and this place is replete with temptations - luxury and stunning women.


Shaft | 2019 year

Spectacular and light comedy thriller, which became a kind of continuation of the film of the same name, released almost two decades ago. If in the first picture it was about John Schaft II - a tough guy who nobly knocked dope out of numerous scumbags, then in the new part the main character was his son.

John Shaft III is very different from his father - he is not used to solving issues with brute force and weapons. However, killing a best friend forces him to turn to the older generation, because only their harsh methods will help to find and punish the killer.


Dumbo | 2019 year

A fresh and modern remake of the good old cartoon about the elephant Dumbo, who is so loved by everyone since childhood. In the center of the plot of the new film is the same hero - a newborn elephant with huge ears, the birth of which led to the despair of the circus owner.

Suddenly it turns out that the young elephant can fly, just using its large ears for this. Immediately, from a burden, he turns into a desirable prey, and the enterprising owner immediately thinks out how he can profit from this miracle of nature. Now Dumbo will become the main star of the entertainment show "Fairy Tale Country".

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