The best films of the last 25 years according to IMDb

Vanity Fair Magazine listed 25 best films over the past 25 years, according to users of the world's largest movie database IMDb.

The author of the movie site, Col Needham, decided to make a rating for the 25th anniversary of the site. “It's a great list. It has been made up of 250 million IMDb subscribers from around the world,” says Needham. The list includes the best films for every year since 1990.

So, in 1990, IMDb users decided, Martin Scorsese’s “Good Guys” became the best. The five most recently released include Interstellar Christopher Nolan, Wolf of Wall Street Scorsese, Django Unchained by Quentin Tarantino, 1 + 1 Olivier Nakasha and Eric Toledano, and Nolan's Beginning.

Most on the list of films with artists Leonardo DiCaprio and Morgan Freeman - four paintings for each. The most popular director was Christopher Nolan: five of his films were included in the top 25.

1. Interstellar

year 2014

When drought leads humanity to a food crisis, a team of researchers and scientists travels through a wormhole (which supposedly connects space-time regions over a long distance) on a journey to transcend the former restrictions on human space travel and relocate humanity to another planet.

2. The Wolf of Wall Street

year 2013

1987 year. Jordan Belfort becomes a broker in a successful investment bank. Soon, the bank closes after a sudden collapse of the Dow Jones Index. On the advice of Teresa's wife, Jordan settles in a small institution that deals with small shares. His persistent style of communicating with clients and innate charisma quickly bore fruit. He meets Donny's housemate, a merchant who immediately finds a common language with Jordan and decides to open his own company with him. As employees, they hire several friends of Belfort, his father Max, and call the company Stratton Oakmont. In his free time, Jordan burns his life: maneuvers from one party to another, engages in sexual relations with prostitutes, and uses many narcotic drugs, including cocaine and kvalyud. Once there comes a time when an FBI agent becomes interested in the quick enrichment of Belfort ...

3. Django Unchained

year 2012

The eccentric bounty hunter, also known as the "Dentist," trades by shooting the most dangerous criminals. The work is dusty, and he cannot do without a reliable assistant. But how to find such and preferably not very expensive? A runaway slave named Django is an excellent candidate. True, the new assistant has his own motives - something needs to be dealt with ...

4. 1+1


Having suffered as a result of an accident, the wealthy aristocrat Philip hires the person who is least suitable for this job - a young resident of the outskirts of Driss, who has just been released from prison. Despite the fact that Philip is confined to a wheelchair, Driss manages to bring the spirit of adventure into the measured life of an aristocrat.

5. Start

2010 year

Cobb is a talented thief, the best of the best in the dangerous art of extraction: he steals valuable secrets from the depths of the subconscious during sleep, when the human mind is most vulnerable. Cobb's rare abilities made him a valuable player in the world of industrial espionage, habitual for betrayal, but they turned him into an eternal fugitive and deprived of everything that he had ever loved.

And now Cobb has a chance to correct mistakes. His last deed can bring everything back, but for this he needs to accomplish the impossible - initiation. Instead of perfect theft, Cobb and his team of specialists will have to do the opposite. Now their task is not to steal the idea, but to implement it. If they succeed, this will be the perfect crime.

5. Inglourious Basterds

year 2009

The Second World War, in a German-occupied France group of American Jewish soldiers, terrorizes the Nazis by brutally killing and scalping soldiers.

7. The Dark Knight

2008 year

Batman raises stakes in the war on crime. With the help of Lieutenant Jim Gordon and Attorney Harvey Dent, he intends to clear the streets of crime that is poisoning the city. The cooperation is effective, but soon they will find themselves in the midst of chaos unleashed by an ascendant criminal genius known to the frightened townspeople under the name of the Joker.

8. In the wild

2007 year

After graduating from Emory College, one of his leading students and athletes Christopher McCandless leaves all his property, donates $ 24,000 accumulated during his studies to a charity fund, and hitchhikes to Alaska to plunge into the wild. On the way, Christopher gets to know different people, one way or another influencing his life.

9. The Departed

2006 year

The two best graduates of the police academy found themselves on opposite sides of the barricade: one of them is a mafia agent in the ranks of law enforcement agencies, the other is a mole, introduced into the mafia. Everyone considers it his duty to detect and destroy the enemy, but constant life in distorted realities changes the inner world of heroes.

10. Batman: The Beginning

2005 year

As a child, the young heir to a huge fortune, Bruce Wayne, witnessed the murder of his parents, and then he decided to fight crime. Years later, he embarks on a journey around the world to find a way to restore justice. Training with a wise mentor in martial arts gives him strength and courage. Returning to his hometown, Wayne becomes Batman and fights evil.

11. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

2004 year

Finally, a machine was invented that allows you to get rid of any memories. Joel and Clementine decide to throw each other out of their heads. But in Joel's memory the most tender moments of their feelings are still alive. The less he remembers, the more he loves.

12. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

2003 year

The last part of the trilogy about the Ring of Omnipotence and about the heroes who took upon themselves the burden of saving Middle-earth. Lord of the forces of Darkness Sauron directs his innumerable rati under the walls of Minas Tirith, the fortress of Last Hope. He is looking forward to a near victory, but this is precisely what prevents him from noticing two tiny figures - the hobbits, approaching the Fatal Mountain, where they will destroy the Ring of Power. Will happiness be smiling to them?

13. The Lord of the Rings: Two Fortresses

2002 year

The Brotherhood fell apart, but the Ring of Omnipotence must be destroyed. Frodo and Sam are forced to entrust their lives to Gollum, who undertook to lead them to the gates of Mordor. The enormous Army of Saruman is approaching: the members of the fraternity and their allies are ready to accept the battle. The battle for Middle-earth continues.

14. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

year 2001

The first part of the trilogy. Tales of Middle-earth is a chronicle of the Great War for the Ring, a war that lasted more than one thousand years. The one who owned the Ring received power over all living creatures, but was obliged to serve evil.

15. Remember

year 2001

Leonard Shelby is elegantly and expensively dressed, drives a brand new Jaguar, but lives in cheap motels. His goal in life is to find the killer of his wife. His problem is a rare form of amnesia, the loss of short memory, remembering everything before the murder, he does not remember what was fifteen minutes ago.

16. Fight Club

1999 year

Tormented by chronic insomnia and desperately trying to break out of a painfully boring life, the clerk meets a certain Tyler Darden, a charismatic soap dealer with a perverted philosophy. Tyler is sure that self-improvement is the destiny of the weak, and self-destruction is the only thing worth living for.

17. Save Private Ryan

1998 year

Captain John Miller gets a tough job. Together with a detachment of eight people, Miller must go behind enemy lines in search of Private James Ryan, whose three siblings died almost simultaneously on the battlefields.

18. Life is beautiful

1997 year

During World War II in Italy, Jews, a father and his little son were sent to a concentration camp. His wife, Italian, voluntarily followed after them. In the camp, the father told his son that everything that was happening around was a very big game for the prize in a real tank, which would go to the boy who could not be caught by the overseers. He did everything so that his son believed in the game and remained alive, hiding in a hut.

19. Fargo

1996 year

For a timid sales manager working with his own father-in-law, abducting his own wife is a great idea. He hires two criminals to share a large ransom for the hostage based on the results. But the matter does not immediately go as intended, blood is shed ... A brave female policeman challenges the criminals ...

20. Seven

1995 year

Detective William Somerset is a criminal wanted veteran who dreams of retiring and moving away from the city and sinful inhabitants. 7 days before retiring, Somerset faces two troubles: a young partner Mills and a particularly sophisticated murder. The keen mind of an experienced detective immediately determines that this crime is likely to be followed by others. News confirms his hunch. Having realized that the killer is punishing his victims for their deadly sins, does the detective face a choice: return to work, or leave and hand over the matter to his less experienced partner?

21. Escape from the Shawshank

1994 year

A successful banker, Andy Dufrain, is charged with the murder of his wife and her lover. Once in a prison called Shawshank, he is faced with the cruelty and lawlessness that reign on both sides of the bars. Everyone who falls into these walls becomes their slave for the rest of their lives. But Andy, armed with a lively mind and a good soul, refuses to put up with the verdict of fate and begins to develop an incredibly daring plan for his release.

22. Schindler's List

1993 year

The film tells the true story of the mysterious Oscar Schindler, a member of the Nazi party, a successful industrialist who saved nearly 1,200 Jews during World War II.

23. Mad Dogs

1992 year

It was supposed to be the perfect crime. Thinking to rob a jewelry store, criminal boss Joe Cabot brought together six experienced and completely unfamiliar criminals. But from the very beginning, everything went wrong, and ordinary robbery turned into a bloody slaughter.

24. The silence of the lambs

1991 year

A psychopath kidnaps and kills young women across the Midwest of America. The FBI, convinced that all the crimes were committed by the same person, instructs Agent Clarissa Starling to meet with a maniac prisoner who could explain the psychological motives of the serial killer to the investigation and thereby put him on his trail.

The prisoner, psychiatry doctor Hannibal Lecter, is serving a sentence for murder and cannibalism. He agrees to help Clarissa only if she pats his sick imagination with the details of her complex personal life. Such ambiguous relationships not only give rise to internal conflict in Clarissa’s soul, but also confront her with a killer, obsessed with genius.

25. Nice guys

1990 year

The film tells the story of Henry Hill, a budding gangster engaged in robbery along with Jimi Conway and Tommy De Vito, who easily kill anyone who gets in their way to the heights of the Mafia.

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